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Please contact your faculty administrator. National University of Singapore, Office of Housing Services. Q: Why am I required to purchase a meal plan? Alternatively, you may contact the vendor at 82999655. (E.g. We are not allowed to keep the uncollected letters for too long. Do note that all partially-furnished and standard apartments in Kent Vale are equipped with basic furniture and appliances such as sofa, dining set, TV console, bed, mattress, built-in wardrobe, TV, refrigerator, stove, microwave oven, washer and dryer. Non-NUS students – These may be students from other schools and universities on organized holiday study camps, holiday programs, and summer schools not arranged by NUS. The on-duty RA will meet up with the residents at his/her room on the confirmed date & time. RVRC AY2020 Recap Before we end the year, let’s spend some time to reflect on it! Q: What do I need to know about Grilles and Insect screens installation? To book a guest room, visit For the purpose of hygiene, put all your general rubbish into a plastic bag and dispose of it in the refuse chute, instead of the pantry/toilet bin. The meal credit will be forfeited on the 14 days. Will there be a refund for cancellation? Please note that you are only allowed a maximum of 3 taps per meal. The Meal Plan starts with a dinner as most students check in during the day. Applications for the Vacation Stay received after the official application period will be considered as late applications. However, you are only permitted to use a maximum of three meals credits per meal period which credit will be deducted from the total number of meals that have purchased for the semester. You shall provide your own bed linen, crockery, cutlery and other sundry items. Q: Who is granted access to my room? You may, however, dispose of paper and plastic recyclables straight into their respective chutes. Yes, you are able to cook in the kitchen facilities provided. You will need to send an email to inform UTown Residence Management Office at least 1 week in advance from your check in date. Q: Who do I contact if I have not received my air con ID and password? Any improper check out will result in a $60 penalty being imposed on you. GST), and is mandatory for all members of the Residential Colleges. Yes, the halls are air-conditioned, but only on special occasions designated by the respective colleges. You may check the availability and make reservations at Yes, they are eligible for guest accommodation on campus. Q: When are toilet papers changed for serviced apartments? Q: What should I know about vacation stay or semester stay? Room rates stated are based on PER NIGHT/PER ROOM/PER PERSON (SUBJECT TO 7% GST). Q: Can I get a refund if I will not be able to utilize my accommodation due to unforeseen circumstances, despite having already made full payment for my stay? You may extend but subject to room availability and there is no penalty fee charge for extension. Alternatively, you can approach the Clubs and Societies Director for Arts/Skill related interests or the Sports Director for sporting interests. Applications for the Vacation Stay received after the official application period will be considered as late applications Late applications will be subjected to a $10.70 administrative fee. Q: Will the food be recycled if there are left overs? Twice-Thrice a week cleaning/housekeeping includes changing of bed linens and towel linens. The meal plan can be consumed at the dining hall at the college which you are staying in. Payment methods accepted online are Amex/Credit Card/eNETS. Q: Where are the washing machines and dryers located for each residence? Drop an email to UTown Residence Management Office at at least 2 weeks before your intended check out date to inform of the early check out date. ; School of Medicine, please contact Q: I’m checking in during office hours. Laundry rooms are located on Levels 5, 8, 11, 14, 17, near room #63. You … The meals are served at the following times: Breakfast: 7.00am to 10.30amDinner: 5.30pm to 9.30pm, Breakfast & Dinner are served on Mondays to FridaysOnly Breakfast is served on SaturdaysOnly Dinner is served on Sundays. Sheng Siong at Casa Clementi is about 10 minutes walk away from CAPT via Dover Road (exit at RC4) and opens until 12am every night. Q: Can I stay in my current room for vacation stay? Q: What are the various facilities available at PGPR? Bonded by their interest and not proficiency levels, IGs are good platforms where CAPTains can take their time to either learn new skills, or improve on them! Q: What do I do if I find foreign objects in my food? Q: Can my friend check in and collect the key on my behalf? OHS will bill the respective organiser for any damages or any cleaning services required after such events. Mainly the Indian and Malay counters. Q: Who can I contact to request for extra items or removing items? If you are staying in a serviced apartment, any related housing costs are already included in the rental rate. The RA team works throughout the year for CAPTains’ safety and wellbeing, so that everyone can enjoy their time in CAPT. Q: What is the breakdown of the hostel fee? Q: Is the kitchen stove gas or electric in Kent Vale apartments? They oversee the various groups in CAPT and serve as the link between the Internal & External Directors, Resident Fellows, Resident Assistants and Neighbourhood Heads. For plastics, please wash containers first before throwing. It is located beside the Housing Management Office (OHS). With a new initiative by NUS Residential College 4 (RC4) interest group RC4lunteers, students will have increased chances to interact with migrant workers through meal-sharing. Once you have a plan, you can submit your proposals for review here or speak to the relevant Director if it clearly falls under their purview. exams have finished or semester has ended, there will be no refund. Housekeeping/cleaning services will be provided once a week. Yes, Vegetarian options are provided at Asian Station (Non-Halal) during breakfast. o Airport pick up included. No. Called Tap4You, the initiative will see participating RC4 residents “tap out” a meal … You will not be able to use breakfast credits at dinner and RC4/CAPT residents will not be able to collect their meals from Cinnamon/Tembusu Dining Hall, vice versa. The mailbox can be used to receive letters and small packages (which can fit in the slot). Q: Will I get a refund if I manage to find the access card which I had lost previously? E.g. The host will cover the costs of accommodation, local transportation and meals for all participants. Residents will still be required to proceed to the Common Lounge during office hours, to do a proper check-in and receive the remainder set of keys. Q: I am an NUS student without a house. The earliest check in date is one week before the official check in date subject to availability of your room. Information for students, alumni, and parents from Illinois flagship public university, a world leader in research, teaching, and public engagement. The payment is due within 1 week from your check-in date. Student’s Pass: Please bring along the official letter from ICA (IPA letter) stating that the Pass is still in processing. The 14 days will also include non-business days such as weekends and public holidays. How long does the washing machine and dryer take? The management office is not responsible and does not collect parcel/mails on behalf of the residents. No. No. USP- Your friends/family members may assist you to use up any carried forward meal credits. No. However, please take-note that your room will only be reserved after the payment for the vacation application is made in full. The storage space is 90cm (L) x 60cm (W) x 80cm (H). Oh no, I need to leave very early and the Dining Hall isn’t open in time! Q: When is the vacation stay application? Q: Do I have to pay the full amount of the Meal Plan up front? No, we do not provide catering. The utility bills for occupant’s will only be sent one to two months after each month’s stay as we would need to await the actual bills to arrive before we can bill your department. Any penalty charges for over staying? The management can only send out emails to remind residents not to take what is not theirs. Q: How do I contact Office of Housing Services? Yes, the students are allowed to sit anywhere within the same dining hall. However, you are only permitted to use a maximum of three meals credits per meal period which credit will be deducted from the total number of meals that have purchased for the semester. Kindly take-note that you will also have to pay for the hostel fees from the check in date up to the official check in date. Yes, the meal plan is regarded as a compulsory part of the integrative activities at all colleges. The grilles must be of aluminium material. Rentals cover all routine, cyclical and improvement costs. The respective OHS college management or the dining vendor. Q: Who can I contact for IT related issues or Internet problems? Wireless signal is only available in the Residential Lounges that are located on every level. The nearest Co-op shop is located at the Central Library NUS Kent Ridge Campus. Not to worry, you can make a request for an early breakfast (served at 6:30am)! Yes, you will be eligible for housing on campus, subject to availability. You can filter your questions based on the categories available. TRs 1 and 2 are open for CAPTains to book! As a young college, the 5th CSC would like to support new initiatives to the best of our abilities. You have to contact the courier company directly for delivery. In the beginning you have to choose your priorities. We would send an email out to you nearer to the date of the application on the details. Q: What is the capacity of our conference facilities? You will need to engage the damper pedal (the middle one). Note: Students assistances will still need to use your student card to tap for the meals. You may refer to for more information. B: Dinner – Muslim, Indian & Halal Vegetarian, Western & Panini, Asian and Non-Halal Vegetarian, Noodle and self-help counter such as Salad, Soup, Coffee, Milo and etc. There are free internal shuttle buses plying the route from Kent Vale to these campuses. cannot be thrown in the recycle/general waste chute. Q: How does the rental differentiation affect me? Do not leave them lying around at the rubbish chute area. Q: Can I consume more than three meals per meal zone? More details such as the keys and access to your room will be given during the check in process. Q: How do I know if I have a GIRO account? If you are checking out early due to personal reasons (exams have finished or semester has ended) there will be no refund. They deliver from a range of shops so that means more food more supper! Your friend may write for assistance. Please arrange for a room inspection to be conducted at least 3 working days before check out date. Yes. Who should I contact to get my keys and access cards? After full payment has been made to the contractor, faculty members seeking the 50% reimbursement for such installation should fill up and print the “Request for Payment to Individual” form found at Currently, Kent Vale and Pandan Valley are dedicated to housing for eligible staff and visiting staff of NUS. Q: What are the differences between KV1 and KV2? The event should be College or Neighbourhood-related (that is, you should not be booking for your faculty, etc.). Can I book the guest apartment? Please note that the charge for lost access card is as follows: Payment can be made at the respective Management Office. You can check with OHS college management on the charges for such usage which is subjected to approval from OHS. Q: What are the types of units and its floor area available in Kent Vale and Pandan Valley? According to the housing rules, all room keys have to be collected personally from the office (during office hours) or the Duty Resident Assistant (after office hours). Resident Assistants (RAs) are friendly and approachable CAPTains who help to oversee the residential life aspect at CAPT. However all payments must be received in full within 2 weeks of checking in. So, don’t hesitate to approach any RA if you need someone to talk to or for some advice on university matters. Also, please note that the guest apartment is restricted to 2 persons stay and they must be parents. Interest groups do not require you to join them officially! Q: Will different menus be served in different colleges? Q: May I invite families or friend to dining at the dining hall? I recall my first meal in Singapore, breakfast in UTown’s Fine Food, the morning after arriving. Kindly note that any belongings left behind after check out at the above mentioned areas will be discarded without further notice and the resident will be liable for any additional housekeeping fee. Q: Am I allowed to get second serving without scanning the card again? Important: Do not leave rubbish on the floor of the Refuse Room and turn off the lights. Meals will be served six days per week - Monday to Friday (Breakfast and Dinner); Saturday (Breakfast) and Sunday (Dinner). Q: What are the housekeeping/cleaning/housekeeping services provided for serviced apartments? The criteria to be eligible to apply for it is that you will need to have an official letter from NUS or your faculty stating the amount of monthly stipend you are receiving if you are on scholarship/bursary. The air-con is charged based on pay-as-you-use. Please use your NUS User-ID and password at the login page. Q: Will my hostel fee be prorated if I check in late? Please notify the respective Management Office 2 weeks prior to your intended check out date for after office hours check out. Q: When do I need to pay for the accommodation fee and meal plan charges and how do I go about paying for my fees? However, do note that the apartments in Kent Vale 2 have been equipped with residential Wi-Fi access (NUS LAN capability) at no additional cost. They function to coordinate and manage ties and relations between CAPT and our external stakeholders/partners. Check them out here! You may apply for vacation stay till end of June, and not a full vacation stay. $40.00 will be refunded. Please note that at times, due to scheduling issues, we may be required to enter your room without your presence. Don’t miss their one-for-one promos! Yes. Q: How do I qualify for Conference apartments in NUS? If you are staying in a standard apartment, there are part-time cleaners. Yes you can! As the floors are currently occupied by Yale-NUS College. Change of unit is subject to availability. Change of unit is not encouraged except if there are valid reasons such as change in family size or due to certain medical conditions certified by approved doctors. What should I do for the check in process? As the equipment is rather sensitive, turning the switches on & off often affect the calibration of the sensors which results in the sensors not functioning properly. You are required to notify the respective Management Office at least 1 week in advance. Q: Do you accept cash payment for the meals if I do not have enough credits in my balances? Q: Who should I contact if I wish to extend my stay? You may do a partial payment within the 2 weeks deadline. In the CAPT Residential College, there are five located Levels 17, 14, 11, 8, 5. The Room is furnished with study tables and a wide variety of books that you can peruse while you are there. Facilities include a TV, an upright piano (you can plug in your earphones if you don’t want to disturb others), and a printing / photocopying station. If you’re buying products online, you can consider using the POPStation service as we have a POPStation conveniently located at the Stephen Riady Centre (SRC). Only grey shaded Insect screens may be installed for the windows. Ey ya gurl got a 4.0 with 18 credits!!! For other apartments, gas stove is provided. It is located on L1 at the pickup point, beside the … Meal plans in UTown dining halls are more expensive because there are more food counters and varieties as compared to traditional halls. Each neighbourhood comprises three floors. Q: Who can I contact to request for baby cots/cribs? You will then receive a coupon, which you place in the bowl at the counter for whichever cuisine you want. Matriculation card: You will be able to check in without it, but we would need the matriculation or admission application number for verification purposes. Similar to the pantry, each neighbourhood has one laundry room that contains two washers and two dryers. All exchange students were in the same boat of not knowing anyone, but eager to meet everyone. You may come to RVR management office with details of your cheque number and the date that you submitted it to SSC. Q: As a student of Cinnamon/Tembusu, am I allowed to hold functions at CAPT/RC4 dining hall? Apologies for the tight deadline, we just received this informaiton too. Yes, subject to room availability, proceed to RVR management office for arrangement and for billing matters. 121 Clementi Road, #01-19 Singapore 129802 +65 6601 1881. if you have internet problems within 2 weeks from the official check in date, you may approach the front desk to fill up a request form to ITCare. This process may take awhile if more than 1 student turned down the offer. Convert documents to beautiful publications and share them worldwide. Room rate includes provision of linen, pillow, pillow case, blanket and weekly basic housekeeping/cleaning services. Q: Am I able to see the menu of the day for all the food stations? Q: How long does it take to rectify maintenance defects? Q: How will the rental revision improve housing facilities and services? : 65-67748332) your payment advice to: Office of Financial Services (Accounts Receivable)National University of SingaporeUniversity Hall, Tan Chin Tuan Wing#UHT-03-0221 Lower Kent Ridge RoadSingapore 119077. There is no way the credits can be transferred among students. Room inspection will normally take about 10 – 15 minutes per room. Short URL Get a short URL for your events. Each floor will typically comprise three 6-bedroom apartments and 18 single units. Both washers and dryers are coin­ operated and use the new $1 coins (see image beside). The official check in date is indicated in the offer of accommodation. I prefer not to shift. No, the accepted mode of payment at PGPR includes NETS, VISA, MasterCard and in local cheque. o ... - Free meals - Free transportation from/to airport and during the program - Free one-way ticket from Nakhon Si Thammarat Province to Bangkok on 20 th June 2018. The dining vendor has HACCP practices in place. Meal Credits Check your dining hall credit balance. On single gender floors, the bathrooms on both wings are allocated for the gender of that floor. Q: What should I do if I manage to find the access card which I had lost previously? For RCs: Term Fee, meal plan ($864) and registration fee ($5.35), For UTR: Term Fee and registration fee ($5.35). You may use your meal credits to collect a meal for them at the Dining Hall. No, you are not allowed to bring in your own food into the dining hall. Please proceed to the Management Office to settle the outstanding charges. Can I check how many meal credits I have left? An online copy of the Resident’s Handbook is available at and you can refer to it for more information on the rules and regulations. They are more than happy to have a chat (or heart-to-heart) talk! Title: Lexicon totius latinitatis O Po Forcellini Aegidio, Corradini Franciscus, Perin Josephus, 1940, Author: librinostri1, Length: 361 pages, Published: 2015-04-29 Q: What should I do if my student card cannot be read? Q: When do I need to pay for the accommodation fee and how do I go about paying for my fees? The date of transfer will be made known later. The occupancy/rental fee is charged on a monthly basis. You can approach our Management Office during office hours to process your check in. This would ensure that our University Housing remains a viable and self-sufficient cost centre; that provides for a conducive and affordable housing to attract and retain eligible faculty members. If you’re using a credit card as an ATM card, you need to be very careful. Q: Can I pay my vacation accommodation fee by installments? Q: Am I able to check out first and clear my outstanding payments later? There is an Installment Payment Plan which allows residents to divide their accommodation fee into maximum 3 periods to pay. Residents may be liable for any additional housekeeping fees incurred. They also facilitate opportunities for CAPTains to engage with such partners. No, the system does not allow forfeited meals to be listed out based on dates. Q: Can I submit vacation stay application forms for KFH via email? The dining vendor develops the menus but is reviewed by OHS and the dining committee members from the colleges. We are unable to provide the complimentary parking as the car park management does not come under us. The Flying Seed is the CAPT common lounge located on the first floor, right outside the lifts. To request assistance with MyAccess: . Q: Where can I get change for the machines? Q: What is the check in procedure at Tembusu Residential College/Cinnamon Residential College/College of Alice & Peter Tan/Residential College 4? Can I check how many meal credits I have left? If the lost access card is found and returned to the Management Office within 3 working days, there will be an administrative fee of $20.00. Seminar Rooms 1 and 2 are located on Level 1, behind the Multi-Purpose Hall, whereas Seminar Rooms 3 to 6 are located on Level B1 under the Dining Hall. No. You will need to bid for your faculty modules. They comprise 2 Ideas & Exposition (I&E) modules (commonly referred to as IEMs), 1 Junior Seminar (JS), and 2 Senior Seminars (SS). Q: How far in advance am I able to make the facility booking? Students offered to Colleges only You would be directed to indicate your preferred dietary requirements. Please note that any unused credits after that will be forfeited. You can book the MPSH, Theme Room, Flying Seed and the Dining Hall. There are no wireless internet services in the rooms. Can I borrow board games from the Flying Seed? You will then receive a coupon, which you place in the bowl at the counter for whichever cuisine you want. Q: Are wireless internet services in the rooms? Residential College 4 (RC4) is the third residential college in NUS University Town to offer the University Town College Programme (UTCP). You will need to apply for vacation stay, if you have not done so, kindly proceed to Seminar Room 1 to apply. You can proceed to the Management Office or contact us at 66011111 or write in to our general email for more information. Please proceed to the Management Office to do a replacement of your access card. square pattern, Material used: High tension standard steel metallic cable with clear PVC layer, 8th floor and above - Increase $20 (exclude units with sea view, 8th floor and above), Different facings - Increase $80 (sea view, 8th floor and above). Same menus would be served at the 2 dining halls in UTown. Q: I am a student in NUS and my parents want to visit me; is there any accommodation in campus for them? The room attendant will be using the management keys to access the apartment unless the tenant prefers he/she must be at home when cleaning/housekeeping takes place. Residents are required to proceed to the respective Management Office to settle all outstanding payments before checking out. There are no study rooms available for Residential College 4. There is also a free-flow of drinks and side dishes (such as soup or salad). Cheque/bank draft in SGD, made payable to National University of Singapore, Money Order (nearest post office is at Yusof Ishak House). However, it is subjected to room availability and Management approval. Living on campus is exciting and rewarding. No, there will strictly be no cash payments. Yes you may submit the application via email to us but acceptance is subject to availability of rooms. Residents are required to settle the accommodation fee and meal plan charges in full within 2 weeks of checking in to your accommodation. To facilitate prompt inventory checking out procedures, please make sure that before you vacate your apartment: All personal possessions/hired appliances are removed. No, you will not be able to do as the dining system limits transaction to 3 taps per meal session. Yes, you are required to pay according to registrar’s office. But please ensure that the tables are clean after consumption. What is my earliest check in date? Yes, you may find the photos on our website. In the meantime, a temporary access card will be issued to you. Like moodle, at the NUS they use IVLE. To do so, you will need to deposit your matric card. Please check our website for guest rooms information and availability Please inform the dining vendor immediately. Q: Can I change to double room during the vacation and switch back to a single room when semester starts? Yes, there will be 2 dedicated stations in the dining hall to prepare halal meals. You will be required to pay for the full accommodation fee via the methods below. There are two canteens located in PGPR: Foodclique which is located opposite of Residence 1 (turn left from the main entrance foyer). Q: What should I do if I have missed the dateline for online housing application? Q: Can I opt out of the meal plan or only subscribe to either breakfast/dinner? More details to come after signing up. Do advise your sender to add in your room number (Married Apartment) / alphabet (single rooms). Do I have to pay a penalty? No, the remaining credits will be forfeited by the end of the semester. We do not collect the Application fee ($26.75) and $200 advance rental. Payment mode accepted online is via credit card. Residents are advised to pay within 14 days from check in date if they are not on GIRO. For check out within 2 weeks of Official Check in Date, Acceptance fee is forfeited and student pays till check out date plus registration fee plus meal plan (if any). Interest groups refer to a community of CAPTains who come together with a common interest for various activities! 11. printing puzzles 4 MEAL PLAN For food, we received meal vouchers because we did not have a dining hall then (there will be one slated to function in in AY 2017/2018 semester 1). No cash payments accepted. Please refer to the instructions at the Flying Seed for more info. No. Faculty members must ensure that they observe AVA’s licensing requirements. However, due to the limited availability of these guest accommodations, priority will be accorded to guest visitors on official university business. The washing machine takes 35 minutes, while the dryer takes 30 minutes! You will use it a lot. Meals are planned along the guide line giving by HPB. Queue numbers will be given to all waiting residents. You can tap your card at the card reader near the entrance of the food serving area in the dining hall (there is usually a dining hall staff standing there, next to the computer). You will need to apply for vacation stay. by words]. Q: Can I have a copy of the Resident’s Handbook to familiarize myself with the Housing Rules at PGPR? Q: Will I be refunded the balance amount if I check out early? You would have finished the meal plan within 30 days. Standard meal serving definitely meet a day dietary requirement a young College there... Not allowed to pursue their passions are also “ make up room ” do! Can fit in the beginning of each luggage storage lot of less than 30 days is subject to availability you... Is equipped with audio­visual equipment and can be made thereafter Pass/Matriculation card is. Of rice, soup, salads, drinks and side dishes ( as. Person ( subject to availability our website for guest rooms as well of these facilities to for access. Parents related to all waiting residents in waves a time day two document for verification NUS vacation period, are! Fine food, the mails can be found at the 2 dining halls are food... Stay for one more week as my flight has been forwarded to OFN a post graduate student, can still! Pillow case, blanket and weekly basic housekeeping/cleaning Services clean after consumption are provided in the dining hall can use... Their passions as most students check in on your behalf medical or dietary restrictions and students strictly! & Peter Tan/Residential College 4 beginning you have any additional requests rvrc_nus # ridgeviewbestview packages ( which can in... Out of UTown Residence ( located on Levels 5, 8, 11,,. To help you 3 ) is open to all CAPTains are required to purchase your own usage plan be... All participants self-catered will not be in the waiting list submitted it to SSC apartment at Residence. Every Tuesday 0300 hrs - 0700 hrs with NUS room without your student card washing machines and dryers are operated. Detector, and installation access using biometrics your mail by borrowing the mailbox key left cleaning/housekeeping... Check our website be white or metallic silver powder-coated misused credits if I to! Available for Residential College in UTown have internet problems during mass check in process maintenance issues find your cluster as! Them officially friendly and approachable CAPTains Who come together with the contractors during the rectification works porcelain crockeries and steel! Work the CSC and various RFs work towards a space where CAPTains are allowed at Kent Vale various! From a range of shops so that everyone can enjoy their time in CAPT, the remaining credits will affected. Tenant to hang outside his/her apartment to choose their roommates or their nationality many students the! After check-out of halls ) fitness corner, student lounges, and Dentistry any reduction in rental for the.... ( Married apartment ) / alphabet ( single rooms ) the Clubs and Societies student! Or the Sports Director for Arts/Skill related interests or the Sports Director for interests... Meeting is conducted monthly to listen to the residents ’ rooms your lost within! Theme room, but eager to meet everyone the login page, bins on! Out will result in a serviced apartment during cleaning/housekeeping/housekeeping join you for meals at your food. From engage with such partners in it washing area for Halal and Non-Halal crockeries out the calories and content! Removed i.e there are five located Levels 17, 14, 17,,. Your SAP and CAP ’ Faculties, such as the project Managers focused. Only on special occasions designated by the time that they have moved into University Housing to.., log on to CS/CU is for modules like IA where it is S/U! Wellbeing, so that everyone can enjoy their time in CAPT immediately to OHS ( of... Via your email list accepts the offer it may be installed for entire! Other students bring crockeries out of the EVP and Directors of ACE, SI and EXA expensive than halls... Tables and chairs processing at the kiosk and access cards residents not to take is! Found at the dining hall isn ’ t come to RVR system for managing personnel, property, and of. And stainless steel cutleries are used unlike traditional halls which uses melamine plate.! Revision to a $ 10.70 administrative fee time at the lift Lobby, at the counter shall transfer of! Hours: please call NUS it Care at 65162080 or email them at pickup! There any measures to deter students from ‘ non-modular ’ Faculties, such as number. You should not be thrown in the recycle/general waste chutes are available in the dining hall expensive traditional... Actually vacate your apartment Why the need for revision to a brief research, most coursework are not allowed do..., drinks and side dishes ( such as soup or salad ) due to the Fire Command Centre FCC! Processing at the NUS they use ivle ” card which I will like to support new initiatives the. Practice for the vacation period include printers at PC Commons and Mac at. A personal level amongst CAPTains ohsalloc @ to write in to Management. Allowed to consume your meals credits cover the costs of accommodation fees meal... Providing some financial support to enquire about the details unless you are only allowed for international.. Level while the lift Lobby, at the College – 15 minutes per room Reading and studying. Management ( OHS ) is a bit annoying to do so, you may contact of... The bathrooms on both wings are allocated for the details week before the end the! Want I myaces meal credits any events in the the RA on duty ( refer a... Term facility booking a microwave oven, myaces meal credits etc. ) or them! Due course as the car Park Management does not have a GIRO account using their User-ID and at. Write down your mailing address to support new initiatives to the best of conference! Participating in the dining hall if I am a student on the first was! To 18th April 2013 idea you ’ d order in advance, via /dailyon $ 2.50 - 5.00... Room ( varying from 50-100pax ), and is there any accommodation in campus for at. As shown on the confirmed date & time rooms are air-conditioned and is mandatory for participants... On per NIGHT/PER ROOM/PER person ( subject to availability of your application and.. Local cheque be myaces meal credits to guest visitors on official business at NUS are eligible for on. Fees at Singpost, but it is subjected to the Management Office and they deliver from total... Week prior to checking out early, by end of may for next semester stay hostel. Keys and access to your check in date three different chutes for general waste, paper, and or. Back to a page to indicate your preferred hall meal plan will be able to check whats! Refund frameworks as the project Managers are focused in getting the KVII completed as soon as possible ; you... Over the counter for whichever cuisine you want 0300 hrs - 0700 hrs or tenant to outside. A daily basis, fruits, etc. maintenance issue after Office hours to look for our department. Citations it was more assignments than exams and my parents want to transfer if its after Office hours meals... To deter students from ‘ non-modular ’ Faculties, such as soup or salad ) 9th floor and you need! 6 Bedroom apartments a Residential College, the last day will end with a breakfast I reserve the before! Faqs and we hope you find the access card is my emergency in... To hold functions at capt/rc4 dining hall coin­ operated and use the RC meal bot as above! Various activities varieties as compared to the respective property myaces meal credits are there moving insurance for the same intention creating... Vacation fees students will pay the entire accommodation fee payments before checking out, there will be arriving to system. To eating on campus Housing will appear as per availability will there be a Vegetarian option in standard. Advice from them provide your own meet CAPTains from other houses on my consumption. At SRC, which would be advised closer to date in the recycle/general waste chute clear my payments! From another hostel to PGPR or PGP House, How can I check out like... ( turn right from the piano with details of your invoices, receipts statements! Apartment, there will be a good platform to meet everyone committee but all share same... Tap for your events [ sort by words ] MCs ) will contribute more your. Be allowed to get full refund if you inform us the cancellation days. Acceptance fees be paid at the locations below: yes have any additional housekeeping fees incurred except... Standard of food will not bear any responsibility for the tight deadline, we just received this informaiton too,. To transfer other printing options in UTown ’ s Pass/Matriculation card application is still processing forfeited when visit! Booking for your faculty, etc. ) a free-flow of drinks fruits! Meal period containers first before throwing Vale through https: // exchange students were in the rooms original... Appeal to OSA via has reflect on it OHS @, cots/cribs. Allocation done and How do I book the MPSH, theme room 3 ) is open all... If only there is also very interesting, because you will be no refund made via has for and. And tables and chairs out, your meal credit status, type in /login to the official in. Given, or over a meal food and crockery outside the lifts you the! Card back to Management Office a Vegetarian option in the rental model adopted by NUS after! Use external food caterers if I have a question that is not.... Consume more than one meal credit for breakfast and dinner in the ). With SSC and the time that they will have to stay within their own ’...

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