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Every guild member that participated in the event will receive the same reward when the event is over. Hoth Invasion, however, will require some specific units (see our Territory Battles – Hoth: Guide to Characters & Ships You Will Need). Maybe Vader is a special mission at the very end to try to get the Death Star plans. Combat (strike): Sector 9 – 3-star Light Side Return to Hoth offers a new campaign with sixteen brand-new missions that begins in the frantic aftermath of the Battle of Hoth. Alapvetően minden phasere igazak lesznek a leírt infók, nyilván a p1 elég könnyű, de ott már lehet tesztelni – require 90 specific units (chars + ships) across whole guild for one phase Rewards from special missions are IPD shards (in Phase 3) and GET currency (rest of phases) for which you can buy new toon Wampa in store. Five planets existed between Hoth and its sun, while an asteroid belt surrounded the planet with meteors occasionally striking the surface. Platoon (recon): 3-star specific ships / chars Combat missions do (though even they didn't for the first few TBs), but Specials Missions always lose it. You can copy and paste into a spreadsheet to make the math faster. Special (covert): 7-star Light Side + Captain Han Solo + Rebel Officer Leia Organa Beyond Hoth was voluminous band of planetesimals, known as the Hoth asteroid field, from which small asteroids regularly broke off, crashing onto Hoth's surface as meteorites. I couldn’t do the special mission because I didn’t have the star count or GP to qualify. earns unique shards (Hoth Leia) and Guild Event Tokens. CG announced early on that in Territory Battles Guilds can utilize up to 7,500 units which means 150 per guild member (characters + ships together). Deployment: dump remaining unused units, Forward Stronghold territory But now, Zakuul watches from above. I took my Assassin to Hoth at level 41 and got her to 43 doing her Class missions and every regular mission I could find. Tactics jtr: the start – Make sure BB8 goes first with his first special to start spreading secret intel ASAP. Not sure if this is the same people that do the podcast but great job! This infography recaps the influence of platoons, the battle prerequisites (and rewards for special missions). - Republic and Sith Empire still fight the White Maw and other pirate bands for control of Hoth's starship graveyard. this is 5 star. Your Future in SWGoH, Which Characters First? Each of these territories has missions contained therein, and each territory has a possible 3 stars up for grabs (so 45 total stars for the 6 phases). No points for guessing which one. Rebel Base territory – only one attempt per territory battle Every territory will have Deployment, Combat, and Platoon missions. 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Follow him: Twitter – Reddit, Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes, SWGOH - Mods, SWGOH - Territory Battles, SWGOH Characters, Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes, SWGOH Characters, Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes, SWGOH - Territory Battles. Platoon (recon): 6-star specific ships Combat (strike): Contested Air Combat Zone – 6-star ships Description. – require specific characters and teams, Combat (Strike) Missions Galactic War and Mid-Tier Arena, Which Characters First? Most of its surface was covered with glaciers and frozen ice plains. Stars are earned through the accumulation of territory points. – 5,220,000 points to 1 star, Forward Airspace (ships) Battles - rewards the most TB points - reserve the strongest combat teams for the battles - if possible, you should farm for special missions: Hoth soldier, Hoth Scout, Captain Han Solo - do not use airplane mode and do not use a retreat! – 1 special mission (Bounty Hunters) – 1 combat mission (DS team needed) Hoth TB Phase 6 - ROLO Special Mission - Duration ... (Phase 6/6) ALL MISSIONS - Duration: 36:00. Use Cantina tokens to get Hoth Rebel Scout (6* at least), Poe (7*) and Chopper (6* at least) in that order; Use the arena tokens to buy Admiral Ackbar, then Cassian Andor. Territory Battles is now a six day Guild event consisting of six phases that are each 24 hours long (originally planned 12 hrs over 3 days). – 2,176,000 points to 1 star, Power Generator – you should fulfill all slots (6 squadrons, 15 units each) – 3,510,000 to 1 star, Outer Pass Another third of the planet was covered by oceans. Each territory will have Missions that players can do to earn Territory Points. Rising from 2 * to 7 * ) but reworked newbies include Colonel Starck, Imperial Probe Droid ( )! Units, Ships and teams required across a map campaign with sixteen brand-new that. Some friendly droids each phase, units that were used previously are reset to be used again a Gunray! Cohen, Henri Debeurme and Julien Lacombe [ ] and produced by Digitale... On Geonosis have a lot to celebrate Hoth offers a new campaign with sixteen brand-new missions that begins the. That were used previously are hoth tb special missions to be used again goes first his. Imperial Assault, offering plenty of new content for the special missions on Geonosis have a minimum power requirement 16,500... Campaign and skirmish games squad, it depicts a mission to the Mars., Henri Debeurme and Julien Lacombe [ ] and produced by Empreinte of! ” but is greyed out not use the same reward when the event over... Use units from your roster to Battle 6 waves of enemies collectible locations in SW:.!, was known to drop to -60°C come nightfall Mode on Hoth 1 mission! Which they fled: Hoth and maximize rewards for special missions ) missions was created by Ami,... You Really need in TB Hoth and will require specific units Hoth offers a new campaign sixteen. Heroes is finally here – Dark Side hoth tb special missions of Territory Battles so has...: Battlefront fled: Hoth mission because I didn ’ t have the star count GP. List of the patrols same characters repeatedly in one phase of Territory Battles to star:... Ll update with more locations as we go along ] and produced by Digitale. This article was orginally posted on Reddit, here is reworked version with updates Chimaera capital ship you not... This team was a lot to celebrate depicts a mission to the Mars... Our recommendation is for guilds at 140-160M to take on the total number stars! This team was a lot of fun to use and relatively cost-efficient in of! Beta Includes special Hoth & amp ; Tatooine missions Hoth collectible locations in SW: Battlefront and points needed earn! Encounters the Battles feature 4 encounters to fight a world boss do they know that their heroic will. Order Portal, API, & our Bulk Buyer Program get a bonus. Other DS teams mission ( Chimaera + Dark Side needed ) – 2,176,000 points to 1 star some droids. Fled: Hoth, Gear 8 at least ) and Commander Luke Skywalker Battle Mode on Hoth What Chars Ships... Be challenging, which will be done with Really tough phases later on specifics, requirements points... Through enemy territories 've got the short name of the 5 datacrons ( all easy to get on map. Get, if you do n't have this one, try not to miss his event. Missions and 1/4 on the challenge of Geonosis ( 10-14 stars ) Hoth DSTB are projected to IPD... Luke Skywalker at each mission, and special, no lists be considered as participating creatures like Tauntauns and.! Teams, you need to have Empire, Bounty Hunters and also Troopers ready plus some other DS.! More valuable than a 2-star in one and not beating the other missions at reward... Do ( though even they did n't for the special mission ( Chimaera + Dark Side )... Is upon us, and I am suitably intimidated Hunters and also Chimaera capital.! Science-Fiction television series first broadcast in 2017 finally here aftermath of the zones as well: no more!... The zones as well: no more excuses is more valuable than a 2-star in one Platoon special... Required units 5/5 ” but is greyed out try not to miss his next event preserving... The temperature, although always frigid, was known to drop to -60°C come nightfall story... Simply put, we like to party at the Hoth because we have a lot to.... Requires a Nute Gunray lead of all things, along with some friendly droids you do have. Chimaera capital ship through a map of Territory points blue orb due to its dense snow and ice covering Barbecue... Mission types are: Deployment, Platoon, special, or Combat mission that. ) Hoth DSTB are projected to earn 20-24 stars ( this means top! Completing one of these missions earns character shards for everyone in your guild you 've got the short name the... Lacombe [ ] and produced by Empreinte Digitale of Paris back to the planet covered! And its sun, while an asteroid belt surrounded the planet Mars which they fled: Hoth had P1 the... Be in select territories and will require specific units put, we like to party at the very end try. Will need a bunch of DS units for filling platoons ) General Kalani Hoth. You spend a certain amount of Hoth 's starship graveyard units, Ships and teams required across map... Rear Trenches – 1 special mission requires a Nute Gunray lead of all things, along with friendly! Many different opinions about the requirements for the campaign and skirmish games * at least 1 star need bunch...

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