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OUTDOOR GEAR FOR YOUR … Most first aid kits should cover the basics: bandages, gauze, topical cream, and various medication. It comes with a waterproof case, which is perfect for days spent on the water. We recommend Adventure Medical Kits UltraLight / Watertight .5 First-Aid Kit. Clothing – What you’ll need to take will depend greatly on the season. GoPro Or Other Video Equipment – If you like to document your kayaking camping adventure you’ll need the right video gear. Kayak Fishing Equipment – If you’re going to be doing some yak angling you’ll need your rod, reel, and tackle. A Pillow – Again some people need a pillow to be able to sleep comfortably. The luxury of kayak camping is that weight is less of an issue than space. But it’s not a wise idea to drink straight from the source. Kayak camping gear Tent or hammock Sleeping bag Sleeping pad. This PLB also floats–making it ideal for marine environments. If you want the ability to message others, consider the Garmin Inreach Explorer+ at a much heftier price. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. You can win free gear from Brunton and 19 other outdoor brands by reviewing campgrounds on The Dyrt. Most of these kit items can be found easily at a local gear shop. You won’t find a better paddle for this price. They are versatile, BPA-free, and have a lifetime warranty. Prepare for your next adventure by downloading maps. No one wants to be up a creek, river, or lake without a paddle. Kayak camping is similar to backpacking. Your best source for camping supplies such as tents and sleeping bags, Kayaks all at the best prices reviewed. Inflatable Kayak: Most of the options that we will recommend in this post belong to this category. Sea to Summit’s Solution Bilge Pump can extract almost half a liter from your kayak with its double action pump. Folding Barbecue – If you are camping over a fire a folding barbecue provides a lightweight cooking grill. Some places this might be less likely, like Death Valley, but you know what we mean. 1. Share past camping experiences, photos, and videos to earn points towards monthly prizes in The 2018 Great Camping Giveaway! The ICEMULE Pro backpack cooler is a handy backpack cooler that keeps your delicious food fresh, and you can just toss it on your back when you portage or hike to your campground. You can easily customize it to … Dry Bags Are Essential – While a good dry bag costs a little more it’s worth it to make sure your belongings don’t get soaked or even ruined. A Flashlight Or Headlamp – It’s crucial to be able to see at night when you are camping. The Marmot Minimalist Rain Jacket is great for staying active in the rain thanks to the waterproof, breathable shell. Kayak Camping Gear & Packing Guide | Miles Paddled. Vivobarefoot’s Ultra 3 Bloom is flexible and has great traction when they are wet or dry… For transporting your canoe or kayak, a roof rack on your vehicle will keep it from scratching the paint. This sleeping pad is desirable for two reasons. You could be delayed and forced to make your camp in the dark. If you’re kayak camping with friends in a remote area, there is a chance that you might get separated on or off the water. Kayak Paddle – You won’t get far without a kayak paddle! It’s important to have a comfortable, waterproof shoe that can transitions from land to sea. Take It Easy At First – You may need some time to get used to being on the water with a heavily loaded kayak. The best part of this hat for kayak camping? Instagram. A personal locator beacon can help you or a friend contact help even if cell service is not available. The Onyx MoveVent Curve Vest is made with the kayaker in mind, as it provides breathable mesh in the back so you don’t get too hot against the seat. Kayaks built for touring or camping are no different. Good repair kits can help you get out of some rocky (pun intended) situations and get home safely. We definitely understand that you want to wear something that can easily get wet and dry off quickly. As a kayak and camping enthusiast, doing both activities on the same trip is great. You’ll want to take this sleeping bag camping even if you’re not kayaking. When selecting camping gear, look for items that are designed to be lightweight and compact. Camp Kettle – Hot water is going to be useful to make coffee in the…. 5. Sunscreen – Getting burned is too dangerous and not worth the risk. Toilet Paper – Does a kayaker sh*t in the woods? I’m no purist, so when I go wilderness camping in deep water with a group of kayaks, I take my center-console fishing boat loaded with coolers and camping gear for everybody else, towing my kayak behind. A wider kayak will give you better stability and a bit more storage space for your camping gear. Kayak; Paddle; PFD; Drybags; Depending on your kayak and trip plans . Toiletries – You’ll want to pack your toothbrush, toothpaste, wipes, and other things to keep you feeling fresh. She has worked for various TV stations and newspapers, and now focuses on content creation for tech-loving outdoor enthusiasts. Kayak camping is not as restrictive as backpacking, but almost. Dry Bags -Pop your compressed cubes or stuff sacks inside a dry bag so your clothes don’t get wet! The sharp side is serrated, so that you can cut through anything. Most kayakers quickly learned that most of the gear they had been using for backpacking works perfectly for kayak camping, too. A Travel Towel – A small microfibre towel will come in handy they dry quickly and don’t take up a lot of space. The items you’ll find on this list will help you to do that. Earth Pak -Waterproof Dry Bag - Roll Top Dry Compression Sack Keeps Gear Dry for Kayaking, Beach, Rafting, Boating, Hiking, Camping and Fishing with Waterproof Phone Case 4.8 out of 5 … MERICANMEN | CAMPING & KAYAK gear store. You can convert it into a backpack, too, which will make it easier to portage with your kayak and cargo. Best Sellerin Kayak Accessories Earth Pak -Waterproof Dry Bag - Roll Top Dry Compression Sack Keeps Gear Dry for Kayaking, Beach, Rafting, Boating, Hiking, Camping and Fishing with Waterproof Phone Case 4.8 out of 5 stars12,972 $23.99$23.99 camping gear sale! Cordura panels on the lap, seat, knees and elbows protect the high wear zones. Shop Online . January 29, 2010 - Gear - Tagged: camping, kayak camping - 21 comments. This is my Kayak Camping Gear List of items that I typically bring on a summer river adventure. A Waterproof Case Or Bag For Your Phone – Although many cell phones are now water-resistant they won’t like it if you drop them in the river. Second, wet clothing sticks to your skin like salt-soaked seaweed. It is nice to have a place to cool off and spend the day. Body Glove’s Guava Exhale Rashguard is a great compromise–you can get wet, stay stylish, and be protected from the sun while you’re paddling. This limits what you bring depending on the amount of storage in the kayak. If your kayak trail is a shallow creek or a river with lots of shoals, invite somebody with a canoe or a jon boat with a small motor. A Hammock & Suspension Straps – Many kayak camping fans prefer to pack a hammock, they are smaller and lighter than tents. Whether you’re backpacking on dry land or kayak camping on waterways, you need to have a keen sense of direction, and a compass is often the key to that. Unless you plan to get your hands real dirty, you probably want to pack some utensils. Especially if you are participating in a river trip, a paddling knife is crucial. Kayak fishing is a physically demanding sport and your gear needs to hold up to the abuse. Printer-friendly version (PDF) Kayak Gear . Longer touring kayaks are better able to handle these conditions than shorter recreational kayaks. Frozen meats will take a day or two to defrost, providing an easy way to keep fresh for short trips, or the start of long trips. Just know that you can count on her to bring canned wine to the campfire. The Kelty Salida Tent is perfect for both the backcountry and for kayaking. Vivobarefoot’s Ultra 3 Bloom is flexible and has great traction when they are wet or dry. Kayak and canoe camping allows you to travel comfortably in the backcountry. Most of the time, you kayak while the sun is out to play and head on land to set up your campsite before night rolls in. You can find a helpful guide to how to pack your kayak for camping and what to … There are still risks to using a waterway as your trail, but as long as you have the right gear, you can lower your risk, and increase your fun out on the water. In harrowing tales of boats taking on too much water, (and yes, we’re still sad about Rose and Jack in Titanic…) water in the hull is generally a bad thing. Synthetic fabrics like polyester are lightweight and quick drying. A Good Kayak Seat – This can make the difference between a fun kayak camping trip and a miserable one. Tethers – Make sure you tie down anything on the outside of the boat so you don’t lose anything. Hand Picked Accessories to Make Your Next Trip Even Better! Brandon says: June 18, 2020 at 7:24 am. In kayaks and canoes, it can be quite common to get some water in the hull, given that the act of paddling can cause water to splash into the boat. Water Bottle – Staying hydrated is vital when you are in the sun and paddling hard. Camp Stove – No camping trip is complete without a cookout. Breathable socks keep your feet happy and dry all day long. Here are our tips for an enjoyable kayak camping trip. Gear should be grouped according to use and planned out to best fit into the kayak. It is also made out of lightweight material, so it is comfortable to wear. © 2021 KayakPaddling.net   |     Terms & Privacy |   Contact us As an Amazon Associate we earn commissions from qualifying purchases. Save up to 50% off on all cold-weather camping supplies! Dishes & Utensils – We’re camping but we’re not animals. We talk about our favorite kayak paddles here. These amphibious shoes are made using an algae, which also contributes to their sustainability, so you can feel good while wearing them. You can’t kayak camp without a kayak. Recommended for Short, Recreational Outings. The Dyrt PRO lets you download maps and campgrounds without cell service. A Kayaking Buddy – Kayaking is always safer and more fun if you go with a friend. When you’re on a kayak camping, you are surrounded by water. Sit-on-top vs sit-in kayaks: which one to choose? MericanMen is a veteran owned and operated online store that specializes in camping gear, hiking gear, kayaking accessories, and outdoor clothing for men who love the outdoors. However, they are well-worth the investment if you plan to camp with your kayak often. 50% OFF CAMPING GEAR. See you out on the water! Avoid that while kayak camping and get yourself a bilge pump. Renogy’s water filter ensures that you will be able to hydrate safely, so you won’t have to worry about giardia or cryptosporidium. Tarp – You can use a tarp as a rain screen or a groundsheet. They offer a men’s version, too. The difference is, you don’t have to physically carry all of your weight on your back. You get the opportunity to enjoy the ebb and flow of the water, and explore places that might not be as easily accessible via a land route. This Sea to Summit duffel is perfect for kayak camping thanks to the waterproof material (though the zipper is not, so hopefully you and your cargo won’t be taking a swim). Thanks for sharing Kristen. It’s itchy, weighty, and most of all uncomfortable. It will also make the craft more secure on your drive to the water. For kayak camping, a spray skirt is a good idea. Given some space restrictions in a kayak, it’s not always feasible to bring enough water for the trip. Make sure you know where you are at all times. A swamped kayak can be uncomfortable, scary, and lead to a dangerous situation out on the water. As for a sealant, we recommend Gear Aid Aquaseal to keep repairs airtight. GPS Tracker – Something like the Garmin Inreach which is a GPS tracker and satellite communicator could save your life in an emergency. The rescueME PLB1 is purely for SOS signals and does not enable two-way messaging. Orders; My Account; Sign out. Camera – You might be happy with your phone snaps or you might want something that takes more pro-quality photos. A full two-burner camping stove can be a little much to bring for a kayak camping trip. Kayak Camping Checklist Kayak Equipment: ___Paddle ___Spare Paddle ___Sprayskirt ___Cockpit Cover ___PFD ___Compass,GPS ___Bilge Pump ___Rescue Float ___Tow/Throw Line Two-way Radios – Great to enable communication between members of your party but there is no point unless you also bring…. Sleeping Pad – Extra bulk and weight but some people can’t sleep without it. thanks a lot! With this pad, you’ll be dry, warm, comfortable all night long. Wilderness Systems’ Tsunami 125 is a kayak built for touring (long distance travel). Kayak Camping Gear, what to buy? It is easily packable, and so light you might forget about it altogether. Meat, potatoes, veg, and tin foil, and you’ll be able to make really tasty hobo packs on the campfire. This video from Michael has lots of great tips about what to take for a kayak camping trip: And also Dome Life has great tips about how to go kayak camping: Kayak camping is very similar to backpacking, weight isn’t quite as crucial since you don’t carry the gear on your back but still need to be careful not to pack too much. Brunton’s kayak deck compass is waterproof and comes with straps so you can mount it on to your kayak deck.

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