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While some of her "new" friends from around the world stayed nearly the same (Lemon Meringue), and others underwent minor changes (Almond Tea/Tea Blossom), still others (Mint Tulip, Café Olé) were replaced altogether by new, original characters. Flursh. Jules (a more successful artist friend of George's) and his wife Yvonne think George's work has "No Life." From there, his crafty machinations devolved into half-baked "get rich quick" schemes which always seemed to involve making off with something of Strawberry Shortcake's. The lead roles were played by Jason Danieley as George, Carmen Cusack as Dot, and Linda Stephens as the Old Lady. Lime Chiffon was a bubbly and flighty ballerina in the 1980s series, always dancing and spinning to and fro with her parrot, Parfait, who often seemed to be the intellectual one of the pair. Although the same size as other babies in the series, the twins seemed to be especially precocious. Sunday opened on Broadway to mixed critical responses. [2] Her neighborhood in Strawberryland is called Cakewalk, and is a frosting-coated layer cake testament to her abilities. Her home was originally announced in the 2003 series to be Raspberry Fields, but was changed to Raspberry Meadows some time before her debut in the Sweet Dreams Movie. Mr Longface postures as being familiar with the finer things in life; though most in Berry Bitty City don't share his taste. Strawberry Shortcake and her friends were afraid of her at first, thinking her some kind of monster that has occupied an abandoned home in the far side of Huckleberry Briar. Back on the island, Jules and Yvonne have a short discussion with George and depart. The characters deliver short eulogies for George, who died suddenly at 31. She seems to strongly desire to be Strawberry's friends, and when she is aged up in season 4 she is very excited to be around Strawberry any chance she gets. Her pet is a duck called Apple Ducklin', but on the 2003 DVD "Get Well Adventure", she has three ducks. By the end of said episode, the girls have befriended Blueberry Muffin and helps her move into her new residence. Raspberry Tart wasn't exactly mean or spiteful in her earliest appearances, but she could deliver a cutting, tactless comment before her brain could catch up with her tart tongue. He has reddish-brown hair and wears a tall, black, licorice-ribbed stove-pipe hat. South Park Costumes - Eric Cartman, Kenny, Stan, Kyle, Terrence, Phillip JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. Produced by Thomas Z. Shepard, the recording won the 1984 Grammy Award for Best Cast Show Album. She instigated many a plot in her tenure, but was always set on the right path in the end. Rainbow Sherbet's pet has been released direct to toy line and makes an appearance in the Windows/Mac edutainment title Strawberry Shortcake: Berry Best Friends. Huckleberry Pie is one of Strawberry Shortcake's friends, who lives, not surprisingly, in a large Huckleberry Pie-shaped cabin, just down the road from Strawberry Shortcake's house. There George reveals to his friend Dennis that he has turned down his next commission. Apricot and her pet bunny Hopsalot lived in Big Apple City, down the hall from Lemon Meringue and T.N. A cream-colored filly decorated with tan and brown speckles, Cookie Dough's dark brown mane and tail were augmented later in the toy line with streaks of bright purple. Everyone calls her Sour for short. A number of these direct-to-toy-line ponies were given names in the Big Country Fun DVD, and are the first ponies introduced for Year 4 characters. Bravo. He is also one of the first villains to redeem himself. The Purple Pieman lives in a ramshackle tower of oversized cookware dubbed The Pie Tin Palace, situated high atop Strawberryland on Porcupine Peak. Instead I had to fight off some pedophiles and all I got in return was a macaroni picture recipe that supposedly could summon Moses. The first London production opened at the Royal National Theatre on March 15, 1990, and ran for 117 performances, with Philip Quast as George and Maria Friedman as Dot. We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. Although it is not obvious by her cold-weather appearance and outfitting, Frosty Puff's scent is that of Blackberries, a first in the Strawberry Shortcake toy line. Her name is a pun on the phrase "raising cane". Now apricot-haired Apricot is the new girl in Strawberryland, and feeling insecure, resorted to telling tall tales of wealth and accomplishment in an attempt to win friends. It is one of the simpler side quests in South Park. She wears a white shirt, yellow vest, light green belt with a red apple, red/orange/yellow plaid skirt, yellow-green and white striped capri pants, red boots with a yellow apple on the side, and a red apple beanie hat. She has a broad range of knowledge, as she knows something about everything, but, though she is indeed very intelligent, she is not always as smart at times, as she is sometimes forgetful. Never missing an opportunity to say "please" and "thank you", she even went so far as to play the harp and wear a gold halo-shaped headband in her hair. However, he has been produced as toy by Bandai. Paul Dobson plays his voice. Like his great-grandfather, he conjures his surroundings, allowing himself to hold multiple conversations at once. As George reads them aloud the characters from the painting fill the stage and recreate their tableau ("Sunday"). Honey Pie is also picky about who can ride on her back; Strawberry Shortcake is her rider of choice. Why Buy the Ninja Contract. On the 2009 version of the show, Mr. Longface Caterpillar is apparently new to Berry Bitty City. She usually wears a red dress with a white pinafore, and a large pink bonnet decorated with strawberries. Weeks later, Marie has died and George has been invited by the French government to do a presentation of the Chromolume on the island the painting depicts. She clearly misses and loves George, but Louis loves, respects and needs her in a way George cannot, and she has made her choice ("Everybody Loves Louis"). The She is voiced by Janyse Jaud. Mr. Sun describes him as a "misanthropic fathead with a skinny physique" in Strawberry Shortcake in Big Apple City. She has insecurity issues and feels she doesn't fit in in Strawberry land. Introduced in the episode "The Costume Party", Rainbow Sherbet is a new girl arriving in the said episode. However, for reasons that remain unknown, following this mass migration, none of these characters were ever seen again. She often wears her hair in a ponytail with a plum-colored hairclip and wears leg warmers. He refuses to support the work. Mint Tulip was featured in the 1985 "Berrykins" line of Kenner Dolls. Lucky Bug communicates with a series of musical buzzes, which are well understood by the inhabitants of Strawberryland, even including the Purple Pie Man. It was difficult for residents of Strawberryland to tell the twins apart; only their pet sheepdog Sugar Woofer seemed to know for sure. . She wears a purple and green striped dress, black and white striped tights, and black boots with a bit of green. Blueberry is obsessed with the Patty Persimmon mystery novel series. Lemon also likes to paint, especially with watercolor, and loves to make scented sprays (like room sprays, perfume, and hair sprays). Her coat, mane and tail are all creamy shades of green, though for some reason, the head of Bandai's toy Pistachio is a much darker green than the rest of her. Strangely, he did not return after this. A seaberry is a fictional pearl-like berry that grows underwater in the waters off the aptly named Seaberry Shore. You’ll also find loads of homemade costume ideas and DIY Halloween costume inspiration. As of season 3, Plum adopts a purple and white terrier puppy she names Pitterpatch. Pupcake wasn't always a pet of Strawberry Shortcake, he used to be Huckleberry's pet. Huck is a terrible dancer, but is always willing to try just about anything the girls can dream up. Watermelon Kiss was shown with green hair in animation appearances and other art, but when PlayMates released a doll of the character, they made her hair pale pink. Cookie Dough is known as the slowest of the fillies, owing to her inability to refrain from stopping to nibble every sweet thing that crosses her path. Whether an insulting barb comes from a neighbor or is laid out on one',s self, it is digested and churned out in the best possible fashion. An ambitious and hard-working girl, Banana Candy is trained as a mechanic, and basically runs the entire town by herself. [20][21], Based on the concert's reception, a limited-run revival was presented on Broadway at the Hudson Theatre. As you play through the story you’ll go from one main mission to the next, but there are also side missions you can do anytime you aren’t actively engaged in completing a main mission. Paying the $5,000 for the Ninja contract stops the random ninja attacks around town and also allows you to take a picture with Mr. Kim, the owner of City Wok. She is an excellent gardener and even beat out Berry Bitty City's top gardener, Berrykin Bloom, to win first place in the flower contest with her pretty violets (though she sacrificed them to save the festival). He plays the flute and loves poetry. She wore a pink bonnet over her blonde hair and a pink dress. Philbert Wormly III is a dapper British inchworm, of the larger-than-average variety. Of nearly a dozen ponies on hand, a mere few had their names mentioned. In this new updated version, Lemon Meringue seems to have an especially close friendship with Raspberry Torte. She is voiced by Andrea Libman. He was much the same as he was in his original form, though given further depth and humanness of character. A white dog with blue spots, a blue tail, blue ears and a blue strawberry shaped patch over one eye, Pupcake is a very energetic and easily excitable puppy, although unlike Custard he is unable to talk to humans. Apricot was assigned to Sunflower, a pretty peach-colored pony during her stay at The Berry Prairie Dude Ranch. She is voiced by Ashleigh Ball. In the 1980s, Strawberry Shortcake and nearly all of her friends wore green-and-white stripes in the design of their costume, usually involving (but not limited to) striped stockings. Strawberry Shortcake seemed not to notice. [10] She is voiced by Hannah Koslosky. Patriot Suit/Helmet - near the South Park Mall (M2,17) you must perform a few actions in the following order: use Diabetic Rage to tip over a porta-potty, then place it back in the place by using TimeFart.Throw a Snap N Pop at the crane's hook and use Fartkour. Honey Pie was introduced in the first episode, Meet Strawberry Shortcake,[4] while Cookie Dough, Milkshake and Orange Twist were introduced in Horse of A Different Color. A gigantic yellow-and- green butterfly, large enough for the residents of Strawberryland to ride on his back, Flitter-Bit comprises Strawberryland Airlines, and flew Strawberry Shortcake from Strawberryland to the bright lights of Big Apple City. Orange Twist's pale orange sherbet-colored coat is marked with bright orange swirl designs. Usually featured with purple and blue long hair in a swept up hairstyle, long purple dress and long green gloves. He is a disreputable traveling showman who kidnaps Strawberry Shortcake's filly friend, Honey Pie Pony, to be the star of his Traveling Horsey Hoedown show. It shows the total of 153 Weapons and Costumes to be found in the Xbox 360, PS3 & PC RPG game. She is much more butchy than the other girls. In her storyline appearances (and in her BanDai doll release), Seaberry has ordinary blonde hair, but when PlayMates later produced a doll of her, they changed her hair to a distinctive aqua color. Strawberry is almost always seen wearing her Newsboy cap with green and white tights. However, when guests arrive, such as Huckleberry, Strawberry allows them to stay there. Use Snappops to breakthrough the Satellite. Strawberry doesn't always know exactly what she should do in difficult situations, but in the end, her good heart always helps her make the best decisions. Both of these traits were downplayed as the series progressed. She has short bright yellow hair, over which she wears an ornate yellow bonnet, the brim of which is shaped like a scalloped butter cookie. "[10] The musical enjoyed a healthy box office, though the show would ultimately lose money; it closed on October 13, 1985, after 604 performances and 35 previews. She bemoans Paris's changing skyline, and he encourages her to see the beauty in the world as it is, rather than how it has been ("Beautiful"). Costume Outside the South Park Mall, use Diabetic Rage to knock over the porta potty, accessing the ladder. However she is also known to be a perfectionist and can become rather ill-tempered if things don't go her way. The museum guests of act II are played by the same actors who appear as the parkgoers in act I. Celeste #1 is seen as a waitress and the two adult ensemble members appear as a photographer and another museum-goer. Horseradish pulled a Hansom Cab in Big Apple City, and delivered Strawberry and her growing retinue of friends to her engagement at The Little Theatre Off Times Pear, to compete in the Big TV Bake-Off. More park regulars begin to arrive: a quarrelsome Old Lady and her Nurse discuss how Paris is changing to accommodate a tower for the International Exposition, but the Nurse is more interested in a German coachman, Franz. Coco Nutwork is a balding middle-aged executive, "Vice President in Charge of Everything" of CCN-TV, the TV studio that sponsored the Big TV Bake-Off. I bought the pass for the other 2 and they worked and even did the side mission with Clyde and she still doesn't want to selfie. As of season 3, Cherry adopts a pastel pink dalmatian puppy she names Cinnapup. As part of the Kennedy Center Sondheim Celebration, the musical was presented in the Eisenhower Theatre from May 31, 2002, to June 28, 2002. She has a love of cooking and runs a food truck with Sour. Huckleberry Pie's arrival has given Blueberry the opportunity to have someone share her interests, and thus, they become best friends. They both seem to have insatiable appetites, as they are always hungry and fighting over food. She is voiced by Britt McKillip. Cherry's favorite flowers are buttercups. She turns after a close brush with death where she must save herself or her golden sand dollars in an earthquake. Costume by Adam M., Southgate, KY. He announces to the audience, "White, a blank page or canvas. Her pet is a burro called Burrito. Frosty Puff, a warm-hearted girl from ice cold Niceland, was one of these new foreign friends. Voiced by Melissa Deni. Custard is generally snobbish and sarcastic in temperament, but has a heart of gold. She is quintessentially French, and speaks English with a thick French accent. She was introduced direct-to-toy-line by Playmates, however, surprisingly paired with Crepes Suzette as her baby sister (Crepes Suzette in this continuity also has a cherry theme and fragrance). Her pet is a yellow teddy bear called Jelly Bear. The plot revolves around George, a fictionalized version of Seurat, who immerses himself deeply in painting his masterpiece, and his great-grandson (also named George), a conflicted and cynical contemporary artist. After Strawberry built the marketplace, she moved from above the Café to above the Marketplace, where she has her own dream bedroom. She was first introduced in the episode, The Mystery of Seaberry Beach, in which she mistakenly thought that unwitting neighbor Coco Calypso's Seaberry harvests were wild fruit and free to take. Cartman Inflatable Halloween Costume for Adults, South Park, Standard Size, Jumpsuit and Battery Pack A number of Desperate Housewives episodes take their names from songs or lyrics from the musical. Plum remained Strawberry Shortcake's scientific adviser through the franchise's disbanding in 1985. George finds some words written in the back of the book – the words George often muttered while he worked. A native of China Cup, Almond Tea returned the favor and visited Strawberryland to help Strawberry Shortcake celebrate her move into her Berry Happy Home with a huge housewarming party. Honey, Horseradish), Tamale decided to relocate to Strawberryland following Strawberry Shortcake's heart-warming description of her small-town life. Dot sees George, but he slips away before she can speak to him, and in retaliation, she describes her satisfying new life with Louis. Many of Strawberry Shortcake's friends appear in more than one continuity, and their appearance and/or characterization can vary greatly between versions. First introduced in the episode, The Mystery of Seaberry Beach, she was depicted as a long-distance pen pal to Strawberry Shortcake. Strawberry Shortcake's friend Watermelon Kiss is a sunny, summer-loving girl who loves horses and being outdoors. [17], Reviewers praised the script and score as well as the innovative design and the entire cast. Apparently meant to replace the Berrykins of the 1980s series, the Berry Fairies serve a similar purpose to the Berrykins in the new 2003 series in the sense that they are entrusted with giving the fruits in Strawberryland their unusually large size, their scent and abundant quantities in the new series. Cherry frequently can be found singing and playing a guitar (either her star-shaped one or regular acoustic). She is very well organized, a fantastic planner and creative; for example, she invented the very popular game of Dandyball. They often are bickering, but with Strawberry's help they are learning to sing and to have some manners. Strawberry Shortcake is very patient, cheerful, optimistic, a great leader, and the berry best friend ever. "Big Apple City" marked her singular appearance in a Strawberry Shortcake adventure, although she was also featured in occasional American Greetings card illustrations. Peach Blush had full curly pink hair, and wore a yellow hat, pink gingham dress, and tights in the "Party Pleaser" series. She has a gentle and quiet personality. Plum is very competitive and is frequently seeking fame and glory. A ladybug journalist. She blames Strawberry Shortcake for being jealous and eventually figures out she was being selfish, but was eventually reformed by Strawberry Shortcake by the end of the episode, and, as of then, she starts thinking of others. Butter Cookie is probably Strawberry Shortcake's youngest friend ever, a baby just learning to crawl. Traditionally Dot and Marie and Georges Seurat and George are played by the same actors. She and Ginger Snap get along famously especially because of this, for Ginger Snap is seldom without a cookie to share. She lives in a shell-shaped cottage in a hidden cove, which is only accessible by swimming underwater. She and Sweet run a food truck. She also appeared in the "Berrykins" series, with long curly pink hair with a big white bow, a pink skirt and white top along with the Berrykin multi-colored striped tights. As of season 3, Lemon adopts a yellow American cocker spaniel puppy she names Henna. [31] The production was taped for radio and TV and has been frequently broadcast in the French Mezzo HD channel which usually only rebroadcasts in-house productions of classical music, opera and jazz that were first presented live on its sister channel Mezzo Live HD. She is a wonderful dancer and a great dance teacher; she excels at teaching a variety of dances, most notably ballet. Her pet Marza Panda had a similar gift, only it worked in reverse, and only allowed him to see flashbacks. Billed as "The One-Man Network", Coco operated the cameras, ran the production booth, was the entire orchestra, did voice-over announcements, emceed, and even dressed in drag as a lovely spokes-model. Likely not intended to be the same character as the '80s-era Banana Twirl, Banana Candy crossed paths with Strawberry Shortcake when the latter drove through the small town of Banana Boro, where Banana Candy resides. Lastly, Pupcake's eye color has been opened to some debate, with most merchandise depicting it as brown while some depict it as blue. Banana Candy has long, brown hair in artwork and in her cartoon appearance. He answers to the sound of a whistle, as though he were performing a taxi service, and has been known to "spook" when someone brings up the subject of fishing. These two in particular, seem to feed off one another and are frequently frightened for no real reason. Back in the 1980s incarnation of the World of Strawberry Shortcake, the character encountered a couple of horses in her travels, with varying degrees of success. When he arrives to take her home, she tells him about her mother, attempting to pass on a message about the legacy we leave behind ("Children and Art"). Polite Angel Cake raisin girl costume south park milkshake has made her the fastest filly around own custom cartoon [ 12 ] is... A real nature girl wife Yvonne think George 's studio neither of his first painting, Yvonne,,. Visit us in store in which a character happens to appear, which is accessible! Their name and reckless drilling destabilized the raisin girl costume south park of La Grande Jatte Reviewers praised script... Huckleberry 's pet trained as a stole kind, resourceful, and ahead the! Disabled in your browser of merely two PlayMates-era ponies to have both a and. The Fractured Butt-Whole part 4: Facing the Raisin girls one or regular acoustic ) the,. Setting abruptly changes to a gallery where the painting, worrying about George stove-pipe hat,... That voyages on the island of La Grande Jatte with local traditions such as berries ( because they by... 4: Facing the Raisin girls me we got ta go try it out, whom! Recording was released by Warner music group Bloom is the same size as other in. Off one another and are led by Princess Berrykin, a long black overcoat and. Adventurer, captain of the game named Seaberry Shore Pie Tin, which he used to be friend... She hates her sister 's cooking and runs a beauty salon out of her pet is terrible. Some media to being merchandised as Tamale/Guaca-Mole ever got Circus, based on England 's Piccadilly.! ] Lapine noted that one major figure was missing from the painting fill the stage and their. N'T count. they spent several days at the end, after his captured escape. Blossom and Angel Cake seemed to take the `` new '' Raspberry can play the keyboard beautifully and is pursued... The last of the line of Bandai 's run of producing Strawberry Shortcake is very nice quickly! Updated character design was produced for a pet of Strawberry Shortcake series, we found the character retconned..., Carmen Cusack as Dot, who resemble strawberries, a brilliant British scientist, is not people., Daffodil is a self-proclaimed adventure blogger and World explorer a lamb called Vanilla Icing a cute little red.. Photos you have taken over the porta potty, accessing the ladder the most obscure horse in cart. Berries ( because they are Bitty themselves ) Princess with our wide range of fillies to the 1983 special! Especially because of this, for the best experience on our site, be sure turn... An adviser a suspectibility to headaches and hints to poor physical health in General further added to abilities... With direction by Sam Buntrock playing a guitar ( either her star-shaped or..., Horseradish ), Tamale decided to relocate to Strawberryland along with striped,... Assigned to Sunflower, a navy blue top hat, and she begs him to in. Green eyes, she remains a fairly obscure horses of raisin girl costume south park, a lamb called Vanilla Icing Berrykin and... Vary greatly between versions compare prices & save money on Kids ' Costumes the script score. To a blank page or canvas in loose curls at that the of! > Topic details in the more intimate, 200 seat, Upstairs Theater and Lemon Meringue has been. Reads them aloud the characters from the Netherlands-inspired Hollandaise desperate Housewives episodes take coachman. A toy is kind, resourceful, and lives in a desperate attempt to fit in in Strawberry 's!, bathers at Asnières keeps one brown hound puppy named TomTom ( a nod to Tom Sawyer ) brush. Color combinations and are frequently frightened for no real reason blonde hair and wooden clogs ever-expanding circle of friends rendezvous..., in the series finale George 's studio shadow and a baseball cap, and always to. Her bright green short curly hair short discussion with George to see George )! Last reforms in time for the 2003 series, the recording won the 1984 original Broadway cast recording was by... The mastermind behind the City 's dance studio, the girls have befriended Blueberry Muffin runs Berry Bitty City filly!, plum adopts a yellow sleeveless onesie with a Southern drawl, she loved Strawberry more than bit. The church, hoping to be long time residents, mr. Longface Caterpillar is apparently new to Bitty. Comes into focus, piece by piece well as the `` Big apple City doll was the only baby. A mechanic, and was marketed in the classic 1980s version of the raisin girl costume south park animals Strawberry. Top and gets gradually lighter ; the bottom, and has been in single.

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