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Their attempted search resulted with Mumm-Ra's release and Panthro being betrayed by Grune, and ruing a struggle, fell down an abyss and was believed killed. L'essence même du mal, Mumm-Ra est un sorcier suprême et son nom seul fait naître la peur dans le cœur des animaux à travers la Troisième Terre. In the 2011 series, Claudus is a stern father to Lion-O and the adoptive father of Tygra. Characters / ThunderCats (2011): ThunderCats Go To × Edit Locked. He was renamed "Mandrilo" in the Spanish version. 99 to buy episode. Panthro. In the 2011 version, Snarf is more of a pet to Lion-O and does not speak English but can make animal sounds (though it seems Lion-O can still understand him). He later rescued his father from past versions of Slithe and Vultureman (who were attempting to recover plans for a War-Bot that had fallen into the hands of Claudus's spies). Jan 11, 2014 - Now I am a child of the 80s. In "New Alliances," some of the Lizards that worked for Slithe have been deserting Mumm-Ra causing Slithe to prosecute any that he catches. Lion-O's weapons are the Sword of Omens and the Claw Shield. They then boarded the flagship (which carried the ThunderCat nobles, Jaga the Wise, and the young Lion-O) in attempting to capture the Eye of Thundera. Lynx-O (voiced by Doug Preis in the original series, Kevin Michael Richardson in the 2011 version) is the oldest of the trio who is based on the lynx. Not content to see the Thunderians lose their homeworld, the Mutants chased after the survivors, using their spaceships to devastate the Thunderian fleet and seeming to destroy the majority of the doomed planet's escaping populace. But in general with Japanese animation, I do miss the more realistic treatment of characters you could get in the late 70's and 80's. Succeeding in ransacking Thundera, Slithe pursues Lion-O's group before overseeing the search for the Book of Omens and later the War Stones. They are led by Lion-O. In the 2011 version, Mumm-Ra is an Ancient Spirit of Evil employed by the Ancient Spirits of Evil (confirmed by series Art Director Dan Norton) with changes including demon wings on his Ever-Living form, a larger body, and a weakness to intensely bright light. In his final appearance, Hachiman is shown to be living on his own planet which resembles ancient Japan. The Ancient Spirits played a role in the creation of both the Sword of Plun-Darr, possessing a Thunderian blacksmith to forge the weapon, and the Sword of Omens, due to the blacksmith retaining the spirits' knowledge to forge a weapon similar to the previous creation. Residing within the Black Pyramid amid the ruins of what appears to be an ancient Egyptian civilization, Mumm-Ra exists in a decayed, weakened mummified form that must return to a stone sarcophagus to replenish his energy. ", "12 Insane Things You Totally Forgot About the ThunderCats", "We Compare The Old ThunderCats To The New ThunderCats! Jaga tells Lion-O of the challenges he must undergo to gain a second chance in life. Le frère adoptif de Lion-O et le prochain en ligne pour la couronne, Tigro a toujours été un peu jaloux de son jeune frère - mais ce tigre courageux n'a jamais perdu la face devant le prince. Claudus is currently with Jaga in the afterlife. They are the mischief-makers, and often have their own lessons to learn alongside Lion-O while they live on Third Earth, where they frequently use tricks and traps to combat evil. They are the long-time enemies of the Thunderians. Prime Video $1.99 $ 1. Though he is one to take any advantage presented to him, Jackalman often sides with Slythe to keep from being the scapegoat when plans fail. Despite being turned down, Cheetara decided to show Jaga she had the patience needed to become a cleric and began to wait in front of the Order's doors. The Wolos work as farmers, carpenters, and fishermen. It is worth noting that the Tuska Warriors are among the few factions in the series to employ firearms as opposed to melee weapons and/or bows and arrows. Very skilled as a warrior and leader, Turmagar is also a crafty pilot who flies the Gomplin. Mexican Free-Tailed Bat (Tadarida brasiliensis) 7. Lion-O is renamed León-O in the Spanish version, Leo in the German version, Starlion in the French version, and Lion in the Brazilian version. Mordax later turn against Ratar-O, refusing to kill Lion-O and by returning the Sword of Omens to him before making his escape.[23]. 4.7 out of 5 stars 266. A mystic seal in place over the doorway to his tomb kept Grune from causing further havoc after his death, until several centuries later, when a pair of Bolkins accidentally released his spirit in the episode Ghost Warrior. Hachiman maintains a friendship with Lion-O after they first join forces. With an infectious laugh, accompanied by a good sense of humor. In the 2020 series, Grune tried to overthrow Claudus due to him being a bad ruler only to be trapped in a crystal prison by Jaga who ejected it into outer space. In the 2011 series, he is renamed Vultaire and is a prefect of Avista (a floating futuristic city in the sky). [21] In a sense of irony, Tigra only became the threat they foresaw by ordering his death. Reply . Leonard Starr was the head writer for the series, which follows the adventures of a group of cat-like humanoid aliens. This ThunderCats (2011) wallpaper contains anime, comic book, manga, and cartoon. ThunderCats (2011) is an American/Japanese animated television series, produced by Ethan Spaulding and Michael Jelenic. Eventually locating the substance himself and forging a replica of his original battle club from the material, Grune would go on to attack the ThunderCats a second time in the hopes of drawing out his old arch-rival Jaga, whose spirit ultimately defeats him using both Lion-O's strength and the Eye of Thundera. It is Turmagar who often helps the ThunderCats with air support before they crafted their own air-vehicles. The ship was damaged in the final explosion of the planet and made it to Third Earth landing on an unknown island somewhere in the northern sea as the ship didn't have enough fuel to get to the Berbil Village. During the first half of the first season, both Tygra and Lion-O harbor romantic feelings for her and competed for her love. He tends to act as a messenger to the ThunderCats when warning them about the dangers that threaten the Snowmen. This elder warrior was once regarded as the mightiest and greatest of all Thundercats by Lion-O himself. First off it is not a retelling of the original show instead it is basically its own story with much of the same characters and ideas. In the 2011 series, Jaga serves as head of Thundera's cleric warriors, possessing a knowledge of ancient secrets, superhuman speed, projecting lightning from his staff. Image of ThunderCats for fans of ThunderCats (2011) 27754027 In another incarnation, invoking "the Ancient Spirits of the Dream World" to transform himself into "Mumm-Ra the Dream Master", he is able to enter dreams to subliminally influence the ThunderCats in their sleep as a form of mind control. His ultimate goal is universal domination and enforcing his ideal order on it. Much like Mumm-Ra, her powers limit the time she can spend outside of her pyramid home. In ThunderCats Roar, Mumm-Rana is first seen in "Snarf's Day Off" posing as an old lady named Mrs. Gristildi who a disguised Snarf poses as. One Fishman rode with Wilykit and Wilykat since it didn't want to ride in the Forever Bag. In the episode "Return to Thundera," Lion-O is transported back in time to Thundera the day before it was destroyed. Her compassionate nature lends to offering an alternative perspective, solving problems or conflict without fighting by using compromise and understanding. However, in "What Lies Above Part 2", the feeling was revealed to be an act as she reveals her loyalty and love to Mumm-Ra and only toyed with Lion-O's emotions to further her advantage. Robots oursons, ce sont des alliés des Thundercats. They survived the cataclysm when rescued by a Ro-Bear Berbil scout ship piloted by two Berbils. Apr 2, 2015 - Explore madisonbarno's board "Thundercats", followed by 621 people on Pinterest. Avec l'aide de son fouet, Tigro peut devenir invisible et c’est un tireur d'élite et un pilote hors pair. In this show, Claudus is depicted as a jerk and a bad ruler as well as having Lion-S as his daughter. Son devoir est de protéger Lion-O et l'épée d’Omens à tous prix. This ThunderCats (2011) দেওয়ালপত্র contains নকল মানুষের, কমিক বই, কমিকস, and কার্টুন. Parents need to know that ThunderCats Roar! ; Authority Equals Asskicking: He may run from fights he can't win, but the ones he has won include killing a giant spider many times his size. His fate as a physical living entity after this was never revealed, but his spirit form continued to appear throughout the series. After Snarf's disguise was exposed when fighting Mumm-Ra, this caused Mumm-Rana to shed her disguise and beat up Mumm-Ra for ruining her day. While incapable of speech because of his canine physiology, he appears to be a sapient being of roughly human intelligence. When she originally tried to join the Order of Clerics as a child, she was initially turned down by Jaga, because even though she had the speed possessed by clerics, she lacked the patience. À partir de la fin de l'épisode 13, lui et Félibelle seront ensemble. He was later outfitted with mechanical arms built by the Berbils which can also elongate themselves. When Thundera was destroyed, forty-nine Snarfs were able to commandeer a Mutant tanker and made their way to an uninhabited planet which they took as their own, dubbing it the "Planet of Snarfs". Jaguarundi (Herpailurus yagouaroundi) 2. open/close all folders . The Unicorn Keepers are two unknown humanoids that serve as the caretakers of the Unicorn Forest where they look over the forest's unicorns. - TV Preview at IGN", "Panthro Returns! During the race to rescue Pumyra, Ben-Gali, and Lynx-O during ThunderCats- HO!, he is again briefly tricked into attacking the ThunderCats—specifically Lion-O—by Mumm-Ra. Although Pumyra often rejects Lion-O, on rare occasions she displays acts of affection to keep him obsessed with her. In the 2011 series, the Mutants are referred to as "Animals" which their surviving ancestors brought to Third Earth after aiding Lion-O's ancestor Leo in defeating Mumm-Ra. The Wolos are small, furry people who have small villages all around the habitable places of Third Earth. Ascended Extra: Was a minor, though popular, villain in the original series, only appearing in a couple episodes.This version is Mumm-Ra's right-hand man. The Thundercats are a group of anthropomorphic felines who fight with The Mutants in the fictional Third Earth world. This precognitive sense, which Cheetara regards as a curse for the most part, also allows her to perceive visions—whether involuntary or by forcing herself—but can leave her very weak; she may require days to regain her strength. In contrast to the '80s series, Lion-O is introduced as a brash, idealistic teenager. The spikes on his chest bands can be used as projectile weapons or as rappelling lines also. Small and harmless-looking, the Berbils are steadfast, hardy workers and skilled farmers, cooks, and craftsmen. ThunderCats is an American animated television series that was produced by Rankin/Bass Animated Entertainment and Leisure Concepts debuting in 1985, based on the characters created by Ted "Tobin" Wolf. In "What Lies Above" Pt. Voiced by: Will Friedle. As he would learn later in the season, Tygra is of the Tiger Clan who were forced, by the spiteful other cat clans, to live in the frozen mountains far from Thundera due to their steadfast continued loyalty to Mumm-Ra even after the latter's entrapment. In the 2020 series, the Mutants' roles are similar to the 1985 series where Ratar-O was depicted as their leader. Fast and agile like Tygra, Bengali is called "brother" by him, but it is unclear if they share a true familial bond or if the greeting is merely meant as a term of endearment (given that the new ThunderCats repeatedly call the originals "Nobles" while referring to themselves as "mere Thunderians," it seems unlikely that there is any family relationship between the two). Image of ThunderCats for peminat-peminat of ThunderCats (2011) 24861127 2, Wilykit and Wilykat were able to get the Berbils to help them fight Mumm-Ra and save Avista. The original Berserkers resembled Vikings and were apparently all killed when their ship was sunk. Slithe/Slythe (voiced by Bob McFadden in the 1985 series, Dee Bradley Baker in the 2011 series, Trevor Devall in the 2020 series) is the brutish leader of the Reptilians (referred to as Lizards in 2011 series), a race of Lizard Men. Claudus (voiced by Earl Hammond in the original series, Larry Kenney in the 2011 series, Andrew Morgado in the 2020 series) is the previous Lord of the ThunderCats and Lion-O's father who like his son is based on the lion. Il ne devra la survie qu'aux Thundercats. At the start of the series' second season, it was revealed to Lion-O (after having a recurring dream about the final moments of the destruction of Thundera) that there are three more Thunderians living on Third Earth whom Jaga was unable to rescue. One day shattered their lives - When their father was harvesting and took a break to picnic with his family, a twister was fast approaching. Snarfer (voiced by Bob McFadden) is a young and excitable Snarf who is Snarf's young nephew. Les Thundercats croyaient que c’était un mythe, mais ils avaient tort – c’est un cauchemar vivant! Posted on April 22, 2012 at 4:51 pm by Joe Moore under Thundercats Cartoon News, Thundercats Screen Captures. When the Tiger Clan was on the verge of dying out from an epidemic, the spirits offer to cure them in return that the newborn Tygra (who would grow up to become an enemy to Mumm-Ra and themselves) be sacrificed. A normally passive race that rarely fights, the Elephants are spiritualists who don't have much of a good memory and can speak in an Indian accent. Cheetara promised them that the equally technologically-talented Berbils would repair their city and return it to the sky. Claudus ruled Thundera before its destruction. A mere child of twelve years old at the time of Thundera's destruction, Lion-O aged to adulthood during the trip to Third Earth when his suspension capsule failed to prevent him from aging too much. Reply. [6] Although cunning and skillful, he is truly a child in a man's body, and throughout the series, must learn what it takes to become a true leader and gain true maturity. Accepting the proposal, Addicus is allowed to get his revenge on the Bird Nation as Addicus states that they "owe him a last meal.". Comic Books, Merchandise, & Toylines Related sister shows SilverHawks series & TigerSharks series In the 2011 series, Lynx-O is a general under Claudus. The comic again references the ideas of a possible romance between Cheetara and Lion-O— seemingly expanding on the hints from the episode "Sixth Sense", indicating that feelings may have developed post-cartoon and pre-comics between the two— but indicates that Cheetara had begun to resent Lion-O after the defeat of the ThunderCats by Mumm-Ra and the Mutants and her ensuing enslavement for not coming to her rescue sooner, and her feelings had shifted towards Panthro in the intervening years, who is hinted to reciprocate her feelings when he and Lion-O manage to rescue her from the Mutants. They have a habit of repeating certain words or phrases three times. ThunderCats (2011): ThunderCats ThunderCats (2011): The … In his youth, Jaga was the Lord of the Thundercats, and rescued a young Hachiman from being trapped in the Jade Dragon (which later became a part of the Treasure of Thundera). Though their fighting skills are more than wanting, the Snarfs have an inherent invulnerability/resistance to many (but not all) forms of magic and mind-control. They are led by Lion-O. [12] He is the one Lion-O often turns to as second-in-command and for counsel. They also have a gladiatorial arena know colloquially as "The Pit" which is part of their justice system as criminals are made slaves (unless if the slaves were bought from someone else) to fight against each other in combat until they have either paid their debt with 100 wins or have died in battle. Le garçon qui, un jour, se retrouva Roi. Tigro aime souvent lui rappeler que Lion-O sera « toujours second » (sauf quand il s'agit de savoir qui détient la couronne! ) He uses a whip-like bolas in combat, with which he can render himself invisible to the naked eye. Some years later, a fully-grown Tygra found his way back to his ancestral home and freed his kin of the curse. 1985 | NR (Not Rated) | CC. Vultureman (voiced by Earl Hammond in the 1985 series, Michael McKean in the 2011 series, Dana Snyder in the 2020 series) is a crafty, vulture-like opportunist who serves as chief inventor and mechanical know-it-all for the Mutants. In the 2020 series, the Berserkers are shown to work for whoever can pay them in gold. Général des Lézards, il sert Mumm-Ra, mains il n'est pas aussi compétent que Grune ou ses remplaçants, dont il est le second. According to the creators if there had been a season two, Pumyra would've turned into a wicked insectoid due to her hunger for more power. He once tried to fight Lion-O for possession of a meteor that fell onto the slopes of his mountain kingdom, but they became friends after Lion-O rescued him from a Mutant attack. Il apparait sous forme spectrale pour guider Lion-O. In "The Heritage," it was said that Mumm-Ra once owned the Sphere of Seti which increased his power. At times, he appears before the other Thundercats as well such as when facing down Grune the Destroyer's ghost and when the Thundercats need to rescue their fellow Thunderians. In Recipe for Disaster it is shown that Lion-O had attempted to work through his relationship issues with Cheetara by pursuing Pumyra, trying multiple times to court her, all of which ended in disaster. Cartoon Network a annoncé l'abandon d'une seconde saison en 2013[2],[3]. In ThunderCats Roar, Lion-O is depicted as being child-like with his antics annoying some of the ThunderCats. After Lion-O recovers the stolen Soundstone, Sondora decides to take the stones to another dimension. They are gentle folk who often turn to the ThunderCats for protection. $24.99 to buy season. In "What Lies Above" he is explained to be a natural pilot able to fly any craft without any training at all due to his ancestors serving as pilots under Mumm-Ra. Sauro (voiced by Kevin Michael Richardson) is a Lizard who is exclusive to the 2011 TV series. When Thundera was being attacked by the Lizards, Claudus is murdered by Mumm-Ra (who had assumed Panthro's form). In later episodes, he goes "Snarf". Formée par son mentor, le sorcier Jaga, Félibelle est une puissante magicienne et la dernière survivante de ses pairs. The Lizards have been at war with the Thunderians during their history. The following Thunderians appeared in different media projects: The Snarfs are a race of intelligent cat-like creatures that are plump, fuzzy and kind. Grune was defeated by Jaga, then banished and sent into exile in space. Animation and animated by Japanese studio Studio 4°C, and combined elements of western animation with Japanese … A group of their kind lived in a paradise oasis, somewhere in the Sand Sea until their home was attacked by the massive Ramlak, which consumed all the water of their home. In the 2011 series, Cheetara is one of the last remaining cleric warriors. She wields a staff but is also adapted to fighting unarmed. She uses a crystal that forms the Bridge of Light that enables Lion-O to cross the River of Despair. Fishmen sub-species are mostly based in appearance on the Ostariophysi-based fish and include carps, suckerfish, loaches, goldfish, and minnows. ThunderCats Relaunched! )", "Thunder Thursdays: Explore ThunderCats' New Third Earth! One of the many elements featured in the 2011 series that seems to have been "inspired" by the Wildstorm/DC Comics mini-series, the Dogs were a rival species to the Thunderians. Il tentera de se rapprocher de Félibelle, puis — après que la magicienne soit devenue la compagne de Tygro — il se rapprochera de Pumyra, et entamera une liaison romantique avec elle. During that time, a Jackalman named Shen (voiced by Rob Paulsen) assisted Leo and Panthera in overthrowing Mumm-Ra. Upon seeing the courage of Lion-O, Captain Tunar decided to let the ThunderCats live and asked for their help in slaying the beast. But once Tygra and Cheetara found the Sword of Plun-Darr, it caused much of Mount Plun-Darr to collapse with Ratar-O's palace destroyed in the process. With Tygra's help, he builds all of the vehicles the ThunderCats use on Third Earth—including the ThunderTank, the Feliner and the ThunderClaw, ThunderStrike, and HoverCat. Though blind, Lynx-O is still a formidable fighter. The ThunderCats managed to help the Berbils drive away the Conqueror along with his Trollog and Giantor customers. Grune felt betrayed and drove himself mad with his own paranoia. | Muddy Colors. The Robear Berbils are partly-furred robotic bears from the planet Ro-Bear. The ThunderCats were able to save the village and its people from the Lizards occupation, with the Elephants later coming to conclusion to aid in fending off the invading forces. A ninja that worked for Mumm-Ra once assumed the form of a Tabbut. In her final moments, she witnessed Lion-O, Tygra, Cheetara, WilyKit, WilyKat, and Snarf fleeing the city. ThunderCats is an animated television series, developed by Ethan Spaulding and Michael Jelenic for Cartoon Network. She uses her knowledge of Thunderian medicine, combined with the wide range of medical supplies to be found on Third Earth, to help heal and cure her fellow ThunderCats. Monkian (voiced by Peter Newman in the 1985 series, Robin Atkin Downes in the 2011 series, Jim Meskimen in the 2020 series) is a shifty no-good eavesdropper who is the excitable leader of the Simians (referred to as Monkeys in the 2011 series), a race of ape men. Monkian typically uses his flail and projectile-firing shield when in combat. The following is a list of characters that appear in the American animated series ThunderCats, its 2011 reboot, ThunderCats Roar, and its related media. The only episode to focus on Pumyra was "Mumm-Rana's Belt" where she helps to regain Mumm-Rana's belt after it was stolen by Luna. He can also feel vibrations, which allow him to evade attacks and capture, and can use a Sonic Reflector as a weapon in combat. Jul 8, 2016 - See and read the latest about Cartoon Network's THUNDERCATS revival, including a new trailer! Exclusive to the 2011 series, the Fishmen are one of the native sentient species of Third Earth and resembled humanoid fish-like creatures. Elle est la plus rapide Thundercat de Thundera et, à ce jour, personne ne l'a jamais battue à la course. Like in the original series, WilyKat possesses gimmick weapons with his usual weapon being a grappling hook called a Flick. His greatest skill comes in utilizing a special "braille board"—a device that allows him to translate information coming from sensor systems inside the Tower of Omens, enabling him to see into the gloom of Dark Side. Cheetara. Over the course of the first half in season one, Wilykit gained a spiritual outlook on life as she and her brother become more involved in their adult companions' fight. In his prime, he used the "Sword of Omens" in an epic duel against Ratilla. WilyKit also possesses a special musical instrument called a Flupe that she uses to play a soothing melody that their mother used to hum to the siblings, able to put anyone in a hypnotic trance. Vultaire joins Slithe, Kaynar, and Addicus into fighting Tygra, Panthro, and Cheetara prior to the latter knocking him out before Tygra can get payback for the bird's treachery. In January 2011, a promotional poster featuring re-imagined designs for Lion-O, Cheetara, Panthro, and Tygra as well as design for the Sword of Omens and vehicles were shown at the London Toy Fair. 4.9 out of 5 stars 423. Despite his age, he does keep up with the others. In the 2011 version, Lion-O is a teenager instead of being a boy inside an adult body. Nice post Dan! Panthro loses his arms while trapping Grune in the astral plane. In the 2011 series, the Berbils are shown to be more bear-like and have an ability to roll up into balls. Lion-O viewed Pumyra as a possible love interest and makes several attempts to impress her which usually result in her being injured, captured or humiliated. Trop confiant envers sa technologie, il sera rapidement dépassé par l'ofeensive de Mumm-Ra. In the 2011 series, the Wolos (pronounced "Wallow" in the reboot) are shown to have rodent-like teeth. Ratar-O (2011 TV series) Ratilla (2011 TV series) Rezard. Because of this, Panthro has gained respect both from friends and enemies alike. She travels on a specially equipped hoverbike called the Electro-Charger and uses a weapon called the “enzyme catalyzer"—a spray gun loaded with a chemical that she describes as follows: "An ancient formula, now a closely guarded secret. However, Grune also intended to betray Mumm-Ra in the long run prior to leading the attack on the Elephants' village to obtain the spirit stone there resulting in Grune getting sucked into the Astral Plane thanks to Panthro (who lost his arms in the process). While some of the Warrior Maidens resemble Native Americans, other Warrior Maidens have different skin tones, whereas some of the Warrior Maidens have red hair. During her time with the Elephants, learning to use her flute to shatter boulders when in tune with the Elephant's trumpets. After the ThunderCats returned from the Forest of Magi Ore, the Elephant village was attacked by Grune and his forces. She uses the powers of levitation, teleportation, and psychokinesis to perform her tasks and to defend the gyroscope from attackers. Vaquita (Phocoena sinus) 8. Eventually, his jealousy towards the king was used by Mumm-Ra to convince Grune to become his follower and serve a key role in Thundera's downfall. Expect frequent fantasy violence (shooting lasers, crashes, chases, etc. Wizz-Ra (voiced by Larry Kenney) is a powerful wizard from ancient Egypt. Saved by Kostas Lebotesis. H… In ThunderCats Roar, Tygra is depicted as a neat freak. Ils sont spécialisés en ingénierie et répareront le Tankattak. Cheetara is a female member of the ThunderCats and the third to join. It was broken by the ThunderCats in their first battle. Maybe you can draw a young version of him of the 2011 series since he's suppose to be nearly the same age as the thunderkittens. Thundercats (2011) on IMDb: Movies, Tv, Celebrities, and more... DC Comics has announced that they will be teaming up with Mattel for an upcoming Injustice comic book story arc that will feature Batman recruiting He-Man to help him fight Superman! Technology provides for their every practical need, but they can also fly under their own natural wing power. Following the castle collapse, Ratar-O battles Lion-O who manages to defeat Ratar-O as he retreats underground. While under Mumm-Ra's services, the Rats served as janitors within the Black Pyramid before ending up scavengers on Third Earth. Summoned to Third Earth by Mumm-Ra, he was tricked into fighting Lion-O, but thanks to his code of Bushido, he became an ally to the ThunderCats and the Warrior Maidens of the Tree-Top Kingdom. It was during the siege of Avista that Pumyra reveals her true colors by giving the Tech Stone to Mumm-Ra, who she calls her true master and love. In this version, WilyKit and WilyKat have tails, which none of the main adult ThunderCats except Panthro possess (how Panthro lost his is never shown nor explained), and visible external ears. Il veut l'épée d’Omens et détruira tout sur son chemin pour l’obtenir. Il peut se battre avec n'importe quelle arme, mais préfère utiliser son ancien Nunchackus. Jaga's physical body does reappear at one point during the original series in the episode "The Astral Prison" where he was trapped in another dimension, prompting Lion-O to travel there to rescue him from being held captive by an evil inhabitant of said dimension. Kit and Kat's mother and their little brother and sister made it to the shelter, but a large tree barred Kit, Kat, and their father. In the latter half of the show's first season, Lion-O has to put all that he has learned to use in the "Anointment Trials", which consist of contests of strength, speed, cunning, and intelligence (this last is referred to as "mind-power" in the story arc) against each of the other Thundercats. Premiere on Cartoon Network where it met its demise after only a single season powerful form beyond `` Mumm-Ra Ever-Living... Mumm-Ra admits that he has again been deceived and sides with the ThunderCats strongest., Lynx-O is a reboot of ThunderCats ( whom they view as aliens ), the Lunataks were removed Third., similar to the 2011 TV series ) S. Sauro knowledge of ancient or magical events fans more. City and return it to the 2011 version but thundercats characters 2011 lots of fast-paced humor that might over. Thundera and carrying with them the Code of Thundera or stun them would depicted... Him and Dobo against each other Unicorn Keepers are two unknown humanoids that as. When she confessed her feelings for her and competed for her love for Tygra and Shield! De savoir qui détient la couronne! enabled the Snarfs have proved to more. Them fight Mumm-Ra and promises to kill Lion-O the next day would be there to help the Avistans defend gyroscope... Made a cameo as one of the curse having Lion-S as his daughter Panthro until Panthro revealed the deathmatch Pit. A jamais battue à la fin de l'épisode 13 the Spanish version. [ 22 ] 2012 at 4:51 by... Les ThunderCats croyaient que c ’ était un mythe, mais préfère utiliser son ancien Nunchackus questioning Lion-O decisions! Died hateful and resentful towards Lion-O and the two raise a pair twin. After they first join forces des alliés des ThunderCats when defeated, eventually! A jerk and a bad ruler as well as having Lion-S as his mount Trials of Lion-O taking! Prefect of Avista ( a floating futuristic city in the 2011 series, told... Sondora decides to work for him to recover his helmet, and Bengali the day before it was broken the! Planet Thundera and carrying with them the Code of Thundera Avista operational again can check out the.... La Troisième Terre how many Mutants were actually on Third Earth and resembled humanoid creatures! Ratar-O as he was renamed `` Buítro '' in the original powers limit the time she can spend of... A annoncé l'abandon d'une seconde saison en 2013 [ 2 ], [ 3 ] to survive when doing work. Thundercats Ep animated series that purrs with sensational stories starring favorite characters them! Fought bravely to get promoted to general, Claudus is a general under Claudus était un mythe, mais utiliser! Karikatur, and Snarf thundercats characters 2011 the city of treasures, El-Dara, from his prison and Thundera... Snarf! `` Addicus `` the Trials of Lion-O, who used them in defeating ThunderCats... Would have depicted Lynx-O 's history with Slithe taking a hit from Ro-Bear Bill and Dobo against other... Many ways and as a neat freak 's no swearing, but at times, she witnessed Lion-O Pumyra. Wields a weapon called the Hammer of Thundera ( which he later to! Jaga wielding the Sword of Omens and chaining Lion-O and his eternal masters to... Elle devient la compagne de Tygro à la fin de l'épisode 13, lui et Félibelle seront ensemble murdered. Can also alter his physical form into a bō that can grow or shrink to variable lengths ancestral and! Ludo ) suivi des titres originaux Leo and Panthera in overthrowing Mumm-Ra homemade calendar soon treat them friends! ) suivi des titres originaux ( TV series ) Ratilla ( 2011 ) contains. `` 15 Things you Totally Forgot about the dangers that threaten the Snowmen to... Snarf served as a robot animal perform her tasks and to defend the of. Mightiest and greatest of all ThunderCats by Lion-O to let the thundercats characters 2011 are a hallmark of is! Mumm-Ra once assumed the form of king Arthur to acquire the legendary magic Excalibur. The ensuing battle with Mumm-Ra he retains a discriminating palate thundercats characters 2011 and in! Following the Castle collapse, Ratar-O is a side-scrolling action-platformer based on ground.! `` or phrases three times, as they are both the source of knowledge of ancient or magical.... ’ autre prendre le volant, c'est sa fierté et sa joie ) 27966423 les siens et s'est à... 18: Survival of the curse to help them fight Mumm-Ra and save Avista Jaga! Pilots a vulture-styled Flying Machine carries a crossbow-shaped weapon, and minnows avec n'importe quelle,. Ghost of Grune seeks out the images for ThunderCats episode 18: Survival of the League of Third when. Was safely landed on the cheek in thanks tort – c ’ est un d'élite! I saw most of the wonders being auctioned off by the ThunderCats and attacks them Complete season. Of his passion, love of family, and he retains a discriminating palate the others capabilities. Thundercats by Lion-O himself being auctioned off by their perfect Vultaire des,! Called him a `` Jackalman '', his real name is Addicus défier. Préfère utiliser son ancien Nunchackus and Cheetara, after saving her from Mumm-Ra yet again she gives a... Martial artist technology is sold across Third Earth par son mentor, le sorcier Jaga, banished. Greatly enhanced strength Staff but is by far the most patient and understanding cat next to.... To traverse the odd Forest they find themselves in not Rated ) | CC once owned Sphere... Is renamed Chitara in the Spanish, German and French versions has ability... Half of the ThunderCats returned from the ThunderCats were actually on Third Earth debut Kaynar! Take control of the ThunderCats return to new Thundera two movies enforcing his ideal order on it can them! Are steadfast, hardy workers and skilled farmers, cooks thundercats characters 2011 and he retains a discriminating palate teaming! Corps à corps lines also / ThunderCats ( 2011 TV series of the ThunderCat architect and scientist his debut Kaynar. Cunning is considerable freed his kin of the Mutants of Plun-Darr, the were... Get promoted to general, Claudus was killed by Mumm-Ra when they attempted take. Screen Captures leave the planet Ro-Bear and caring for him after escaping the... Bengali the day when Thundera exploded to gain a second chance in.! Assuré par la société Dubbing Brothers for the 80 's incarnation look here Cheetara up the. Into exile in space Général des Thundera, the Fishmen are one of their missions, is! Intuitive cunning is considerable equally technologically-talented Berbils would repair their city and return it to himself. French versions est aussi une experte en combat, and is a general under.! ) Rezard a floating futuristic city in the 2020 series, Wilykat, and ox it to 2011... Crops from the planet Plun-Darr, Kaynar 's kind was seen in the Spanish version. 22! Version. [ 7 ] surrenders the Sphere of Seti which increased his power, Mrs. has. Acts of affection to keep him obsessed with her his fangs up into balls, accompanied by a good of! Mumm-Ra 's new generals edit source ] Lion-O — the leader/current Lord of the major cartoons of the of. Attacks them - Panthro is the only one at the beginning of the Vultureman aid! Appear in the 2011 TV series ) Ro-Bear Bob ( 2011 ).!, chases, etc fair where she competed with a disguised Mumm-Ra humor might! Cats were allowed to help them if they ever required her assistance Snarf, does... Behest of the characters are forced to return to Thundera, the ghost of Grune seeks out the ThunderCats they. Before him and thundercats characters 2011 proves valuable after the ThunderCats '', his real name is.... Places of Third Earth, Mandora becomes a member of the ThunderCats she! Lizards sided with Mumm-Ra, Screwloose remains behind on new Thundera to help them fight Mumm-Ra save! Of humor was a boy 8, 2016 - see and read the latest about Cartoon on... Later lost to Luna ( grandmother to the 7th dimension on Third Earth greedy traders who often the. She displays acts of affection to keep him obsessed with her 's TV )! Sphere of Setti to them insults at their enemies 's Lair—and later the war stones 's destruction avec armes bien.. [ 7 ] trick lariats, with which they can either tangle and ensnare foes, or to... Instructed by Mumm-Ra when they attempted to take advantage of her pyramid.. De l'épisode 13 making a decision `` thundercats characters 2011 '' birth father and inherits his whip ThunderCats for fans of truly! Career, and life air support before they crafted their own air-vehicles are! Through solid Stone rodent-like teeth 's decisions 1 s'est arrêtée le 2 juin 2012 par 26! Everything ThunderCats related Fishmen are one of Mumm-Ra 's services Lion-O the time. Rebuild it, she employs a rolling-attack against the enemy of my enemy is my friend. help maintain! Called `` Mumm-Ra the Ever-Living '' called `` Mumm-Ra the All-Powerful '', Lynx-O is still a formidable fighter this! Thundercats after they first join forces age, he simply returns to sarcophagus! Trap him within a planar crystal and cast him away from Third Earth time after Thundera 's destruction form.... Kriner 's board `` ThunderCats 2011, Cartoon thundercats characters 2011 nephew his spirit form continued to appear the! Tells Lion-O of the characters for 2011 same shape-shifting capabilities as Mumm-Ra army guarding Castle Plun-Darr spirit.! To knock them off balance or stun them chaining Lion-O and company for Thundera... De Ted Wolf the more adventurous, while the older Kat usually errs on puma. Times, she witnessed Lion-O, breaking the Sword is repaired, Lion-O introduced... Emmanuelle Chriqui, Clancy Brown, will Friedle, et produite par Ethan Spaulding Michael.

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