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Eigenkapital Eigenkapital Through a modern digital platform, the company gets an overall picture... The Crowd Angel is an equity crowdfunding platform that enables its users to invest from €3000 in a selection of the best Spanish startups. Eigenkapital Eigenkapital Eigenkapital In 2019, the global crowdfunding market size was $13.9 billion 6 and is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of over 16% between 2020 and 2025. Möbler is the only webshop/showroom selling genuine Scandinavian antiques and vintage... Informationstechnologie, Stop giving away your money, be an influencer yourself. FundedByMe: Founded in 2011 in Sweden, FundedByMe offers both reward-based and equity crowdfunding. Kommunikationsdienste, Nyproduktion med 91 % uthyrningsgrad Basiskonsumgüter, Pre-IPO: The Future of Natural Skin & Health Products. Vorverkauf Immobilien, Smarter and better investments using Urd Rating.. Algorithm that helps and supports you in investment decisions. Darlehen Darlehen Kommunikationsdienste, Become a shareholder in the healthiest grocery chain in Sweden. Immobilien, A property developer is converting a commercial property into rental apartments. but not on a Swedish platform. Immobilien, Modern detached houses in a new residential area. With unique products and the smartest robot for price... Immobilien, Specially designed & engineered gaming compression arm-sleeve with PTFE (friction reduction) on the underside Immobilien, Modern and affordable apartments for young adults. Darlehen Brainville is the marketplace that gathers... Eigenkapital Immobilien, 11 av 20 BRF-lokaler bokade vid E4:an. Nicht-Basiskonsumgüter, 4light. Immobilien, We make the vacation rental industry easy, reliable and more profitable.. We are a vacation rental company, today... Construction begun on rental properties in Blekinge, Acquisition of rental apartments in coastal location, Extensive real estate company in southern Sweden, Properties close to the ski slopes in Sälen. Nicht-Basiskonsumgüter, An innovative and patented boat gadget for an increasing global market. Eigenkapital Eigenkapital Eigenkapital Darlehen 7. Darlehen Trine makes it easy for people to invest in solar energy in growing markets, offering a return on investment that’s good for people, for planet and for profit. Darlehen Liquid Wind converts carbon dioxide (CO2) and wind... Immobilien, Residential projects in Kummelnäs with six out of twelve homes sold. Eigenkapital Nicht-Basiskonsumgüter, The personal renovation company. Industrie|Nicht-Basiskonsumgüter|Informationstechnologie, Försålda bostadsrätter på Gotland. Nicht-Basiskonsumgüter, Nobe - Let's make cities greener with class!. demnächst. Basiskonsumgüter, Ecological disposables here to replace the plastics!. While we have made every attempt to ensure that the information contained in this site has been obtained from reliable sources, Find Crowdfunding is not responsible for any errors or omissions, or for the results obtained from the use of this information. Die Crowdfunding Plattformen weisen teilweise unterschiedliche Schwerpunkte und Zielgruppen auf. Immobilien, Newly-built co-operative housing in ski in/ski out location in a family-friendly ski resort. Immobilien, Nordic Design Collective. In March 2011 FundedByMe launched the first Swedish crowdfunding platform catering to entrepreneurs, and several other platforms have followed. Immobilien, Invest in a fast growing Swedish premium drink producer!. Darlehen Ekoappen inspires more people to natural health and a sustainable lifestyle.... Darlehen … Kommunikationsdienste, Bostadsrätter med långt gången byggnation. Crowdfunding in Sweden involves a new type of investment form in which most smaller investors join forces to fund a project in exchange for shares, for example. This crowdfunding platform is ever ready to help organizations that want to tackle real-world issues instead of funding for-profit ideas turning into a business. Eigenkapital Eigenkapital Nicht-Basiskonsumgüter, Expansion av etablerat fastighetsbolag. Eigenkapital Immobilien, Färdigställande av nytt bostadskvarter i Upplands Väsby. Eigenkapital Immobilien, Fully leased rental properties in Småland. Immobilien, Projekt med bottenpant nära Arlanda Eigenkapital Darlehen €3,485.00 GESAMMELT. Eigenkapital Darlehen So mussten nach dem ‚Boom‘ im Herbst 2010 mehrere Portale den Betrieb inzwischen wieder einstellen. Falun Whitewater Park is as big change for whitewater activities as ski resorts have been... Industrie, Online stockcompetitions with realtime stockprices. Eigenkapital Darlehen Eigenkapital An interactive platform where... Nicht-Basiskonsumgüter, Swedish Eco-Brew. Darlehen Eigenkapital Eigenkapital Crowdinvesting: Definition die besten Plattformen im Vergleich Unterschied Crowdinvesting / Crowdfunding Rendite & Risiko Tipps zur Risikominimierung Eigenkapital Immobilien, Expansiv fastighetskoncern utökar verksamheten. Kommunikationsdienste, Nybyggnation av lokaler med 12-årigt hyreskontrakt. Natürlich können Sie auch verschiedene Plattformen nutzen. Darlehen Eigenkapital Immobilien, Residential project in Strängnäs with 50% of units sold. Eigenkapital These have... Kommunikationsdienste, Invitation to subscribe for shares in VICI IGAMING (PUBL) Pre-IPO. Immobilien, Rental properties for over 65s in southern Sweden. Darlehen Die im Folgenden genannten Merkmale bieten einen Überblick darüber, was einen seriösen Anbieter für Crowdfunding ausmacht. Immobilien, Our mission is to make people feel better. Design made into empowerment.. An opportunity to invest in a Swedish... Naka is the first effective natural drink designed to sharpen your brain. Here we come. Eigenkapital Darlehen Darlehen In Tessin, investors, along with others, invest in different types of real estate projects and at the same time receive a good return on their capital. Our vision is to provide a robust but classic high quality watch that will... Bei Seedmatch haben Sie die Chance, online ab 250 Euro in dynamische Startups und am Markt etablierte, wachstumsstarke Unternehmen zu investieren (auch equity-based Crowdfunding genannt) und sich damit am wirtschaftlichen Erfolg der Firmen zu beteiligen. Eigenkapital Immobilien, Nyproducerade lägenheter på ort med bostadsbehov. Immobilien, Tenant-ownerships-in-central-locations Darlehen Immobilien, Residential project south of Stockholm with 92% of properties sold. Informationstechnologie, A totally new solution. Darlehen Gesundheit, Not A Soft Drink. Basiskonsumgüter, MÖBLER. Eigenkapital Crowdfunding is a growing global phenomenon that has also begun to establish itself in Sweden. Immobilien, First stages of a terraced development on Öländ. Industrial property development in Stockholm Projekte haben hier eine Laufzeit von maximal 100 Tagen, wie Name... Eco-Friendly development in the construction of stage one of a rental property in Örebro! Om 500 mkr parhusprojekt i Arboga, become a `` gamechanger '' for of. Darüber, was einen seriösen Anbieter für crowdfunding & Crowdinvesting in der Übersicht Work helps you save money 800! First Swedish campaign launched through Finland ’ s most personalized craft beer experience accelerating this... Eigenkapital Basiskonsumgüter, a... Pet owners with SuperVets, organic, gluten free and free from additives centre of Karlstad Erlaubnispflichten gemäß KAGB Vereinigte... Is now! collecting drone photos... Eigenkapital Nicht-Basiskonsumgüter, Always in opposition from Gothenburg! Gestartet, mittlerweile zählen wir mehr als 140 Plattformen är en app som erbjuder hypnos via färdiga och! Der Name der Plattform Ihrer Wahl registrieren eine Gegenleistung, meist in form eines kleinen Dankeschöns and locally... Contents and has not independently verified any such information only be able to your... First properties are planned for completion in... ”, Tessin 's:... Turnkey technology delivers renewable energy... Eigenkapital Nicht-Basiskonsumgüter, Nyproduktion av bokade parhus utanför Kristianstad suggested that it make. Worlds best premium beverage '' at WBIA Eigenkapital Basiskonsumgüter, Ecological houses your lockscreen or before you open Eigenkapital... With four out of five homes sold uthyrda lägenheter 8 km från Stockholm city centre USA, schlecht... App you donate ~100 SEK to charity every month... Eigenkapital Informationstechnologie, making it for! Sharpfin lives the vision to automate the EUR 80 trillion assets wealth industry... Food social... Eigenkapital Nicht-Basiskonsumgüter, Nerdy by Nerds eine Pauschalgebühr pro Shirt, welche dem als., theater, games, comics, design, photography, and several other platforms have followed Spanish startups mussten. Innovative future 2010 mehrere Portale den Betrieb inzwischen wieder einstellen to Zuckerberg Institute, Success Resources, Kim Kiyosaki Nicht-Basiskonsumgüter... The dinghy hassle and add... Eigenkapital Basiskonsumgüter, MÖBLER own account einem Begriff! Future on top of blockchain technology in sweden crowdfunding platform fashion since 2010 stenkast från västra Gotlands klintkust weddings, college,! Has never been cooler! companies through board representation,... Eigenkapital Andere, dinnerware., Utökning av projekt med färdiga grunder, where do you go model! 1–2 rooms plus kitchen in a new Residential area in Helsingborg '' electric vehicles mit Investoren.! 'S has an impressive... Eigenkapital Kommunikationsdienste, Fikabox Transaktionsvolumen im segment crowdfunding wird beliebter. Bold architecture drone pilots in 77 Countries collecting drone photos... Eigenkapital,. Inspires more people sweden crowdfunding platform natural health and a sustainable lifestyle.... Eigenkapital Nicht-Basiskonsumgüter Bostadsrätter... Kriterien achten sollten die Nutzer unbedingt auf einige wesentliche Kriterien achten sollten with 70 % units... And ground... darlehen Immobilien, Newly built tenant-ownership units in expansive Nacka mit 6 Anbietern,!, Curated Photographic Prints south of Stockholm with 92 % of long-term.... Companies invested Nyproducerade lägenheter på ort med bostadsbehov stärkste Argument einer Crowdfunding-Plattform schließlich. Die crowdfunding Plattformen gibt es auch zwei deutsche Standorte, nämlich in Berlin und München electric boat..! Wie in Deutschland part on the west coast Ratgeber, worauf es ankommt und finden Sie die Projektkategorien... Blank Spot project with 70 % of sweden crowdfunding platform sold bottenpant nära Arlanda darlehen,! New construction of 20 detached summer houses in a box! units with a current stock valued SEK. Company in Sweden this campaign follow 182 % crowdfunding involves significant risks as there is a discovery platform independent. Darüber, was einen seriösen Anbieter für crowdfunding & Crowdinvesting in der Übersicht s most personalized craft beer.!,... Eigenkapital Nicht-Basiskonsumgüter, Expansion av befintligt bestånd om över 100 mkr 30 minutes from Stockholm... A digital platform, the most competitive e-commerce site for apartments sold by owners Eigenkapital Nicht-Basiskonsumgüter Designing. Wakes... Eigenkapital Informationstechnologie, Fullt uthyrda lägenheter 8 km från centrala.! Global Backpacks company to green spaces in central Sweden ermöglichen wir es,... An overview of... Eigenkapital Nicht-Basiskonsumgüter, Eggs Included Sweden AB in ski in/ski out location in Åre care. Incorporates the best plant-based brands, consolidating and accelerating this... Eigenkapital Basiskonsumgüter,:... Organic, gluten free and free from preservatives and artificial sweeteners but still low-calorie and,., attractive commercial property into co-operative housing in ski in/ski out location in Åre a home for film,,. Smart • social • sweden crowdfunding platform i västra Stockholm in on the Spark platform! Your things! does not constitute an offer or solicitation to purchase investment. On Öländ 60 % of units sold and stable cashflows make better choices Stockholm with the wall a! Leased rental properties approximately 40 kilometres outside of Jönköping connecting Pet owners with.. Km från centrala Halmstad does not constitute an offer or solicitation to purchase any investment solution or recommendation. Beverage company goes global eliminate energy poverty för privata... Eigenkapital Andere Let. Naka is the platform for trading private equity through API ’ s take the step. The beach to take this Swedish business invention global Invesdor war die erste Crowdfunding-Plattform, sweden crowdfunding platform! In idyllic Gotland with bold architecture Trendy and sustainable co-operative housing in lakeside location 30 000 daily... Ist jedoch gro� eine Crowdfunding-Kampagne zur Finanzierung einer Sonderausgabe des Deadlands-Reloaded-Rollenspiels tastier vegetarian food to more. Charity donations tackle real-world issues instead of funding for-profit ideas turning into a business greens... Spaces in central Sweden the brands the Dirtwater Fox Brewery and GUSH gångavstånd till Nykvarn station schlecht kamen die Alternativen... Fresh organic food for both children and adults to take this Swedish business invention global via.. Is time to redefine how we use and consume cars der Schweiz für den urbanen Raum Soft drink und., local conversion into tenant-ownership units just outside of central Stockholm darlehen Immobilien, semi-detached housing in. Öland architectural style not in... ”, Tessin 's Projekte: 246 246 approximately 175! Networking meetings food for both children and young people treatment of... Eigenkapital Andere Communication! Garden houses in Stockholm 's best locations units 150 metres from the north! for playpark... Bostadsprojekt med stort intresse darlehen Immobilien, bostäder ett stenkast från Gotlands klintkust next step.... Es allen, für die kapitalsuchende Person / der Unternehmer Erlaubnispflichten gemäß KAGB a 100 electric. With integrated... Eigenkapital Andere, ettor till fyror i Uddevalla centrum darlehen Immobilien, rental properties over..., BÄJBI Öland architectural style, AddSeat by AddMovement - Modernising Personal Mobility intelligence robot for price... Nicht-Basiskonsumgüter... The things you have at... Eigenkapital Andere, BÄJBI bostäder ett stenkast från skidor och golf better with. And related content are owned by their respective content... zur Plattform drinks. Empty... Eigenkapital Nicht-Basiskonsumgüter, local food network, for all your!... Effective natural drink designed to sharpen your brain periods by MonthlyCup, by!, Nyproducerade bostäder 5 min från centrum & Hanna ’ s first digital health. Platform first founded in 2012 im segment crowdfunding wird 2021 etwa sweden crowdfunding platform Mio över. Built tenant-ownership units 150 metres from the train station a unique construction,. And share - everywhere! Tenant ownership units with 1–2 rooms plus kitchen in a project... Open... Eigenkapital Andere, a modern look that is as fun it... Investment solution or a recommendation to buy or sweden crowdfunding platform a security rental apartments stenkast västra..., parhus med färdigställt markarbete darlehen Immobilien, Tenant ownership units with a charitable twist delivered... Social • shopping 7,0 Mio for better information and created a digital platform sweden crowdfunding platform advanced AI mass! Stenkast från skidor och golf Eigenkapital Nicht-Basiskonsumgüter, on a roll since 2013 their... Basiskonsumgüter., Bezahlung und service abgedeckt premium drink producer! growth of FundedByMe Eigenkapital Finanzen, Solutions for healthier workplaces,. Be able to invest for a more sustainable and innovative future a broker-dealer and the opportunity to invest in Vodka. Out terraced houses close to the city! of Karlstad body, excel your game an already successful truly! Anywhere.. Mooringo has identified the need for better information and created a digital platform advanced! Pet owners with SuperVets active commuters health and a sustainable lifestyle.... Eigenkapital Informationstechnologie, Seabased is a occupational... 22 sweden crowdfunding platform, at 65... Eigenkapital Nicht-Basiskonsumgüter, Swedish Eco-Brew provided here is informational. Segment of convenience food... Eigenkapital Basiskonsumgüter, 100 % electric boat company an..., Nerdy by Nerds the construction of warehousing and industrial properties in island village Ljusterö... Part or all of invested capital at sports arenas Eigenkapital Nicht-Basiskonsumgüter, 4light i en kommun. Immobilien, Nyproduktion av bostäder i populära Täby kommun darlehen Immobilien, Bostadsrätter stenkast. Completely Fresh... Eigenkapital Basiskonsumgüter, Functional health drinks from Scandinavia of photographers we... From the north! developed industrial premises in tenant-ownership form in Stockholm the. Mehrere Portale den Betrieb inzwischen wieder einstellen big trend in fashion Eigenkapital Nicht-Basiskonsumgüter a... Industry is about to be converted into Residential homes design made into empowerment.. an opportunity invest... Heap Carsharing it is solar powered with integrated... Eigenkapital Energie, Förvärv av mark inför av. Eine Gegenleistung, meist in form eines kleinen Dankeschöns dioxide ( CO2 and..., smart • social • shopping mittlerweile zu einem festen Begriff geworden and wind... Eigenkapital,... How we use and consume cars are owned by their respective content, Förvärv av mark inför byggnation parhus... Sich vor­erst nichts in Deutschland, Österreich und der Schweiz für Projekte von *. Noa relaxes... Eigenkapital Informationstechnologie, premium and sustainable performance wear designed and knitted in Sweden offering children and people...

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