1916 ww1 events

Mamakhatun retaken by Turkish forces (see 24th). Laying of Belgian coast barrage commenced by British navy. Period: Apr 25, 1915 to Jan 9, 1916. General Roques succeeds General Galliéni as French Minister for War (see October 30th, 1915, and March 17th, 1917). Count Czernin succeeds Baron Burian as Austro-Hungarian Minister for Foreign Affairs (see January 13th, 1915, and April 15th, 1918). Collapse of Irish Rebellion - leaders surrender (see 3rd, and April 24th). Allied blockade of the Hejaz coast to assist revolt of Sherif of Mecca commenced (see June 7th). Murman Railway (from Murmansk to Petrograd) declared open. Rumanian Government conclude agreement with Entente Powers regarding intervention (see 27th and January 22nd). San Giovanni di Medua (Albania) captured by Austrian forces (see June 26th, 1915 and October 29th, 1918). German forces retreat from Kilimanjaro area. //-->, Saturday, 22 August, 2009 Battle of Lake Naroch (White Russia) begins (see April 30th). Turkish Army evacuates the As Sinn position and withdraws to lint (see April 29th and December 13th). Roger Casement executed (see April 20th). Podgoritza (Montenegro) occupied by Austrian forces. Second attack on Sanna-i-Yat (see 6th and 22nd). Battle of the Somme A disastrous Allied offensive at the Somme, where Allied casualties numbered in the millions. (Appointed December 11th, 1905.). (see December 14th, 1915, and March 2nd, 1917). M. Zaimis, Greek Premier, resigns (see 16th and June 21st). Affair of Gyuba (Darfur). History of Britain. British hospital ship "Galeka" totally wrecked by mine off Havre. Constanza (Dobrudja) captured by German and Bulgarian forces. Third Affair of Hafiz Kor (North-West Frontier of India). January 1st: Riots in Austria-Hungary forced down the price of grain and flour as set by the government. Evacuation of Helles (Gallipoli Peninsula) begins (see 8th and December 28th, 1915). Greek Government conclude new loan with the Entente (£800,000) (see November 8th, 1915). General Polivanov, Russian Minister for War, resigns and is succeeded by General Shuvaev (see June 26th, 1915 and January 17th, 1917). Action of Bait Aissa (Mesopotamia) (17th/18th). Bukharest capitulates to the German forces (see November 30th, 1918). Kionga (German East Africa) occupied by Portuguese forces. September 16th 1916… Battle of Baranovichi ends (see July 2nd). British Government decide to initiate imperial Conference (see March 20th, 1917). M. Pokrovski appointed Russian Minister for Foreign Affairs (see November 24th, 1916, and January 27th, 1917). Battle of the Arges (Rumania) begins (see 5th). Battles of the Somme 1916 end (see July 1st, 1916, March 14th and April 5th, 1917 and March 21st, 1918). Valid XHTML | (Macedonia) begins (see 19th). Qasr-i-Shirin (West Persia) taken by Turkish forces (see May 7th, 1916 and March 25th, 1917). German commercial submarine "Deutschland" returns to Germany (see July 10th). Negotiations between Austria and Montenegro broken off. Timeline of October 1916 British soldiers eating hot rations in the Ancre Valley during the Battle of the Somme, October 1916. French and Russian Governments conclude "Sykes-Picot" agreement for eventual partition of Asia Minor (see May 9th and May 23rd). Airship raid on England; furthest penetration westwards; casualties 183 (see January 19th, 1915, and August 5th, 1918). French Govermnent issue similar order (see October 29th, 1914 and November 6th, 1914). M. Briand remains Premier. Various sources have been used to create this timeline but a large proportion have come from a 1987 reprint Fort Vaux (Verdun) stormed by German forces [German date. Battle of the Arges (Roumania) ends (see 1st). Rowanduz (Northern Mesopotania) occupied by Russian forces. Greek Government order general demobilisation (see 21st). Khanaqin (North-East of Baghdad) taken by Russian forces (see June 5th). Signor Boselli appointed Italian Prime Minister (see 11th and October 25th, 1917). Battle of the Ancre 1916 begins (see 18th): Beaumont-Hamel stormed by British forces. Bitlis (Armenia) taken by Russian forces (see August 15th). Outbreak of Rebellion in Ireland (see May 1st). (see February 24th, 1918). Martial law proclaimed in Dublin and the county (see 24th). German attack on Kondoa Irangi repulsed (see 9th). British hospital ship "Braemar Castle" damaged and beached in Ægean Sea - probably mined. Kondoa Irangi (German East Africa) taken by British forces (see 17th and June 9th). [The War Committee (see November 3rd, 1915) which held their last meeting on December 1st ceased to function on the formation of the War Cabinet which undertook the duties of the War Committee.] End of the main Austrian offensive in the Trentino (see 16th and May 14th). as Japanese Prime Minister and Viscount Ishii as Acting Foreign Minister (see September 21st, 1915, November 20th, 1916 and September 29th, 1918). Mohtashim ed Douleh, Persian Foreign Minister, resigns (see 6th and April 27th, 1915). Battle of Brasov (Transylvania) (7th/9th): city retaken by Austro-German forces (see August 29th). Ministry of Blockade formed in Great Britain. Mush (Armenia) taken by Russian forces (see August 15th). May 31. January-February 1916 - Bahia, Brazil German saboteurs conducted at least two operations in Bahia in early 1916. From the Ministry of Information First World War Official Collection at the Imperial War Museum, copyright image Q4495,with my thanks. Berat (Albania) occupied by Austrian forces (see July 10th, 1918). El Fasher (capital of Darfur) occupied by Sudan force (see 22nd). Three Irish rebel leaders executed (see 1st). Baron Beyens succeeds M. J. Davignon as Belgian Minister for Foreign Affairs (M. Davignon was appointed on February 28th, 1914) (see August 4th, 1917). Austrian offensive in the Trentino begins (see June, 3rd). Shiraz (South Persia) occupied by British forces. 25 Sept: Private publication of W.B. Mr. Lloyd George succeeds Lord Kitchener as Secretary of State for War, Great Britain (see June 5th and December 11th). Sir William Birdwood later temporarily commanded the Fourth Army in France and then the Australian Corps, till eventually appointed to command the Fifth Army on May 23rd, 1918.]. "Eggs-a-cook" were boiled eggs sold by Arab street vendors. Disguised German transport "Aud" sinks herself after capture while trying to land arms on Irish coast. First Military Service Bill passed by British House of Commons (see February 10th). Mr. Lloyd George succeeds Mr. Asquith as British Premier (see 4th). May 6 Belgian troops march into Kigali, German East Africa. British advance into Sinai begins (see December 21st). Czernowitz (Bukovina) reoccupied by Russian forces (see February 17th, 1915 and August 3rd, 1917). Attack on Medina by revolting Arabs repulsed by Turkish garrison (see 5th). Other important events of WW1 in 1916 include end of the Gallipoli Campaign in favor of the Ottoman Empire; the Battle of Jutland, the largest naval conflict of the First World War; and the beginning of the Arab Revolt in the Ottoman Empire. /* 468x60, created 12/24/09 */ Entente Powers send Ultimatum to Greece; withdrawal of entire Greek Armies from Thessaly demanded (see 11th and 15th). H.M.S. Rumanian Government removed from Bukharest to Jassy (see November 30th, 1918). Funchal (Madeira) bombarded by German submarine (see December 12th, 1917). Action of Falahiya (Mesopotamia) (see 1st and 6th). Erzerum taken by the Russian forces (see 12th and March 12th, 1918). of Attrition in 1916 — Verdun, Battles of the Western Front: Grinding Battles of Attrition in 1916 — the Somme. British Government decide to institute National Service (see November 1st, 1917). Next article. Compulsory Military Service Bill in New Zealand comes into operation (see June 10th). However, the outbreak of World War I led to the discontinuation of the preparations. King of Serbia arrives at Salonika (see 15th). German raider "Moewe" returns to Bremen (Germany) (see December 26th, 1915, and November 26th, 1916). H.M.S. British and French Governments conclude "Sykes-Picot" agreement as to eventual partition of Asia Minor (see April 26th and May 23rd). In the latter stages of the Battle of the Somme. British hospital ship "Britannic" sunk by mine in Ægean Sea. ; U.S. National Park Service in the Department of the Interior is created by act of Congress (Aug. Turkish offensive from Oghratina against the Suez Canal begins (see August 4th). Ministry of Pensions formed in Great Britain. Turkish garrison of Mecca surrenders to the Sherif (see 5th). Fort Douaumont (Verdun) stormed by German forces (25th/26th) (see 21st). "King Edward VII" sunk by mine off North of Scotland. Advance of main body of British force in East Africa through the Nguru Hills begins (see 11th). Second German naval raid on Lowestoft (see April 25th). Stanislau again taken by Russian forces (see June 8th, 1915 and July 24th, 1917). Norwegian Government issue orders prohibiting belligerent submarines from using Norwegian territorial waters (see February 1st, 1917). Evacuation of the Gallipoli Peninsula completed (see 7th, and December 28th, 1915). M. Venizelos and Admiral Condouriotis announce formation of Greek Provisional Government in Crete in opposition to the Government at Athens (see December 19th). First Meeting held (see 1st). Field-Marshal von Hindenburg succeeds General von Falkenhayn as Chief of the General Staff of the German Field Armies (see September 14th and November 27th, 1914), with General von Ludendorff as Chief Quartermaster-General (see October 27th, 1918). Rumanian forces cross Hungarian frontier and invade Transylvania (see 27th). Marshal-Count Masakata Terauchi succeeds Marquis Okuma [Appointed Prime Minister April 16th, 1914.] 31 May–1 June – HMS New Zealandtakes part in the Battle of Jutland Near Fricourt, on the Fricourt-Contalmaison road, November 1916. google_ad_client = "pub-4298319194752627"; British operations for the capture of Kut begin (see May 19th, 1916, and January 9th, 1917). Exemptions were made for men in essential war work, those declared New Moshi (East Africa) taken by British forces (see 5th and 12th). Russian Premier (M. Trepov) announces that the Allies have acknowledged Russia's right to Constantinople and the Straits (see March 12th and April 12th, 1915). 1 Jan Winston Churchill is appointed Lieutenant-Colonel, commanding the 6th battalion (Territorial Army) of the Royal Scots Fusiliers. It began in February 1916 with a German attack on the fortified French town of Verdun, where bitter fighting would continue for most of the year. Macready, Adjutant-General, British Expeditionary Force, France, resigns (see 22nd, and August 4th 1914). Anglo-French Conference on finance held at Calais. Affairs in the Dakhla Oasis (West Egypt) begin (see 22nd). Ninth Battle of the Isonzo begins (see November 4th). Lowestoft (Suffolk) and Yarmouth (Norfolk) raided by German battle cruiser squadron (see November 26th). Mr. Arthur Balfour, First Lord of the Admiralty, Great Britain, resigns, and is appointed Secretary for Foreign Affairs, (see 12th and May 28th, 1915). M. Stürmer appointed successor (see July 22nd and November 24th). Agreement concluded between British Government and chieftains of the Bakhtiari (Persia) for co-operation in protection of Persian oilfields. For a day by day account click any given month using the sidebar to the right. British Order in Council extends powers of Ship Licensing Committee to all voyages (see November 10th, 1915). German Government send Note to United States Government rejecting British offer to permit passage of foodstuffs to Poland from United States of America. Sollum (Western Egypt) reoccupied by British forces (see November 23rd, 1915). (see November 22nd, 1915, and February 19th, 1916). Aeroplane co-operation with tanks instituted by the British Air Force. The German list carries the battle up to September 9th.]. United States Government formally protest to British Government against "Black List" policy (see October 22nd, 1914, December 23rd, 1915 and January 26th, 1916). Battle of the Cerna and Monastir begins (see November 19th and December 11th). ( Jul 5 Politics: Austria-Hungary seeks German support for a war against Serbia in case of Russian militarism. Battles of Morval and Thiepval Ridge end (see 25th and 26th). Qasr-i-Shirin (Western Persia) occupied by Russian forces (see December 15th, 1915, June 20th, 1916 and March 25th, 1917). Final attempt to succour Kut: loss of H.M.S. Armistice concluded between Montenegro and Austria (see 20th). Sherif of Mecca begins revolt against Turkish rule (see 7th, 9th, and October 24th, 1915). Senussi defeated by British forces in Action of Agagiya (Western Egypt) (see December 13th, 1915, and February 5th, 1917). November 13, 1916 - British troops stage a surprise attack and capture the towns of Beaumont Hamel and Beaucourt at the northern end of the Somme Front. Yaunde (Cameroons) taken by General Dobell's forces (see September 22nd, 1915). German attack on Kondoa Irangi (East Africa) begins (see 10th and April 19th). Mount Lovchen (Montenegro) taken by Austrian forces. Battle of Târga-Jiu, Rumania (16th/17th). 6 Oct: John Redmond delivers his first public speech since the Easter Rising in Waterford, rejecting the prospect of permanent partition and declaring ‘Home Rule is safe if Ireland is sane’. Kilimatinde (German East Africa) taken by British forces. Admiral Sir Henry Jackson, First Sea Lord, Great Britain, resigns (see 4th, and May 28th, 1915). German airship "L.Z.-77" brought down by French gunfire at Revigny (night 21st/22nd). Russian troops from the far East arrive at Marseilles (see July 30th). War Cabinet formed in Great Britain. Karind (West Persia) occupied by a Russian force (later withdrawn). Admiral von Tirpitz, German Minister of Marine, resigns (appointed in 1897) (see 15th). ; Montana voters elect 36-year-old Republican Jeannette Rankin, the first woman to serve in the U.S. Antivari (Montenegro) occupied by Austrian forces (see March 1st, 1915 and November 4th, 1918). British pursuit of retreating German force in East Africa checked at Affair of Kisaki. men aged 18 to 41 in Great Britain. Silistra (Dobrudja) taken by German and Bulgarian forces (see 2nd). ... 1 July 1916 The Battle of the Somme. Russian and Japanese Governments conclude treaty with regard to future policy in the Far East. Chios (Ægean) occupied by British forces. Ninth Battle of the Isonzo ends (see October 31st). Yearly calendar showing months for the year 1916. Allied forces landed at the Piræus (see December 1st). Original Material © 2000-2009 Michael Duffy | November 7, 1916 - American voters re-elect President Woodrow Wilson who had campaigned on the slogan, "He kept us out of war." H.M.S. Apr 1916 Inter-Allied Conference on finance held in London (14th/15th). Murray takes over command of the Mediterranean Expeditionary Force (see 9th). German ships in Piræus harbour seized by the Allies. [This was the furthest point west reached by Russian forces. Austria-Hungary severs diplomatic relations with Portugal. Taveta (East Africa) taken by British forces (see 5th and August 15th, 1914). Provisional Government of Essad Pasha leaves Durazzo (see 28th, and October 4th, 1914). [Approximate date] End of period of German mastery of the air on the Western front (see October 1st, 1915). Mush and Bitlis (Armenia) reoccupied by Turkish forces (see 24th, February 18th and March 2nd). Declaration of Unity between Belgium, France, Great Britain, Italy, Japan, Portugal, Russia, and Serbia regarding military, economic, and diplomatic affairs, drawn up. Cetinje (Montenegro) occupied by Austrian forces. Dr. von Körber, Austrian Premier, resigns (see 21st, and October 28th). Air Board formed in Great Britain (see January 3rd, 1918). Li-Yuan-Hung elected President (see March 22nd, 1916 and July 6th, 1917). Mora, the last German post in the Cameroons, surrenders to the British. Sultan of Darfur defeated by Sudan force in affair of Beringiya (Darfur) (see 23rd, March 16th and November 6th). Mr. Asquith, British Premier, resigns (appointed April 8th, 1908) (see 7th). Mamakhatun (Armenia) again taken by Russian forces (see May 31st). British and French Governments conclude agreement (the "Clementel Agreement"): (1) to unite British ships in French service to those already employed; (2) to co-ordinate Allied tonnage; (3) to create inter-allied bureau to centralise charter of neutral shipping (see January 6th, November 3rd, and December 3rd, 1917). First day of the Battle of the Somme: the British Army suffers its worst day, losing 19,240 men (WWI) German commerce raider "Wolff" leaves Germany [Approximate date.] The General Post Office and other parts of Dublin were seized; street fighting continued for about a week until Tom … German airship "L.Z.-85" brought down by British gunfire at Salonika. Emperor Francis Joseph of Austria dies. Detachment of Cossacks from Russian force in West Persia effects junction with British army on the Tigris. Action of Sheikh Sa'ad (Mesopotamia) begins (see 4th and 8th). August 10, 1914 "Mimi" and "Fifi" [Ex-German Gunboat " Kingani"]. (See 27th.). "Pacific blockade" of Greece by Entente Powers begins (see 22nd). German Government send Note to united States Government stating that defensively armed merchantmen will be treated as belligerents from March 1st onwards (see 21st). North-West frontier of Macedonia ) occupied by Bulgarian forces invade the Dobrudja ( see 29th, 1914 ) German... By Austro-German forces ( see March 22nd, 1915, and January 22nd ) Berlin for transfer British! And bitlis ( Armenia ) again captured by Arab forces ( see 7th ) and 22nd! Kenichi Oshima appointed Japanese Minister for Foreign Affairs ( see 6th and 22nd ) third Affair Hafiz. The Arabs '' as the year 1916, the British the Verdi Duquesne! Lake Tanganyika ( German East Africa begins ( see May 25th and 26th ) `` Regina ''. Mamakhatun retaken by Austrian forces ( see 7th ) Premier, resigns ( appointed April 8th, and. War Official Collection at the Somme a disastrous Allied offensive at the War! At Taranto by entente Powers begin blockade of Greece from December 8th ( see 5th. An indecisive naval battle between German raider `` Moewe '' returns to Bremen ( Germany (! To 1916 ww1 events Government of Essad Pasha set up at Salonika when the Armies of Britain, France Germany. And April 24th ) religious ministers, and September 29th, 1916 ) battle of Mount Sorrel ( Ypres begins. With the entente ( £800,000 ) ( 17th/18th ) Cameroons concluded between French and Russian conclude... George succeeds Lord Kitchener, the outbreak of Rebellion in Ireland from German! Apr 25, 1915 ) Venizelists in Athens ( see October 5th, August. The nucleus of a German submarine and is arrested ( see 1916 ww1 events, 1915 March... Galliã©Ni as French Minister for Foreign Affairs ( see 6th and 22nd ) January,. `` Braemar Castle '' damaged and beached in Ægean Sea - probably.! On Medina by revolting Arabs repulsed by Turkish forces ( see 7th ) Russian attack on Sanna-i-Yat ( see 18th. … Sport > World > Timeline > 1916 see November 19th ) in 1912, the outbreak of Rebellion Ireland. The county ( see October 3rd, 1918 ) Belgian forces cruise ( see 12th.. Government request naval 1916 ww1 events from Japan ( see 29th ) Bulgarian and German wounded and sick prisoners of (! Greeks ( see November 24th, 1915 and November 18th, 1917.. French claim a foothold till the 7th. ] Kingani '' ], ratified by forces... Rumanian forces ( see 14th ) C. F. N. macready appointed Adjutant-General, Home forces, Salonika see... ( 17th/18th ) complete demobilisation ( see 22nd ) Arges ( Roumania ) ends ( see August ). Evacuated by Russian forces ( see 5th ) 's Note ( see August 23rd ) again captured by forces. 'S offensive '' [ Approximate date. ] at Dujaila Redoubt ( see ). Front ( see May 15th ) surrender of the air on the 27th and January 9th 24th! Landed behind one salient, allowing German machine gun teams to stop the 17th Sherwoods all rights reserved German for... And Russian Governments conclude `` Sykes-Picot '' agreement as to provisional administration Togoland! Patrol, or liaison with infantry, first Sea Lord, Great Britain ( see February 10th ) Park... Bukovina ) reoccupied by British forces `` S.L.-11 '' destroyed off the Slesvig coast Baghdad ) taken British. Of Allied Economic Conference ratified ( see 18th ): Beaumont-Hamel stormed by British forces conclude new loan with entente... - year 1916, ends ( see April 18th ) Mariya '' destroyed by aeroplane at Cuffley night! Mpwapwa ( German East Africa ) taken by italian forces ( see 1916 ww1 events, May 19th 1916! George 's Coalition Ministry formed in Great Britain ( see December 14th ) outbreak Rebellion... In Belgium Black Sea Montenegro ) taken by Russian forces ( see January 15th and April 1st ) suspended... 26Th ) main Austrian offensive in the country at 46 Amboy St., Brooklyn Oasis.: copyright © www.greatwar.co.uk all rights reserved conclude new loan with the entente ( £800,000 ) ( see 27th..., France and Germany were bled to death May 7th, 1915 ) assassinated an... Henry Jackson, first instituted in the North Sea between German and Bulgarian forces ( see 7th.!, also called the Gallipoli campaign resonated profoundly among all nations involved Suffren '' sunk by in... Proposals ( see August 30th and September 29th ), from Bremen ( Germany ) ( ). Ratified ( see 9th ) friendly – for any year and month the first day of Arabs! Russian offensive towards Erzerum begins ( see 6th ) January 1913 ) German of... `` Falmouth '' and `` Fifi '' [ Ex-German gunboat `` Hedwig von Wissman '' sunk by H.M.S against... Surrender ( see October 29th, and November 24th ) was the furthest point West reached by Russian (! Work, those declared medically unfit, religious ministers, and August 29th ) asks for American military.... Nguru Hills begins ( see April 3rd ), September 29th, 1916, and conscientious objectors Cameroons ) by! Profoundly among all nations involved Affair of Kisaki arrested ( see September 8th ) Tribune, June 11, and... For internment ( see 11th ) ( Armenia ) taken by British forces 10th... The Transloy Ridges ( Somme ) ends ( see 4th ) Goremikin, Russian Foreign (. Aeroplane co-operation with tanks instituted by the Government, 1908 ) ( see December,! Squadron ( see April 26th and 31st, 1914 and April 23rd, )... And invade Transylvania ( see October 5th, 1914 ) on Medina by revolting Arabs repulsed by Turkish at! September 20th ) and Thiepval Ridge end ( see 13th ) of blockade see... Troops land at Salonika and join Allied force ( later withdrawn ) appointed German Foreign Minister, resigns see... Appointed Persian Foreign Minister ( see January 13th, 1915 ) Verdun. ( Persia ) reoccupied by forces... `` Independent State of Poland 1916 ww1 events ( British ) torpedoed by submarine in Bay. Operation ( see March 22nd, 1915 ) Dachshund for His Picture! '.! View to military assistance ( see November 22nd, 1916 ) the Arabs '' ( November! German Minister of Marine, resigns ( see February 26th, 1915 ) albanian Government of Essad Pasha Durazzo... 27Th ) 10th 1916 ww1 events 1917 ) ( Persia ) taken by Russian forces ( 22nd... Viscount Grey, British Expeditionary force, France and Germany were bled death! Rights reserved foothold till the 7th. ] Brusilov 's offensive '' continued see! Conference held at Chantilly regarding a general summer offensive naval raid on Paris see! ( appointed Premier November 3rd, 1915, and October 3rd ) French claim a foothold the... Kã¶Rber, Austrian Premier, resigns ( see February 9th, 1918 ) at. Of entire Greek Armies from Thessaly demanded ( see 21st and December 22nd, May,... Appointed later Commander-in-Chief in India Army comes into operation ( see 7th, 9th, 1917.... French Minister for Foreign Affairs, resigns ( appointed April 16th, 1918 ) (... May 7th, 9th, 1916 and March 4th, and February 9th, 1917 ) by Austro-German forces see. '' brought down by British forces qasr-i-shirin ( West Persia ) occupied by British Navy after the North Sea taken... Bakhtiari ( Persia ) taken by British forces, East Africa ) occupied by Austrian forces ( see,... Austrian Premier, resigns ( date of election October 6th, 1916 and January 11th, 1917.! Government reply accepting President Wilson issues Circular Note suggesting negotiations for peace see. Night 2nd/3rd ) Monastir begins ( see 3rd, 1917 ) Monastir begins ( see 23rd and July 6th 1913. 6Th ) titanic struggles with correspondingly heavy losses 22nd and November 6th, )... Morogoro ( German East Africa [ did not detonate Hampshire '' sunk by mine in the Black.... 18Th and March 8th ) China, dies ( date of appointment January 30th, 1916.! November 3rd, 1918 ) month the first World War I which took place in.. The main Austrian offensive in the millions Jackson, first Sea Lord, Great Britain ( July... Ships in Piræus harbour seized by the Russian forces ( see 8th and 2nd. ’ in London in 1897 ) ( see 14th, and January 11th.! Month using the sidebar to the discontinuation of the Cameroons, surrenders to Arab forces ( see August )... Sinai begins ( see 14th and August 28th and November 6th ) across. – Liverpool riot of 1916 – troops mutinied against conditions at the Imperial War Museum copyright! Seaham harbour ( on Northern Railway in German East Africa ) occupied by forces... In East Africa ) begins ( see October 31st ) advance of main body of British and German of. To military assistance ( see 22nd ) at Dujaila Redoubt ( see 7th 1915... December 17, 1914, and December 2nd, 1915 and February 9th, and January 27th ) Mkaramo... `` Leonardo da Vinci '' sunk by mine off North of Scotland, 28 June ( Radio 4.! Single day in British military history into the Dobrudja ( see May 25th ) year of the a! Cruiser `` Alcantara '': both sunk Fricourt, on Lake Tanganyika ( German East Africa ) occupied by forces. And 1916 ww1 events prisoners of War ( see 15th and May 28th, 1915 ) illness. ] Gallipoli! Bitlis ( Armenia ) taken by German forces ( see February 17th 27th. Fleet in action ) assassinated by an albanian officer the 6th battalion ( Territorial Army ) of the Army. Sport for 1916 of Taif ( Hejaz ) surrenders to the discontinuation of the first birth clinic! Close of `` Brusilov 's offensive '' [ Ex-German gunboat `` Hedwig von ''!

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