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A new innovation from Westinghouse brings the convenience of automatic power transfer to portable generator owners. Should you prefer a battery operated model with as much power and the same abilities, then the next one is for you. While the DeWalt DWS779 has a bevel capacity of 48 degrees, the DeWalt DWS780 differs just slightly at 49 degrees. In terms of design, our experts previously pointed out that the weight of the DWS780 miter saw and DWS779 are quite different from each other. However, the laser isn’t the best for cutting accurately. They both have blades and motors that can rotate at an impressive speed of 3 800 RPM (revolutions per minute). The DWS779 is backed by DeWALT’s same three-year limited warranty as the more recent DWS780. While doing bevel cuts, you can also do miter cuts of up to 50° left or 60° right. I’ve done it for many years, and I never wished I had a laser guide. A unique handle design has been installed on the DWS780, but there is no such thing in DWS779. It surprised me that you can adjust the rail guides for zero play to ensure accurate cuts. In the battle of the Dewalt DWS779 vs DWS780 and their cutting systems, Dewalt DWS780 takes the lead with its XPS light/bright LED light. The DeWALT DWS779 is now discontinued and selling at a reduced price. All the adjustments are explained in detail in the user’s manual. You have the same 12-inch blade and the same double bevel compound sliding miter saw. The first reason is that it can do everything that the DWS779 can do but none of the similarities put DWS779 ahead of DWS780. We show you the competition . In this segment of DWS780 vs. DWS779, none trumps the other. This cutline blade positioning system creates a contrast of dark versus light for an adjustment-free cut line. Will the batteries last long enough and should utility power be available, can I use it? In this article we paint the full landscape and show you a diverse range of recommended chainsaws. In terms of pricing, the DWS779 with its 15 amp motor trumps its counterpart. Our team reiterates this because of the potential for major accidents to happen. Repeatable cuts to the same length can be done safely with a miter saw. If you work with great care, you can make an acceptable clean cut. In the world of portable generators, 9,500 watts is almost as much as you’ll get. Accessory lights can be purchased online an attached to miter saws to provide this same function. The plan is to use a platform made from 1.5 inch thick particleboard or similar material, and cut it to 14.5 x 26 inches. If you do not consider a corded miter saw as a limitation then this saw is ideal. It’s easy to install and worth the effort. It depends on what you want to do with the tool. It has a handle design for portability and an improved precision system. From the advertised specs, there seems to be a weight difference. As you can probably already tell, the DeWalt DWS779 and DWS780 both share many common features. One of the major problems is that laser beams function much better at night, unlike an XPS system. The two corded DeWALT DWS779 and DWS780 and the cordless DHS790AT2 FLEXVOLT double bevel compound sliding miter saws are on an equal footing. Apart from the general tool size, you should also be careful to note the blade size. The newer 780 weighs less and costs more than the heavier dws779. FAQs: Is Hercules 12″ Sliding Miter Saw Is clone of Dewalt DWS780? DWS780 : An Excellent Miter Saw that Customers Love. DWS779 vs DWS780: Comparison Table As you can see, there are obvious differences between the two when we look at how their specs. 2021 Reviews | Best Lawn Mower For A Small Yard, 2021 Reviews : Best Gas-Powered Wood Chipper for Homeowners, 2021 Favorites — Best Chainsaws For Homeowners, Review 2021 — DuroMax XP12000EH — 12000W Dual-Fuel Generator. Both DWS779 and DWS780 have the same weight, only 56 lbs(25.5KG). FAQ (Frequently asked questions) 1. This 15 amp motor product has an excellent guiding system in its XPS crosscut light technology. However, their differences do not exactly make them inferior to the other. I will discuss three sliding compound DeWALT miter saws: DeWALT DWS779 and DWS780 models. The Competition : The Bosch GCM12SD (Read review). The tools have an arrangement of contacts and two actuators that switches the battery voltage. It is used to make quick, accurate crosscuts in workpieces at selected angles. You can get the crown molding fence accessory from any DeWalt dealership. A miter saw is a must-have tool if you are a serious DIY enthusiast. Specifications Instead of the normal corded 15 Amp motor, a battery-driven brushless motor drives the blade. If you’re smart you’ll begin to prepare for winter ahead of time. Alternator vs Generator : What’s the Difference? The compound miter saw is limited in the length of its cut. DWS779 weighs just around 70 pounds, which can be pretty heavy. Adjusting the kerf plates closer to the blade is easy to do. You can do mitered cuts, even compound cuts, repeatedly and more accurately than with any other tool. If power and quality are what you are looking for, the Dewalt miter saw model is definitely a good choice to consider. It is, therefore, more efficient and it has fewer wearing parts. Includes : 2x FlexVolt Batteries & a Fast Charger. It has a cam lock detent plate that is made of durable stainless steel. They both have blades and motors that can rotate at an impressive speed of 3 800 RPM (revolutions per minute). But, the same Dewalt yellow and black still surround both products. This is a … Read More. (2x14 Dimensional Lumber), Dust collection system captures over 75% of dust generated, Tall sliding fences support crown molding up to 7-1/2 in. Miter Table Angles : 0° – 45° Left & Right, Bevel Cut Angles : 0° – 45° Left & Right, 60% more left-to-right material support than competitors : 40: left to right. Blade, Blade Wrench, Dust Bag. All of them offer exceptional versatility and the renowned DeWALT quality of workmanship. But, if we had to choose between carrying a 70-pound tool and a 56-pound one, we’ll likely choose the latter since it is simply more convenient. However, it is not easy to do accurate cuts with it. Unfortunately, the brake is not adjustable. On the single bevel compound miter saw, the cutting arm can pivot to the left or right only, not both. However, whether you’re looking at the blade size or the TPI, there is no difference between the Dewalt DWS779 and DWS780. They’re both twelve inches. The motor used to drive the tool is not a normal brushed DC electrical motor. Pros And Cons Of Dewalt DWS779 12-Inch Sliding Compound Miter Saw: Pros: The saw is calibrated to make accurate cuts. You even get the same CUTLINE blade positioning system that uses a bright LED light to cast a shadow of the blade on the work. It is a double-bevel sliding compound miter saw that is backed by a dependable and powerful 15-amp motor, offering no-load speed of up to 3,600 RPM, thus making some quick work in cutting molding or framing, as well as miter-cutting and crosscutting tasks. Work anywhere in an ultra-portable package. 2021 : How Much is a Cord of Wood? To align the blade square to the table, you first loosen the 0° bevel lock. However, you can rest assured that the cost only exists because of the value of the work they’ll be doing. The DWS779 sells at a lower price than the DWS780. It does mean that instead of carrying one tool you haul the tool, two batteries, a charger, and the power supply. vertically against the fence while easily sliding out of the way for bevel cuts, Cam lock miter handle with detent override deliver quick and accurate miter angles, Flexible power options – corded or cordless, Accuracy – CUTLINE™ blade positioning system and highly visible miter and bevel scales, Runtime – Up to 289 cross cuts in 3-1/4 in. The maximum charge for each cell is 4.2 Volts, so immediately after a charge, the battery pack reaches 21 Volts. Just like the DWS779 the DWS780 is powered by a 15 Amp motor and has a no-load speed of 3800 RPM. The power of a 12-inch double bevel sliding compound miter saw is perhaps one of the most important things about the tool itself, according to our experts. The cut is safe because the work does not move, and it is quick and easy to feed it for the next cut. They are both alike in performance, though, as they have the same power, cutting capacity, and speed. We live in a time where battery power is the underlying currency of our lives, making it a necessary step in finding the right model to ensure you’re prepared for any disruption in power. (4x14 Dimensional Lumber), Max. You can also make a fitting for crown molding cuts from scrap particleboard or similar materials. They are a popular choice internationally. It is the most used and most versatile crosscut tool. No, it’s not actually a clone. In terms of price, DWS779 and the DWS780 are slightly different from each other. The most impressive thing about it is its linear ball bearing. I find that it is a lot quicker and more accurate to use the miter saw. It stops the blade within 5 seconds of releasing the trigger. In addition to this, the fence supports it. The cutline is fully visible, and lining it up with the blade is rapid and accurate. The Dewalt DWS780 is a strong compound miter saw that’s capable of cutting through tough materials with ease. A base molding up to 6-3/4″ fits vertically against the fence for easy miter cuts. You use it for door frames, window trimming, picture framing, and a lot more. It’s a brand with a strong following because they manufacture good tools that will last a lifetime. But, the DWS779 and DWS780’s 12 inches are just right to … The absence of a cutline indicator will not deter me from purchasing the DWS779. In my opinion, for such a slight differentiation, the price gap between the DWS779 and the DWS780 is nothing to sneeze at. Although the saw can cut bevels up to 49°, you first have to push the bevel override-levers rearward, and out of the way. You might want to know so you can choose which one is right for you. It will increase the lifespan of the bearing seals that tend to collect dust and wear out. The DeWALT can cut up to 2x16 dimensional lumber at 90° due to the back fence design and 2x12’s at 45°. It is possible to execute the cuts you do with a miter saw, but be warned, it’s difficult, slow and inaccurate. A super bright LED displays a shadow as a marker for were the blade will cut. The saw is accurate when you receive it. Dewalt DWS780 compares to the Bosch GCM12SD. The cordless arrangement gives you all the power you need, where you need it. When skilled in using a circular saw, it is often used for quick, not so accurate cuts to shorten lumber. Unlike the DWS780, the DWS779 does not have the XPS light that indicates the cut line on the workpiece. Robert Johnson is a woodworker who takes joy in sharing his passion for creating to the rest of the world. The, making your own miter saw woodworking projects. So, you can quickly move, transport the tool from one place to another and store it at any place. Bevel cuts cannot be done as easily on any other tool as on a sliding double bevel compound miter saw. There is a huge price difference between these two.Dws780 is costly compared with dws779 with a difference of 200 USD. It may be necessary to remove the right or left side fence to cut some compound angles. In this review of the DeWALT DWS779 vs. DWS780, you will find a way of making the cut even wider. Dewalt dws779 and dws780 is provided with a 15amp motor which is very powerful and can cut through any hard surface with ease. Since then…, We cover a lot of territory in this article. You simply unscrew the fence adjustment knob several turns and slide the fence out. It is the same saw with a different power source. That way, you’re at a much lower risk of hurting yourself while making smooth bevel cuts. The DWS780 being 11 pounds lighter than the DWS779. The following information is not based on marketing material, but on information gained from dismantling a battery pack. An alternative to the miter saw is a circular saw, but it is more difficult to use and less accurate. Before the XPS system with its LED light, companies started adding laser beams to their miter saws to deliver that level of sophistication. This XPS cutline projects a shadow of the blade onto the piece so that you can see where the blade will cut. The DeWalt DWS780 is very similar to the other one mentioned in this article. It could become a burden while using it to work. In this mode, the three packs of 18.15 Volts are put in series to give you 54.45 Volts nominal. The DWS780 can cut 4.3 inches deep and 12 inches wide –quite large enough to … Tradesman considers the tool to be very powerful and a little faster and smoother than the DWS780. Two models that are often confused are the DWS779 and DWS780. On that note, DWS779 and DWS780 are pretty much the same in terms of power. To use the 45° stops, pull the bevel override levers forward. Try doing repetitive angled bevel cuts on 1x10 lumber using a table saw. That way, you’re at a much lower risk of hurting yourself while making smooth bevel cuts. Not everyone can take this big difference lightly. (6-3/4 In. It is a wonderful battery that is compatible with older 20 Volt DeWALT tools, yet it is used extensively in the modern 120 Volt tools. They both have 12-inch blades and 60-point TPIs, which makes this segment another tie. Dewalt Dws779 Vs Dws780 Review Dewalt Dws709 Vs Dws779 Review Dewalt Dws780 Vs Bosch Gcm12sd Review. What do you do when you run out of battery power? So, you might be off by as much as one-eighth of an inch when you cut. However, in terms of general design, these two products’ manufacturers decided to go for uniformity. 2020 — Best Battery Powered Chainsaws — New Models, What Size Air Compressor Do I Need? A sliding switch actuator on the 60 Volt tool pushes the switch on the battery pack in all the way to enable the 60 Volt mode. At no extra cost, Dewalt offers a 3-year limited warranty. You’ll be impressed with this powerful 120V battery-powered miter saw by FlexVolt. The power the 15 amp motors provide to the miter saws enables both of them to cut at practically the same level of effectiveness. However, it is a bit more expensive (hence why it is the 780 and not the 779). When not inserted in a tool, the battery pack is an 18Volt nominal battery with the three battery packs in parallel. With the workpiece set against the fence, you move the handle down to see exactly where the blade will cut. Indeed, the first impression seems to make unnecessary all DWS780 vs DWS779 comparisons. Do you want a product that can make clean cuts with great precision? Is that enough? The miter saw is also known as a drop saw in the trade. Wonderful, the only questions that remain is how long the batteries last? Some other tools within the industry offer smaller or even larger blade sizes to suit different purposes. The good news is that you can buy an XPS cutline kit for the DWS779 from DeWALT. On the other hand, the weight affects how long you can conveniently use your tool. DeWalt prom… There is no indication whether this is true or how it was achieved, possibly the 67 pounds is its shipping weight. The Dewalt DWS780 comes fully equipped in this area. A double bevel compound sliding miter saw is the best tool for a variety of uses: For any of these tasks where a degree of accuracy and fast, convenient cuts are needed, you will benefit by using a miter saw. So, what changes do we get then? It is directly proportionate to the tool’s overall performance. This battery system automatically switches to suit the voltage demand of the tool in which it is inserted. It was replaced by the DWS780 which is the updated model with some additional features. DeWALT recommends monitoring it and having the saw serviced if it should stop working. These motors are 15 amp motors. Luckily, neither of these ignore safety precautions or accident factors[1]. With the DHS790AT2 FLEXVOLT, you are free to tackle the job anywhere. I highly recommend the use of the crown molding fence accessory or your own version. It costs around a hundred dollars less, making it much more affordable. The cutting capacity of a miter saw is partly dependent on the size of its blades. We discuss and review a wide range of push lawn mowers … Read More, In 2021, What's the best gas-powered wood chipper for Homeowners? This type of saw can only make miter cuts. Unfortunately, you cannot exactly achieve the pinpoint accuracy you need by drawing a line on the wood with a pencil. Included with the saw, is a material clamp similar to the DW7082 accessory. DEWALT DHS790AT2 FLEXVOLT 120V | Battery Powered Miter Saw. He has since built an enviable workshop for himself and an equally impressive online accomplishment: an extensive resource site serving old timers and novices alike. On that note, DWS779 and DWS780 are pretty much the same in terms of power. The mystery is over. Both the DWS779 and the DWS780 are excellent and capable compound sliding miter saws, suitable for any crosscut work. The quality of the cut will also be worse. Dewalt DWS779 VS DWS780 Power And Portability Both miter saws can be used to cut plywood, plastic, and metals; however, with Dewalt DWS779, you can adjust the speed by which you need the blades to turn according to your needs. I don’t know, you decide. Generally, miter saws aren’t exactly the cheapest things you can get on the market. Portability – Compact design weighs only 56lbs. Winter presents us with a new set of challenges. They are both excellent miter saws, but they have their differences. The layout is completely different. — & More Firewood Facts. . Let us briefly note similar characteristics. The DHS790AT2 uses two batteries in series so that the maximum voltage available is 120 Volts. The voltages of a fully charged battery are higher than the nominal voltages and closer to 20 Volts and 60 Volts. It’s not possible to do it as quickly and trouble-free, and a circular saw will never be as accurate. It charges a flat 20V 4 Ah battery in a little more than 33 minutes. The bevel stop 45° right and left adjustment is a little more complex, but the instructions in the manual are detailed and logical. nested and base molding up to 6-3/4 in. Editor Says — You can’t ignore these options. Using a miter saw, you can safely butt your workpiece against a stop on one end of the work surface. Also, the blade may be offset to the left to the extent that it hits the kerf plate on a zero bevel cut. In 120V tools, you use two 60V MAX batteries which together gives you the 120 Volts. Blades can reach up to 3800 revolutions pe… The motor is also located at the shaft that spins the disk. It does come with a few extra features, which is one reason it is a bit more expensive. It can become dangerous when you cut short offcuts because you have to move the work through the blade and against the rip guide. At the same time, it requires less battery energy, and delivers up to 57% more run time per charge. It’s a fantastic idea because previous laser cutline indicators tended to go out of alignment after a while. One of the main differences between the DWS779 and DWS780 is the cutting guide system. Q&A : How Long Does it Take for Pipes to Freeze? As you can imagine, its primary function is to shield the rotating disk. Check DWS779 vs DWS780 Comparison. Dewalt DWS780. I recommend using it to prevent material moving or creeping during a cut. Apart from this XPS cross cut positioning system, it weighs nearly 20 pounds less than its counterpart. With this type of machine, you can do a 45° miter cut on 2x12 dimensional lumber in one go with a 12″ blade. DeWALT DWS779 vs. DWS780 miter saw — Now you you know the difference. Large easy-to-read uniform bevel and stainless steel miter scales: Detents at 0°, 15°, 31.6°, 22.5°, 45°, 60°, Bevel Angle Range : 7° left and 47° right, Max. Fortunately, this is easy. Hitachi C12RSH2 vs Dewalt DWS780. It gets the job done with accuracy and has a perfect finishing. Dewalt dws779 vs hitachi c12rsh2. Ultimate power flexibility providing the convenience of cordless with the performance of corded, A powerful 120V brushless motor provides long run-time compared to brushed motors, Integrated adjustment-free Cutline Blade Positioning System for accuracy and visibility, High visibility bevel scale makes bevel angle adjustments accurate and easy, Tall sliding fences support crown molding up to 7-1/2″ nested and base molding up to 6-3/4″ vertically against the fence, Adjustable stainless steel miter detent plate with 11 detents, 60 degrees to the right and 50 degrees to the left providing increased capacity, 45° Bevel Cut Capacity (dimensional lumber) : 2x14″ (2x16″ with back fence), 90° Cross-Cut Capacity (dimensional lumber) : 2x14″ (2x16″ with back fence) in, Horizontal Capacity: Baseboard Lying Flat : 16″ in, Horizontal Capacity: Crown Molding Lying Flat : 13-3/4″ in, Vertical Capacity: Baseboard Against Fence : 6-3/4″ in, Vertical Capacity: Crown Molding Vertically Nested : 7-1/2″ in, It’s invaluable when doing crown trimmings, The best tool to cut base moldings accurately, To make regular board cuts like fitting a deck, Angled, miter cuts when fitting into awkward corners. As a result of my own experience and knowledge of battery packs, the various explanations did not satisfy my curiosity. As the DWS779 does not include the Cutline LED feature, it is quite a bit cheaper than the newer DWS780 model and a much better saw for the money. from 0° to 47° L), Max. This is a blade built in tungsten carbide, a chemical compound that contains tungsten and carbon. It’s lighter, more portable, and far more convenient than a table saw. The miter pointers and scale can also be adjusted. To make miter and bevel cuts, you need a compound miter saw. How the FLEXVOLT 20V MAX switches to 60 Volt. The Dewalt DWS780 weighs significantly less than its counterpart and it has a much more efficient cutting system which boosts its overall performance to another level. The same miter angles of 50° left and 60° right. It costs a few hundred dollars less than the DWS780. A generator can never be too powerful. The miter saw also comes with a rail lock. The transparent design helps you to attain proper control over the cutting process. Bevel angles can be set from 49° left to 49° right. We cannot overstate the importance of your safety while you’re using power tools like the Dewalt DWS779 and DWS780. 2021 Reviews — BEST Chainsaws for the Money? This puts the DWS779 at a disadvantage against the. To achieve the smoothest cuts on moldings and other precision work, I recommend a sharp 60 tooth carbide tipped blade. This miter saw also offers an exclusive back fence design which cuts up to 2×16 dimensional lumber at 90° and 2×12 at 45°. For on-site work, like installing crown and base moldings, you cannot beat the Double bevel compound sliding miter saw. DuroMax continues to create well-made generators that are … Read More, Alternator vs Generator — What are the differences? Should any of the settings be out, it is easy to adjust. One advantage of using a miter saw is that the cut is always clean because the blade cuts down and the workpiece rests against the table. The price difference is because of the XPS system. DWS779 and DWS780 can both be fastened properly to your sliding compound miter saw stand. It is a similar but upgraded version of the DWS779. It moves through one plane only, at 90° to the base. Brand History. With that in mind, both these two miter saws have a good bevel capacity. Everyone has The DeWALT DWS779 has been discontinued but it’s still available at the time of this writing on Amazon. What’s the difference between a miter, compound miter, double-bevel-compound miter, and a double-bevel-compound-sliding miter saw? Thankfully, there isn’t much of a difference regarding the blade sizes of DWS780 vs DWS779. Dewalt dws779 vs Ryobi tss120l. It is no wonder that DeWALT uses it to power the same basic tool used in the DWS780 model. The DWS780 replaces the DWS779 and has an additional convenience. The power the 15 amp motors provide to the miter saws enables both of them to cut at practically the same level of effectiveness. The mystery is over. Cut Capacity – 0° Miter 45° Left Bevel : 2 In. The runtime with two batteries is up to 289 to 310 crosscuts in 3-1/4 inch baseboard molding. Good news is that the FlexVolt batteries come with the DeWALT dual port fast charger. Read more: Dewalt DWS779 vs DWS780 Beware that the saw might be delivered broken. The miter 0° position can be adjusted in relation to the miter latch by releasing four screws, and setting the miter position. Base Molding Against Fence : 3-7/8 In. DeWalt does not list this model (DWS779) on their web site, probably because this saw is the top-of-the-line DWS780 corded sliding compound miter saw without the DWS780's superb XPS guide light. Today, oldest companies in the world, with a proud Swedish history, the question : Where are Husqvarna chainsaws made? Similarly the DWS780 has positive stops at all of the most popular angles on both the miter and bevel adjustments. Sadly, most people wait until a major snowstorm arrives before. That’s the difference. With all the noise and dust flying around, your senses could become too overwhelmed even properly to track the faint laser beam for accuracy. The only mechanical wear is on the motor bearings. This makes it significantly easier for you to adjust your angles whenever you need to do so. Our experts found that none of these is much of an issue with the DWS780. The DWS780 integrates Dewalt’s XPS Shadow Light technology. The light kit is compatible with the Dewalt DWS779, DWS782, and the DW716 Type 20 miter saws. Look no more because this article will help you select the ideal product It also beats using any circular or track saw for these installations. Thankfully, there isn’t much of a difference regarding the blade sizes of DWS780 vs DWS779. nested and base molding up to, 6-3/4 in. The new Hercules miter saw looks very similar to a Dewalt DWS780 miter saw which is also a double bevel sliding 12-inch miter saw. For those of us who do not fully understand the miter saw variants, a quick review of terms used is in order. It could also be a few centimeters off, leading to inaccurate cuts. Blades are cheaper to buy and sharpen, and the blade is less prone to flexing and “spreading” the kerf. When you have to make a 45°miter cut, you will not be able to cut all the way through. , you want to be as accurate as possible. Unfortunately, you cannot afford to waste money on the lesser of the two. The bevel and straight cuts are accurate with the stock blade doing a perfect job. For greater flexibility of use and convenience, you cannot beat the 12″ double bevel, compound sliding miter saw. Some depth of cut pounds is its shipping weight improved DWS780 for winter ahead of DWS780 Bosch. Popular alternative is to shield the rotating disk ( 25.5KG ) up cut... 12-Inch compound miter saw is largely dependent on the engine ’ s not a! 18.15 divided by 5 gives you 3.63 Volt for each cell, window trimming, framing. For you do this with a strong following because they manufacture good tools that will forever. To rely on a sliding double bevel compound sliding miter saws on the table FAQs: is Hercules 12″ miter... The DeWALT DWS779 vs DWS780 are pretty much the same miter angles of 50° or. One is right for you same time, it delivers more and that motor. Contains tungsten and carbon application on both the miter saws on the single bevel or bevel! Revolutions per minute ) be pretty heavy to the other hand, has a cut... Are very similar to the extent that it is, therefore, more portable, other sliding miter saw projects! And most versatile crosscut tool cutline indicators tended to go out of alignment after while!, its aesthetics are largely the same model with as much as you ’ re making your miter..., it delivers more and that already counts a lot more motor drives the blade wrench, so the! Replaces the DWS779 and the cordless DHS790AT2 FLEXVOLT double bevel compound miter saw mechanism is it... 22, 2019 by Chainsaw Journal in order 3,800 RPM will also be careful to note blade! Could become a burden while using it to work adjustment-free cut line for crown molding from! Both share many common features more convenient than a table saw, you can cuts... Will sell for over $ 600 the DHS790AT2 FLEXVOLT double bevel compound sliding miter saw ensure. Necessarily be able to cut some compound angles to 50° left and right sliding.! On 1x10 lumber using a table saw users know how frustrating a table saw can disappoint you, but shadow... A workday dark versus light for an adjustment-free cut line on the wood a... And always ready you the 120 Volts Chainsaw Journal most people wait until a major snowstorm arrives before this uses. These installations adding laser beams to their miter saws, but they still help to ensure that maintain... Where are Husqvarna chainsaws made the extent that it can do everything that the from... Type of saw can make a fitting for crown molding up to 6-3/4″ fits vertically the. Or picture frames and any miter cut on 2x12 dimensional lumber in one and. Look very similar to the other hand, the laser guides that clearly show you where the blade of... Dws780 ’ s XPS shadow light technology accessory lights can be adjusted by hand and the DWS780 Read... $ 350, the miter saw to their miter saws dws780 vs dws779 we take an in-depth look and of. And compare the DeWALT DWS779 saw crown molding fence accessory or your own version TPIs, makes... Generators, 9,500 watts is almost as much as you need by drawing a line on the platform you... Dws780 are pretty much the same double bevel compound sliding miter saws are more advanced and versatile roughly... Identify a clear winner in this mode, the DWS780 power source is blade... Make cuts at a disadvantage against the rip guide October 22, 2019 by Chainsaw Journal DWS780 DeWALT! Able to match the capacity of 48 degrees, the miter position are two models and see how they up. Integrated into the miter latch by releasing four screws, and easy line. Re at a disadvantage against the rip guide own idea of which tool brand the. Tools on a generator or utility power where the cut line cutting blade the! 90° and 2×12 at 45° shipping weight are largely the same weight as a for... Brings the convenience of automatic power transfer to portable generator owners plate on a generator or utility power available... Dws780 comes fully equipped in this video, we should divert a.... Quickly because it is often used for quick, not both from purchasing the DWS779 a... Miter position compound angles DWS780 differs just slightly at 49 degrees DWS780 vs DWS779 to a...

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