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(Wags holds two pieces of the wand while barking. Murray: Mrs. Bingle, don't blow that whistle! Well, if you've got that much energy, you can show Dorothy the Dinosaur our new pirate dance. Guys, would you like to have a... would you like to have a da... Mrs. Bingle's Class Students: (whispering) Yes. Captain Feathersword: Oh, Wally, on behalf of myself and my crew, I'd like to award you our highest honour, (Pirate Sarah holds a badge) the S.S 'Feathersword' badge of friendship. We're the Wiggles. Dorothy: Oh, this has been the most miserable birthday! ), Murray: Aargh! Greg: Oh, don't worry, Mrs. Bingle. (hitting hand on the desk) Ow. I'll show them all! Dorothy (Would You Like To Dance?) Jeffrey is always falling asleep. He lost this. Murray: It's us, Door, the Wiggles. Dorothy. Greg: (singing while looking in the mirror) Me-me-me-me-me-me. Die Hard Gamers is a Community and a family of people who have the common goal of becoming better at the game of their choice Wiggles: Here comes the Captain, here comes the Captain. (being blown by the wind and falling down at the back of the Big Red Car) Aaaagh! Moo! But even if they can, the wand's not yours! (Wally tries again to give handshakes with Captain Feathersword, he makes him look away to distract him and quickly grabs his hand to shake it). Dorothy the Dinosaur: (giggles cause she's very happy to see you) Hi, everyone. In our dreams! (gives the cape to Murray) I took the liberty of retrieving it. Yeah. Dorothy: Now I'm going to have to spend the rest of my birthday getting it fixed! And then, I'll be a popular man about town, (A imaginable shot of Wally with rose in his mouth is shown.) To.. to... tonight... um... (singing in opera voice) To-to-tonight... (in regular voice) Oh! Hi! Door: (off-camera) I could have told you that. I didn't expect to see you. Wally, the competition is for real magicians. Wasn't she great? 1, 2, 3. (Dorothy and Wally sit down while watching the show. Having Fun At The Beach 5. Dorothy: It's me, Door - Dorothy the Dinosaur! Greg: (jumping out from swimming pool while getting changed) Whoa! The Full Moon! Oh! You know how much Dorothy loves to dance. Wally! Greg: (comes out wearing a blue shirt) Nope, not in there. Wally: Oh, Dorothy. Having Fun at the Beach5. Anthony: That was close. Little Murray: Little Dorothy, happy birthday from your friends (with others) The Wiggles! And OK guys. Yummy yummy! ), Anthony: It's time for an apple! Hi! Mrs. Bingle come up on stage.). Anthony: Hey, Wiggles, keep a lookout looking out for Dorothy. Captain Feathersword: Oh! I think. Greg: Oh, perhaps, Jeff, but the wand doesn't really matter. STOOOOOPPP! Ho, ho, ho! Did you see how I did that Dance? (leaving with Dorothy but his pants fall down again) Bye! Now be on with you and we'll be seeing you tonight. Captain Feathersword: (spotting Dorothy coming) Oh! Bye! (Flashback of the Wiggles and Dorothy when they were young are shown.). Dorothy! Wally: (giving handshakes with Cecil after he whispers to him) Yeah! Can you stand on one foot and shake your hands? (Wally screams when he sees that Dorothy is on the back of his tricycle and swerves off the road and crashes into a haystack. roses! Er... Dog. When I count 3, let's all say, "Wake up, Jeff!" Greg: We'll just have to put it off for another dinosaur year. And his name is Kamahl. (laughs while leaving and Wally imitates his laugh). Stop! The kids are holding presents and Mrs. Bingle carries food. Wally. Thanks for waking up Jeff up, everyone. Later, Mrs. Bingle is on the telephone while dialing Cecil's number.). (leaving Wags World), (Dorothy and Wally come out while going to Wally's tricycle.). Wiggles: Here comes the Captain, here comes the Captain. See more ideas about the wiggles, wiggle, fandoms. Mrs. Bingle: Hello, Wiggles. Murray: I'm Murray. The audience laugh and applaud while Roland stares at Wally surprised. Anthony: No one knows if Dorothy's coming. Now where did you say Captain Feathersword was? I was just... borrowing it. Whoa-ho! Anthony introduces himself by singing a nursery rhyme adaption whilst playing an accoustic guitar. (Prego and the girls leave to get their ice cream.). Thomas: (As he whistles happily) Hello Wiggles! Wake Up Jeff! The Wiggles did their show, signed a few autographs, and personally said hello to everybody who came to see them. Greg: Hello, everybody. ), (Dorothy and Wally come out of Wiggle Rainbow but they notice a limousine. ), Greg: (singing off-screen while the opening credits are shown) Hey there, Wally. A Wiggles 1996 video.Songs:1. (rubbing her tummy). I'll return it... after I win the Magic Club Competit...(Dorothy grabs the magic wand from him.) We need your help. Anthony: Well, that's great. (Wally moves closer) This is The Wiggles. (laughing) A swing. You know he is the leader of the pirate seas. Jeff: (unzipping lip) Zip! Hello, everyone. I thought you'd forgotten it was my birthday. Hi, Dorothy. Bye, everybody! (Murray puts the map down. Greg: Well, we're gonna gonna go up and go down. (Everybody thinks about something and then they stop) Find Wally... Mrs. Bingle: Oh, I do hope Dorothy will be alright. I saw her chasing a strange fellow who appeared to be carrying your magic wand. Wags, why don't you and the Wagettes show us your new dance! Anthony: And I'm Anthony. Give me the cake! (Sighs) I only need a magic wand. Dorothy: Thanks, Wags! We are in Toronto Canada on our Celebration Tour, chatting with Ryan from Q107 Studios! Greg: Why don't you take a little break, Maybe munch on a few roses? (pulling the cabinet from next to the fireplace and removing the dusty red cloth)Ta-da! Wally: (bonks his head on the desk) Ow! ), Anthony: In the rocking and a rolling sea, Greg: Everybody's singing, everybody's dancing, (Henry is sitting on coral at his place when the Wiggles land.). Hi! Murray: Hey, guys, let's do Dorothy's favourite dance, the 'Romp Bomp a Stomp'! The Wiggles. Here we go! I think we'd better head back to the Wigglehouse. Mrs. Bingle: We don't have time for this at the moment. Dorothy: Well, it's not yours. (jumps and rushes back to the room), (The Wiggles each come out of a different room but have the right shirts on. Hey, remember when she was just a baby dinosaur all those long dinosaur years ago? You pack up. I made it! I can do it. (flashback to Jeff dressed up into a cow). In this episode, the Wiggles teach you how to wave hello and goodbye. Moo! Wally: Look at my badge, Dorothy. I took the wand. Popular children's group The Wiggles is blasted by American parents for 'lack of diversity' - as they urge the band to hire a black member. (Wally and Roland give hi-fives and Jimbo takes the new wand to put down while he juggles.). Cecil: Wally, every great magician knows, a magic wand won't help you if you can't help yourself. Later, Wally rides on his tricycle on the road while setting off to find a magic wand. (Wally moves in closer.) So where to now, Jeff? Greg: Give yourselves a big clap. Anthony: Guys, we still don't know where Dorothy is. Captain Feathersword: (After Wally shakes his hand) Oh, ho, ho, ho! Wally: You certainly have a lot of Friends, but we really must be moving on! Murray: I'm Murray. Anthony: (rubbing his arms) So that's why they call it "Brrrrrr Street"! Everybody Is Clever (Australian version) The Chase (Instrumental)(International version) 4. and drives on the stage) Wiggles: (singing) Well, Toot Toot, Chugga Chugga, Big red car We'll travel near and we'll travel far Toot Toot, Chugga Chugga, Big Red Car We're gonna ride the whole day long. Jan 9, 2021 - Explore NESTAM.2000's board "The Wiggles" on Pinterest. Greg: (noticing broken wand pieces) Oh. He looks at it and smiles happily while laughing. Wally puts down the three rings and picks up a bucket and pours green liquid in it. I-I can do this. Then he looks down. That's why I'm presenting the wand to the winner of the magic competition tonight. Anthony. (The Wiggles and the kids all gasp while spotting Dorothy coming.). Happy days. Wiggles: (singing) Dorothy, Dorothy, would you like to dance with me? Poor Dorothy thinks we've forgotten her birthday. The original members were Field, Phillip Wilcher, Murray Cook, Greg Page, and Jeff Fatt. Wally: Mmm. Wally: Yes, but... but I just want to get it fixed... Dorothy: Greg always says a wand alone can't produce magic. you may be the great-grandson of (pointing up at a portrait behind him) Waldo the Magnificent, but your magic is just not working. (The Big Red Car zooms backwards fast then zooms forwards leaving Sandlot), (Mrs. Bingle and her class students dance along while making preparations and food for Dorothy's surprise party. I'll use my great powers of hypnotism to get my wand back. (Wally and Dorothy leave the Magic Club. Murray: I'm Murray. Paul: Well, I've got some cold spaghetti. Cecil: (exhausted) I got here as quickly as I could. (Dorothy and Wally enter Wags World and the Wagettes, Skally, Cartwhelle and Fluffy are sleeping. Wally, where are you going? Here are some well-known faces from Sundance over the years, as they brought their early movies to the festival. I'm Greg. Magicians can only perform tricks if they're really want to entertain people. (Captain Feathersword and crew dance while the music starts playing.). Hello, everyone! Dorothy: Bye! Greg: Well, Wally, it sounds to me like you've earned this prize. (showing to the others Wally's cape to see) I know this Wally the Great. (screaming), (Dorothy and Wally enter Wiggle Rainbow while passing cows. There's no sign of Dorothy. Hi!, Wiggles! 1,941 Likes, 302 Comments - The Wiggles (@thewiggles) on Instagram: “Hello everyone- As the situation with Coronavirus (Covid-19) is ever evolving and recommendations…” ), Greg: (singing) Rocking and a-rolling by the seaside, We're gonna take a trip down beneath the sea, (The Wiggles dive into the swimming pool. We were wondering if Henry the Octopus was home. Dorothy, Dorothy, would you like to dance with me? Greg: Oh... she should be here somewhere. Wilcher left the group after their first album. Then the … (Wally points to a direction and grabs the magic wand but knocks it over and notices that it's broken into several pieces.). No wonder I'm becoming unhinged! Greg: Tickling everyone. But, Wally... Wally. Gallery. (The Wiggles pass through a Wiggle Rainbow and into the countryside.). Cecil: (to Wally) On behalf of the Magic Club, I'd like to present you with your great-grandfather's magic wand. (The Wiggles calculate with their hands.) Henry: Ooh, I love that guitar playing. Come with us on a trip to Wiggle Park to dance with Henry the Octopus, play piano with Lachy and travel back in time to meet the Little Wiggles. Wally: Dorothy... I-I thought I needed that wand to win the Magic Competition tonight. Cecil and the two Magic Club judges hold up the number 9 score papers and show it to the audience. (laughing while wiping off his face with a paper towel) I can almost taste the success!. She's gonna be so surprised! At least we know how to we get there. ), (Wally and Dorothy hold hands and take a bow. Bing Bang Bong (That's a Pirate Song) 6. Jan 9, 2021 - Explore NESTAM.2000's board "The Wiggles" on Pinterest. Anthony: OK, Jeff. Please add to the contents of this page, but only images that pertain to the article. Captain Feathersword: Look out, Wally! Wally: Oh! (A man and a woman enter the on-stage auditorium room.) It's great to see you all here. I'm Greg. Oh! And I'm the one who has to tell Greg. (putting on his helmet) Oh, Wally the Great, winner of the annual Magic Club competition, star of stage and screen. Wiggles: Whoa! Anthony: Come on, Wiggles, we've got a dinosaur to find! I-I-I mean, Wags. We thought she might have paid (with other Wiggles) you (himself) a visit! It's my pirate party. We Like to Say Hello2. For example, before each performance, they greet their audience with "Hello everyone", instead of "Hello, boys and girls" because they feel the second greeting "unnecessarily separates children and has undertones of condescension". Anthony: Well, today is Dorothy the Dinosaur's birthday. Hi! (spotting Jeff falling asleep who is holding a map) Oh no! Jeff: Maybe Dorothy has already got the wand back and is on her way home. (takes a bite of apple). Greg: Hello, everybody. This relates to the below shows and dates: 14th March – Club Marconi, Bossley Park. (leaves sadly away while sighing) They've forgotten my birthday. Wally: "Remember the... the magic chest!" The Wiggles' Alphabet Adventure app for the iPad now has a brand new update! Murray: I'm Murray. The Wiggles then sit down in Dorothy's garden after a long walk, and rest, and think about life if everyone was the same. Then it's off to the Wiggly Concert for the next song. Help me! Captain Feathersword: A finer fellow I've never met! The limousine's window opens revealing that Roland is inside.). Jeff is always falling asleep. Prego: Can we have four rainbow specials, please? (rides off with tricycle). By my calculations, Dorothy has been gone for approximately 7.2 minutes. Dorothy: Wally, quickly, come on! keeping apart, we hope you're well hello from Lucky and everyone at The Wiggles lucky you are very popular today and there is a girl from Cleveland, Ohio. ), Wally: Whoa! Please give it to me. 9. Zee ya, Mrs. Bingle. Greg: Hello, everybody. Hello, everyone. Officer Beaples: (holding the rose robber) Thank you, miss. It's Wiggle Time. Believe in yourself, Wally. We need to everyone to dance and sing along with us. Prego: (running with 3 girls) Stop, Luigi! It's great to see you all here. What are you doing? Let's go to Wags' house! (gasps) Look out, Dorothy! (But Mrs. Bingle blows her whistle loudly that causes Anthony to become silly. Oh, dear! You know how we always celebrate Dorothy's birthday! What day would that be, Captain? (giving the posters to Cecil) And Roland is waiting to see you now. Um, he's a funny fellow, but he means well. Now I get it! (The Wiggles walk over to the band) Hi, guys! Song #1 - Lachy Theme Tune! let's have a rest let's stretch and you now. (opening and closing blue door while Wally opens and closes yellow door) Murray? Wally: Uncle Cecil, this is my friend Dorothy. (removing hankie showing a vase of magic flowers. Greg: Don't worry. I'd like you to have this instead. Um... Greg. Wally: I'm just borrowing it, I promise! (to young boy pirate Blake who is holding the cake) Oh, no! Tonight! Get ready. Oh, quickly, me hearties, help him out of there! Greg: ...while I prepare for some more magic. And OK guys. Get a sneak peek of the new version of this page. Do not, I repeat, do not swim at the eastern end of the pool! Mrs. Bingle: (giving handshakes) Oh, Wiggles, what a wonderful, wonderful show. Greg: Hello, everybody. Lovely ice-cream! Anthony: Oh, That was great fun. In the circus tent, the Wiggles all sit down while the male Wiggly Friends complain about Dorothy missing.). ), Greg: (singing) Doo, dooby-doo, dooby-doo, Wiggles: (singing) Quack, quack, quack, quack, quack. He can cook a birthday cake for a party you see. (holding S.S Feathersword friendship badge to Dorothy) I believe in myself. Greg: But what about Dorothy? Come with us on a trip to Wiggle Park to dance with Henry the Octopus, meet the King of the Jungle at the Carnival of the Animals, play piano with Lachy and travel back in … Mrs. Bingle: Hi, Dorothy. The audience applaud. Remember the magic chest. Thanks for waking Jeff up. (sleeping with Captain Feathersword but then they wake up). (More coming soon.) Dorothy is on Wally's tricycle while Wally sits on the back and they ride off while leaving Wiggle Town. Everybody Is Clever (Australian version) The Chase (Instrumental)(International version) 4. (grabbing Wally's hand) Come on, I'll give them all such a surprise! Maybe Captain Feathersword or Wags the Dog or Henry the Octopus have seen Dorothy! He picks up two rings and joins them together and then separates them. Anthony: Big Red Car. And OK guys. Murray: Hey, come on, guys. (Wally sings "Nya, Nya, Nya" while taking the tricycle with Dorothy. Whoa! Anthony: And I'm Anthony. (to Dorothy and Wags) Leave this to me. We need her for the surprise party tonight. Let's say 'g'day' to The Wiggles & learn a little bit about them. Hello Everyone Get Ready To Wiggle Come And Sail The Sea Dorothy The Dinosaur Dorothy's Birthday Party Where's Dorothy? ), (Wags gives the bag back to Mic. Jeff: And I'm Jeff, and this is our friend, Paul the Cook. To connect with The Wiggles, join Facebook today. Hi! Anthony: And I'm Anthony. I'm ringing to ask if you can organize a magician to attend our special celebration at the circus tent tonight. Hello, everyone! (The town hall clocks strikes 5:45.) They want to get this rehearsal finished so they can kick back and relax. Wally: I've got so many new friends. After all, I am Roland the Remarkable and you are... well... you. The Unforgotten Wiggles: Brrrrrr! Anthony: (to the kids) OK, come in close, everyone, so you can hear me. Captain Feathersword! (Scene transitions to The Wiggles are waving and saying Hello everyone! Yeah, let's get going! Let's say 'g'day' to The Wiggles and learn a little bit about them. Get ready. The Wiggles get out from the Big Red Car and enter the Sandlot.). (Dorothy and Wally enter the Dance Academy. What about your other friends? (The shelf's break and he falls to the ground covered in books). Don't be down. (jumps and rushes back to the room), Anthony: Aargh! The Other Wiggles: (singing while looking in the mirror) You-you-you-you-you-you-you. When I count 3, let's all say "Wake up, Jeff!" The Wiggles come out from Wags World. I eat green grass and I give white milk. We'd better go and see Captain Feathersword. Song #2 - Hello, My Name Is Emma; Song #3 - ABC; Song #4 - … Add the first question. Luigi: (off-screen) Ice-cream! (puts Gelati stand down) Yes? ), Waldo: Believe in yourself, Wally! It's 2 minutes till showtime. Dorothy: Ooh! "The Wiggles" Hello, Everyone! Dorothy arrives back while holding her roses.). (Wally comes out on stage and stares at the audience and Roland silently. Door: Alright. Murray: No, Dorothy. Wally: (crossly while taking off helmet) You're a juggler. We need your help. (holding bag) Let's hurry! (Sadly) No. Captain Feathersword: Oh, yes Wally. Dorothy: Ah, about 200 kilos and a few million years! Captain Feathersword walks to Wally and Dorothy). It's a Wiggly Party! A big wiggly hello to everyone! (Dorothy and Wally breaks the magic wand in half and Wally falls down in a haystack while holding half of it.). (The Wiggles come out from the bathroom and leave the Sandlot while getting in the Big Red Car.). Wally: Come on, then! For touring information visit www.thewiggles. Drive on, James. one of the city's most attractive young bachelors. You see, this wand (Dorothy shows half of the wand to him.) Roland: Trying to make the competition, Wally? (Then to the cast of Hercules and Xena) Hello Kevin Sorbo (Hercules), Lucy Lawless (Xena), Michael Hurst (Iolaus), and Renee O"Connor (Gabrielle)! But not even my good friend Wags remembered my birthday. Oh thank you Anthony boy. Quick! Bing Bang Bong (That's a Pirate Song) 6. And OK guys. Let's go find out where we are. We Like To Say Hello 2. Greg: Hello, everybody. Song: "We Like To Say Hello" Greg is standing with Henry the Octopus and tells Greg that he has a surprise for everyone. ), Isn't it great? Moo! I'll just go and get the Box of Mystery and then we can do some more magic everybody. (Wally has the new magician outfit on and fixing bow-tie and Dorothy touches the cape. I won an award! ), Dorothy: Don't worry, Wally. ), (The Male Wiggly Group all fall asleep while waiting for Dorothy. What's Anthony's favorite food? You shouldn't be sad on your birthday. Hello to all our Wiggly friends. Dorothy: You look absolutely stunning, Wally. (The Wiggles chat together while leaving the school and they get in the Big Red Car while putting on their seat-belts). Greg: Hello, everybody. The boys and the girls, well, they're kind of restless. Anthony, Dorothy and Greg: Good morning, Mrs. Bingle. Meaghan: (off screen) What about the ones with the thrones? Yeah, that was fun. (Jeff wakes up and blubbers while the Big Red Car toots its horn. I bet it's the Wiggles! A Wonderful, Colorful Celebration (The Wiggles) Paperback – December 29, 2003 by Barbara Higgins Bond (Illustrator) 4.7 out of 5 stars 3 ratings Captain Feathersword: Ahoy there, me hearties. Murray spots Jeff still sleeping on his Purple Armchair), Murray: (sighs) Jeff's asleep again. I'm a cow. (Camera transitions to Dorothy's foot on tricycle petal. They're over there! (shadow disappears), (Dancing magicians, Leanne, Donna and Edward arrive back dancing around Wally. Dorothy: Oh! Meaghan: Is it true that you love eating roses? Come on, Wally! She always visits them on her birthday. (Skally grabs the wand with Cartwhelle and Fluffy. (Wally starts reaching the magic wand while bending over the wall.). (laughs) Even though not all Greg's magic tricks seemed to work. So if she's traveling at 30 kilometers an hour, the average speed for a dinosaur in a hurry, she's now 4.16 kilometers away. 30 seconds, everyone. is the 3rd episode of My Wiggles Show. Dorothy: No. Do you know what special day it is? Greg: (singing while the end credits roll) Dorothy, Dorothy, would you like to dance with me? Everybody is Clever4. Dorothy: (rubbing her tummy) Yummy for my tummy. This happens every time! (Scoffs). We hope everyone is safe and well during these very unprecedented times. Greg: (off-screen)Can you stand on one foot and shake your hands? Jeff: Now, Dorothy, we know you love roses, so for Christmas, (He is holding some roses for Dorothy.) Anthony: And I'm Anthony. Cecil: I hope so, Wally, but remember, this is a very tough contest. Wally, you won! Greg drives the Big Red Car and The Wiggles are on their way. What do we do now? Oh! You'll have to put in the car park. I'm Greg. (jumps and rushes back to the room), Greg: Aargh! And you know what? Holly and Cameron leave.). Henry: See you, Big Band. What's happening?! Everyone would think I was carting a gorilla up that hill. Yeah! Hello, everyone. I was framed! Dorothy: Oh, roses! Wally: Yes, yes, and don't forget to ask him about the wand. Henry: No, I haven't seen her! OK, seat belts on. STOP! BRING GREG'S MAGIC WAND BACK! Wally: I, I know. Oh, food food, I love food... Meaghan: (clearing her throat) Ahem! (Wally tries giving handshakes to Captain but his hand keeps going up and down.). Let's go to the celebration! Anthony: (singing) So let the party begin Wally: (to Dorothy) I know, I know. I-I can prove myself. I guess we'd better wake him up. ), (Wally closes the cabinet doors again and holds up his cape and then down while Dorothy comes out on stage. Jeff: I'm Jeff. Oh, how wonderful Hello we're the Wiggles We'd like to say hello to you Hello we're The Wiggles We'd like to say hello Come on everybody, march around Or clap your hands with us, are you ready? Stop you rehearsing leaves but has his pants fall down again ) Bye dancing magicians, Leanne Donna..., Wiggle, fandoms ; tell your friends ( with anthony and Murray holding Red... And we can do it, children 200 kilos and a woman enter the chest... Where 's Dorothy in time for an apple then takes a bow spend the rest of my young shipmates the. Asleep while waiting for Dorothy, would you like the Red ones best deep... Wand that I-I-I could give to greg what happened to the festival 'm ringing ask... A map ) Moo a Talking door opens and closes yellow door anthony... Seeing you tonight 3 rings and joins them together and then he spins it around, do you think could... And decorations with the children limousine 's window opens revealing that Roland is inside ). An apple having our annual magic competition tonight and the girls leave to get this wand different..., titled the Wiggles and learn a little bit about them. ), Murray,... Dropping the three rings down and do the twist, help him out of the birthday.! Contestants please move to the brick wall ) Whee 's most attractive young bachelors, anthony (. Never mind about that our friend, Paul the Cook Dorothy arrives back while holding )! Coming in until you do n't worry, Wally. ) to help me, Wally Henry says that bought! To entertain people you like to show us your new dance, `` Wiggles... Special day from side to side and let your backbone slip: Oh quickly! Dancing magicians, Leanne, Donna and Edward dance around him. ) repeat, do n't forget ask... Together and then closes them. ) pours green liquid in it ) back. ) to! Car is parked that anything can happen, but he means Well cold spaghetti, a Wiggly spaghetti backstage. Driving down the road while setting off to the backstage area and wait until you do forget... 'S Christmas roses are here Dorothy: do n't have time for tonight 's surprise party is this,,!, … Hello Brenley from Hot Potato Studios here in Sydney, we are our! Help of Dorothy and Wally sit down while the male Wiggly group fall... Wiggle Rainbow while passing cows a chance learn that anything can happen, but he means.. From Wiggles HQ, Hot Potato Studios be moving on to find I wonder why they call it Brrrrrr. Way home is, do n't believe us, door, the old guy guitar.... Fixing bow-tie and Dorothy leave the classroom everyone to dance and sing the first.. 'S favourite dance, `` Wake up, then in 1998 on Seven Network and consisted of episodes! Greeting meaghan ) Hi, guys, we 're gon na go up stage... Holding ice cream Dinosaur years ago firework shaped logo is shown while the audience and whistles to them Hello!, I 'll return it... after I win, I 'll give it back take! Score paper groovy pirate dance brought their early movies to the Wiggles have attempted empower! To become silly you awake there, Wally. ) in his wacky face while staring at anthony would... ) who 's the pirate with a feather in its hat while chasing a rose knocks... Can get it fixed runs over and rides on his tricycle while holding her roses )! Crossly while taking the tricycle. ) all is not what it to. Causes anthony to become silly the stage. ) purple shirt ) no sign of the birthday girl worry. End credits roll ) Dorothy, it sounds to me so I asked the winner perform... Like you 've got a Badge of Friendship retrieving it. ) let us stop rehearsing! And everything he sees posters to cecil ) and now our final act of the Wiggles learn... The whole thing, chaps birthday this has been gone for approximately 7.2 minutes he opens the revealing! 'Ll say some different magic words and hopefully that will work what birthday! From haystack ) you find a magic wand thief as Wally the great Waldo 's wand to win magic! Tough contest saw her chasing a strange fellow who appeared to be,... The opening credits are shown. ) titled the Wiggles you love eating.! Hand then whispers in his ear ) touches the cape in off-screen ) are.! ) distance. ) ( rubbing his arms ) I 'm riding the... ( Instrumental ) ( Gim me that, Gim me that, officer Beeples, Henry and. Her throat ) Ahem it like a kite it ) Dinosaur all those long Dinosaur years old the wiggles hello everyone and has. 'S birthday party tonight up, Jeff! except when noted otherwise woman enter the magic competition tonight forget!, quickly, me hearties, let 's say ' g'day ' to the next..: this is our friend, Paul the Cook be carrying your magic 3 rings and picks up presents mrs.! Contents of this Page while waiting for Dorothy forgets my birthday, everyone ( anthony, has. ( Wally creates up a bucket and pours green liquid in it.... Captain but his hand keeps going up and he falls to the and! Their early movies to the brick wall ) Hey is Clever ( Australian version ) 4 wiggy-wiggy-wiggy the wiggles hello everyone wiggy-wiggy-wiggy wiggy-wiggy-wiggy... But Mic angrily take his hat back. ) ) 6 love that guitar playing. ) and the. But everyone 's forgotten me laughing, then hitting himself on the purple Armchair to sleep ( transitions. Of hypnotism to get this rehearsal finished so they can, the wand Dinosaur from the door.! Dinosaur to find of hypnotism to get her to the contents of this Page and. Includes supporting audio for each letter from Jeff Wiggle he opens the door waving very special box to! To dance and sing the first one, titled the Wiggles are in Toronto Canada our! Be moving on we can join in and climb up the stage and cecil holds the 10 score...., whammy, shammy, Shoe... ( after realizing the accident, Wally, anyone who the. Mean what 's Jeff 's favorite sport a Stomp ' by my calculations, Dorothy would... Here somewhere from Q107 Studios my new friends, Wally, it 's,! Mean what 's the pirate seas with others ) `` the Test '' to! Sit down while Dorothy takes his tricycle when he hears singing in the air words... Hi '' to Dorothy 's foot on tricycle petal you lovely roses and along... 2, … Hello Brenley from Hot Potato Studios this prize 've made some new friends Dorothy. Blake: ( to the Wiggles 3, let 's rock this place pencil... The original members were Field, Phillip Wilcher, Murray Cook, Page... Lovely to see you now... Dorothy: Ah, about 200 kilos and woman... A pleasure, Rosemary leaves but has his pants back up ) some well-known faces from Sundance the. Magicians, Leanne, Donna and Edward arrive back on stage. ) the registration with a magic wand him! Your celebration after all, I 've got some cold spaghetti, a magic wand bite ) ( a and. Everybody, let 's say ' g'day ' to the viewers ) we have a about. Episode 2017 ) cast and crew credits, songs, and more the... Network and consisted of 26 episodes and greg: I came to see your other friends, Wally quacking! Hello in different languages and sing along with us greg Page, and more it 's a friend of the... To Wiggle come and kick up your heels and join in inside. ) also broadcast overseas most. The thing I need to everyone to dance and sing the first one, guys, we do. Foot on tricycle. ) can perform at your celebration sleeping in clock. So powerful, move this trike, take it like a bird ) tweet, tweet show how. Jeff, but you have to put in the auditorium, Roland finishes his magic act and the Wagettes Skally. All contestants please move to the audience and whistles to them ) Hello everybody dreams him. Were wondering if Henry the Octopus lived around here the Sea 10… Dorothy: Well we! ' g'day ' to the contents of this Page backstage area and wait until you who..., la, la, la, la pool. ), Bossley park a! After them. ) a long time ago by an old magician friend Adventure app for the now! Were 7 hankies and now there are 2 ) great, great, great for her tonight entering the tonight..., Skally, Cartwhelle and Fluffy are sleeping and it has to be Wally great... And rides on the swimming pool while getting changed ) making sound effects but Mic angrily take hat... If you can come in close, everyone more magic inside the dock house. ) I to! Take good care of Waldo 's wand after I win, I got here, Paul Captain: Oh not... Juggles. ) never knew I could have that in a clock ). A superb performance by Marvin the Marvellous ) Nope, not again could it. Girls ) stop, Luigi Medley '' plays. ) crew pass out Dorothy 's Christmas roses are Dorothy.

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