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That said, landing an expose on a healthy target can work just as well as a daze in setting up a stun from Zeb. Press J to jump to the feed. You can press and hold the ability buttons to read the description. Special 2; protection up for Zeb and an ally +Tenacity or Retribution? But actually playing around with the abilities is amazing IMHO. They are actually very good, albeit slow to work. Is it possible to get thrawn with sabine and the rest at g8? Special 1: Hits hard. Just wanna point out that Offense Down from Kanan is NOT whatever. I use Ezra to call Kanan quite often to give him a protection boost. But I got Thrawn with a G8 Phoenix squad. Hera/Chopper gain TM, Zeb/Kanan gain prot, Sabine hits hard. Also for context I have everyone at 7 stars and mostly want to use the team for LS TB and TW. It may be worth it to call Kanan to assist instead of Zeb, when you know that the Daze won't help you that much. The fact that you can come out of a battle with 100% hp and 70-100% protection is pretty cool. Can you trust them? Sabine adds crit chance, which increases the likelihood of triggering opposing zBarriss or Rex leads. Dispels buffs, or, if no buffs, gives Ezra +50% TM and has lower CD. Lost Maul. Personally, i 7* thrawn using sabine after god knows how many attempts with chopper. People will yell at me because they disagree with me about this. With the Thrawn event finally returning, and Phoenix's continued presence in TB's I hear a lot of "I just auto Phoenix because I have no clue how it works". Also Kanan has some of the most important utility and he moves like a snail. I really like Sabine because of how much damage she does and leave out Zeb as a result. Use special 1 on taunters.Have Hera call Zeb to assist with button 2 and put a buff on Kanan withbutton 3.Have Kanan taunt and cleanse an ally with button 2, Heal and cleanse hmselfnwith button 3.Have Zeb target enemies that are debuffed with Daze/Stagger/Expose with his basic. Jan 21, 2019 - If you are struggling with how to counter certain teams in Grand Arena, here's a cool inforgraphic that might help you out. Ignore special 2.Use Chopper special 1 when shit hits fan. I don't have to worry about losing tickets or my arena climb. Call her and she'll get tm. Thanks for joining me as I delve into the great unknown, also known has 3v3 PvP. Sabine is good for rapidly killing things that aren't going to make your life too difficult or if something requires large burst dps. Possible but incredibly improbable. Want to quickly get back to Heras turn so she can use backup plan? Special 1 applies stagger; hits like a train if target has no debuffs. I mostly ignore this mechanic and try to avoid using it. If full Zetas, -Chopper or Erza. Who should be fastest, Ezra? Use special 1 against targets with no debuffs. This aims to help you aviod doing that, the better to get a 7* Thrawn with minimal gear invested. Grouped for your pleasure, to optimize your cantina efficiency and your mods distribution Welcome to the Sith Raid page. Moreover, the team in the video didn't even have Chopper, which would make them better on defense. IDK I almost never use this. I just hate how much gear they eat. So much this. That team also makes cruising through GW trivial. Skelturix. Took out Hera first, Ezra then Zeb. The strategy is quite simple: kill a saber, use offense up from Pao, use Deathmark on Traya, and then use Stand Alone on … So the constants I go with are: Zeb and Hera high potency. My phoenix aren't well geared, but I like her over Ezra in full PS. Ezra is dramatically better than Sabine. Basically always use this on Zeb unless Kanan needs a heal. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. Characters with asterisk (above) recommended. Zeb having high potency is a no brainer but Hera can truly cripple teams if you take advantage of her basic attack to chain expose on tanks. They can be pretty fun to use if you're the type who likes to build an unassailable wall of defense (like me) and wear down the enemy from safety. Swgoh phoenix team farming I specialize in the sale of land, with more than 36 years of commercial real estate experience. While he isn’t a top meta character he is a master level toon that can do some very interesting things to give your arena team a leg up early-mid game (3/16/2019 update: Grand Master Yoda is now a part of the Jedi Revan … Kenobi stacks max health and defense for your Jedi, and extends those benefits to clones. However, sabine is squishy, too squishy imo. He also offers a team cleanse ability and hits OK. Qui-Gon Jinn: Speed is still the most important metric in SWGOH, and QGJ's leadership gives it to you in spades. Flourish does more than removes buffs, it hits hard and can give tm when no buffs are present. An Idiots Guide to Phoenix Squad. ... After watching me play SWGOH for 2 years, Galactic Challenges is the first time I've been able to give my son a go. Basic attack: hits hard. If full Zetas, -chopper. I'd love to see how a few others of you configured your PHX teams. Special 1: 1 turn taunt, with a big evasion buff. Maybe? I don't honestly use this as much as I probably should. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the SWGalaxyOfHeroes community. She has no big weakness, no big strong point, only a good base tenacity. KeKattia. Tl:dr take hera, ezra, zeb, cannon and decide which suits better for the situation, sabine or chopper. The best Phoenix team to use to unlock Palpatine would be: Hera (Lead), Ezra, Chopper, Kanan, Zeb. Skuddy YouTube. Use on Kanan or anyone in danger of dying. Mookdog. They're not great zetas in general as they're all on special abilities, but they can be pretty useful it seems. Sometimes twice. Droids are competitive until endgame, able to sustain top 20 in many shards and able to reach top 5 in shards that have only reached level 70 within the past month. (Okay, Fine. It will fetch your mods and characters, and find the best set to equip for each character in a list you provide. Displays estimates on when marquee characters will be in shipments and farmable. Thanks for your work. Basic Attack: applies expose if used against the highest HP (absolute value) target on the field. Special 2: Dispel enemy. Doesn't cover uniques (they're passive and don't change how you play the team), or who to use. I can change difficulty so he wins. Following the destruction of the Phoenix Home, the squadron lacked a permanent home and docked with the rest of the Phoenix fleet. SWGOH Marquee Release Cadence/Schedule. Cookies help us deliver our Services. Develop your SWGOH roster and take on the most challenging content in EA / Capital Games' hit mobile game Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes His Crippling Fear's silence will shutdown a spell caster Phoenix. Whatever. For thrawn event, tw, tb: hera>ezra>zeb>kanaan>chopper=sabine.Hera is obvious; Ezra calls assists, buffs and hits hard; zeb grants prot, daze, stuns and hits hard; kannan is arguably more benificial than zeb because of his counters under hera, durable tank and heal on debuff. Hera's basic keeps as many enemies alive as possible. Removes ™ from all enemies based on number of buffs dispelled. Grand Master Yoda Event. Offense Down saved my team a few times from stuff (most notably back in the Flash Event fights where you had that one Officer, who dealt way too much damage). The team comp is CLS (L), Han Solo, Pao, Death Trooper, and Chirrut Îmwe. Use all of Ezra's specials as often as possible. Hera's assist (to call Zeb for a stun) is extremely useful, so the faster she can use that the better. Zeb could probably do with potency since you'll be using his stun and stagger abilities a lot. She adds Crit damage which is useless vs. anyone with the Crit Immunity buff, which GK and Shoretrooper give out like candy. In the PS his assist skill allows him to effect the match in many ways. I've found Chopper, Sabine (though this may be because my Sabine is only 5 stars) and Hera are the squishiest of the bunch, and you'll be applying protection up and clutch heals mainly to them, so maybe health/Defense mods for them. The droids/assassin bundle at $24.99 USD is a good value if you choose to run a droid team rather than the team outlined above. Rebel Fighter Affiliation. The devs know this, which is why most popular team … Call him and get him some protection back and probably apply offense down. Sabine might be slightly better mid-game, when you do not see GK, Barriss, and Shore, but at endgame, they are everywhere, making Ezra strictly better. Chopper Ability 2 and 3? Requires 5 members of Phoenix squad: Hera* Ezra* Zeb* Kanan* Chopper* Sabine; For 7 stars - Gear 8 minimum. All thanks the Whoever Pigeon is. So, to focus on ships first will take away from the needed time and effort to build a couple strong teams. We started SWGOH.GG as a way to quickly find data about new Characters, Ships and Events in the game, but quickly learned that connecting players with their guilds, other players and the community was the true meaning to our work. Then your team has an endless cycle. Offsky. Using assists to call Zeb is the main power move that lets Phoenix control the fight.

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