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Hurley became the new protector, and Ben served for years as his advisor. As he was monitoring the feeds, Juliet entered the room carrying soup for Jack. Birth He then climbed through a narrow rock tunnel, down a long ladder, which collapsed causing Ben to heavily gash open his arm, and into an ice-encrusted cave filled with what looked like ancient carvings. ("Maternity Leave"), After Ana Lucia was recruited to help in getting the truth out of the prisoner, to bolster his story, Ben had drawn a map to the location of the balloon and his supposed wife Jennifer's grave. Ben quipped sullenly that he was a Pisces (in fact a lie, he is a Sagittarius) and John asked him what had really occurred on the day when Ben first took Locke to the cabin. On the Island, Ben begins to see visions of his mother, while Roger starts drinking heavily and physically and verbally abusinghim. He then asked Juliet to follow him. Ben, despite now becoming fully aware of his previous life, decided not to move on, stating, "I have some things I still need to work out." lost. He was thankful to Locke for blowing up the submarine so that he would not have to let Jack and Juliet go. Both of Ben's parents died on his birthday. Roger and Emily Linus were hiking in a forest 32 miles outside Portland, Oregon when she went into early labor. Ben asked for a private conversation with Juliet, after which she left the operating room and announced that the Others had to let Kate and Sawyer leave. It's the ultimate corruption of Ben Linus - the moment where he goes from being a blind servant of Jacob to serving evil. Locke overheard them and suggested that Ben be the principal since he seemed to actually care about students. It is unknown exactly what he did inside, but he appeared as though he summoned the smoke monster the same way he summoned it in Dead Is Dead. ", Later, Ben came to see Juliet in her lab where she was reading Jack's file provided to her by Mikhail. Pregnancy fears left him overprotective of his now-teenage daughter, who grew to resent him. All seemed to go well for the first leg of the operation, but then Jack purposefully made a slit in Ben's kidney sac. Sun presented Ben with the photo of the DHARMA recruits in 1977, and she expressed surprise that Ben did not know that her friends were in the DHARMA Initiative. The group split in two, and Ben joined Miles and Richard to fetch explosives to destroy the crashed Ajira plane, the Man in Black's escape route. Ben lived, but Emily died, her last words a request that Roger name the child Benjamin. Jacob paused and sardonically asked "What about you?". (Podcast) ("The Man Behind the Curtain"), Horace, a DHARMA Initiative mathematician, got Roger a job as a janitor, bringing him and Ben to the Island in 1973. The Ben-centric episode "Dr. Linus", it seems to me, is the real story of Ben being judged. ("316"), At the marina, Ben phoned Charles Widmore to let him know he was about to kill Widmore's daughter, Penelope. (Podcast) (\"The Man Behind t… The camera then showed Rachel and her infant son playing in the park, showing that he didn't lie and she was alive and well. Widmore asked whether Ben was there to kill him, and Ben stated that he was unable to kill Charles (for some unstated reason that both of them apparently knew). Ben watched the activities of Kate, Sawyer, and Jack on video surveillance monitors in the Hydra. Benjamin Linus has taken on various names to cover up his identity. During this interrogation, Sayid became ever more suspicious of "Henry's" story when he didn't know the exact details of his wife's burial and, still grieving the loss of Shannon, Sayid began beating him, telling him "you would remember!" Jin brought him back to the Barracks, Juliet operated on him and Kate donated blood. Benjamin "Ben" Linus es un personaje ficticio de la serie de televisión Lost, interpretado por Michael Emerson y doblado al español por Miguel Ayones (en España) y Guillermo Coria (en Latinoamérica).Es el antihéroe de la serie y exlíder del grupo conocido como "los Otros".El personaje hace su primera aparición durante la segunda temporada de la serie, bajo el seudónimo de Henry Gale. That evening, while writing in his diary, Ben was informed by Greta and Bonnie via radio that Charlie had reached the Looking Glass station. How did Ben know that Sawyer, Juliet, Miles, Hurley, Kate, Daniel, Jin, and Sayid were trapped in 1977. He knocked on the door, announcing their presence to Jacob. He knew that the sight of seeing Sawyer and Kate together would make Jack want to get off the Island; Jack, now angry, agreed to do the surgery. Follow edited Aug 27 '18 at 16:46. user7214865. He left his house, glancing left and right for a few moments before looking to the sky. Ben walked in on him and tried to bait him, saying, "If I were a betting man, I would have picked her and you." Ok, so this is MY major question. At home caring for his elderly father that night, Ben complained to him about feeling like a "loser" at his job. Linus Does is on Facebook. He told Sawyer that the rabbit was only given a sedative and wasn't actually dead, because the Others aren't "killers." Benjamin Ben Linus is a fictional character portrayed by Michael Emerson on the ABC television series Lost. Benjamin Linus was my favorite character pretty much from the second Henry Gale appeared until the finale, and for some time afterwards, and it was my number 1 ranking of him in this power rankings that powered him into 4th place, surprisingly over John Locke, who perhaps I should have ranked at #1 in retrospect. Locke was unable to commit murder, and the next morning Ben told him the Others were leaving him and his father behind. Roger remarked that he had hoped for so much more for Ben and wondered what would have happened had they stayed with the DHARMA Initiative. Ben De St Paer-Gotch Nov 16 2020 . Jacob fell to the ground as Ben stood in shock, soaked in his blood. At the barracks, Ben's study prominently features preserved moths in framed displays. The boy was healed in the spring of the Others' Temple. All orders are custom made and most ship worldwide within 24 hours. ("The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham") Not long after, Ben woke up to see Locke alive and well sitting at his bedside and was welcomed back to "the land of the living." ("Through the Looking Glass, Part 2"), Now bound to a tree, Ben watched as his daughter and Karl had a picnic. Tearful, Juliet asked Ben if he sent Goodwin away to die after Ben revealed that he knew of the affair. He was dressed in a white smock shirt, as were all of the Others, in what seemed to simulate a traditional Viking funeral. What changed that allowed Ben to kill Widmore on the island? How did Widmore having Keamy murder Alex "change the rules"? Richard offered to retrieve Roger's body, but Ben declined. He and Locke barricaded themselves with Hurley and Aaron in Ben's house, while Sawyer engaged the mercenaries in gunfire, trying to save Claire and the others. I will take you home." Jack wouldn't listen, but Ben's wish was partially granted when Locke threw a knife into Naomi's back in an attempt to stop the communication. He allowed her as much time as she needed to grieve her lost lover. Ben Linus:This gentlemen and I are taking a boat. When questioned by them, he merely stated that he'd see them at dinner. In this midst of all the chaos, he still approached Juliet and nonchalant guessed that he was out of the book club. Jack refused, and gunshots were heard over Ben's radio. Yet, he has some sort of charm inside of him. On Linux, using a bind mounts is a great way to populate the chroot tree. Ben relationships (in no particular order), which one do tu prefer? Mikhail appeared with news of the arrival of Naomi, interrupting Locke and Ben's conversation. They exchanged mild banter, and then Sawyer's heart monitor began to beep due to the exercise. A now frightened Ben revealed that Widmore's people had crossed the Sonic Fence and must be right on their doorstep by now. live together die alone. Il est présenté comme étant le principal antagoniste du feuilleton avant de s'allier aux protagonistes. He spotted him with Matthew Abaddon in New York, after Locke had met with Walt at his high school. He introduced himself as Benjamin Linus and lied, saying that he had been on the Island his entire life. Some time later, Ben confronted Reynolds with the evidence and threatened to expose him unless he resigned and nominated Ben as his successor. Locke eventually revealed the information, but only when it seemed too late after Ana Lucia had gone to murder Ben. Hurley ran outside, away from Ben, and was arrested. Ben used the name "Walt" to contact Michael on, Ben was the sixth character to ever have a, Ben was the twenty-fourth character to ever have a. Ben is one of 22 main characters to have their names appear in a soundtrack title. Juliet questioned how they were going to get Jack to do the surgery, and Ben replied that they would exploit what he was emotionally invested in and they'd use 'Ford' and 'Austen' to do just that, and they'd have Michael lead them to the Others. He tried to manipulate Sawyer, saying that he wouldn't have a chance with Kate once they were rescued. Centric Mobisode At this point Frank emerged from the jungle and told Sun not to trust Ben. Jack asked about the symptoms of Ben's tumor, referring to X-rays he had seen earlier. henry gale. When Sayid responded that "they" now knew he was looking for them, Ben simply responded, "Good." He went to a butcher store to meet Jill, who confirmed that Gabriel and Jeffrey had checked in, which pleased Ben. He gave him a special watch that would begin beeping when Sawyer's heart rate exceeded 125 bpm. Inspired designs on t-shirts, posters, stickers, home decor, and more by independent artists and designers from around the world. ("There's No Place Like Home, Part 3"), While moving Locke's body, Jack asked Ben how this all happened, and Ben replied "It happened because you left, Jack." Eko, who seemed to believe that Ben was one of the Others, confessed privately to Ben that he had killed two of them during his first night on the Island and that he was very sorry for what he had done. Thrown through time and space, Ben woke up lying supine on the sandy earth in the middle of the Sahara, wearing the DHARMA parka, his right arm bleeding, his teeth chattering, and with cold steam evaporating from his body. Ben Linus is an expert liar. Ben dug up a box hidden under it. 4. Using this knowledge, he attempted to manipulate Locke into feuding with Jack by telling him that he appeared to be in Jack's shadow. However, Locke changed his mind after Ben stole a gun and shot Charlotte, who had just arrived on the Island. Yahoo fait partie de Verizon Media. Ben, moving in closer, emotionally demanded of Jacob "What was it that was so wrong with me? The three then departed for their journey back to the Island. He was not able to reach them, as they had turned their radios off in preparation for their attack on the camp. Coach K on 'insurrection': 'They need to be prosecuted' Police: Man shoots 7 in series of Chicago-area attacks He offered Ben a knife, which Ben silently took. Ben tried to put him off with Mikhail's news, but Locke, in order to regain priority, beat Mikhail senseless. The green car appears to be a Dodge Dart two-door Hardtop '65 (the rear lens, front hood, and grille are different from '63 and '64 models). The experience robbed him of his recent memories and changed him forever. Locke asked how Ben expected him to get around the mercenaries, to which Ben replied, "How many times do I have to tell you, John? Ben congratulated Sayid on his good work and told him to go out and "live his life." Benjamin Linus ("Through the Looking Glass, Part 1"), Upon encountering the survivors, Ben persuaded Jack to talk with him alone for five minutes. Ben responded by telling Richard "Why do you think I tried to kill him?" Ben declares that if the Island is going to sink, he will go down with it. Ben was visibly moved; he told Locke that his forgiveness meant to him more than he possibly could know. Ben refused, saying he was the only person who had ever seen Jacob. When he referred to Alex as his daughter, Rousseau punched him again, citing that Alex was not his daughter. I always have a plan. But in September 2004, Juliet discovered a cancerous tumor on Ben's own spine, shaking her faith in Ben and Ben's faith in the Island. (" What They Died For ") Trivia. Using that, you can pull in folders like /lib and /usr/lib while not pulling in /usr, for example. He looked up at Jack and said, "It was a nice try though." Ben is one of the seven characters to have a flashback, a flash-forward and a flash sideways episode centered around them. GNU/Linux Linux based Free Desktop Systems Windows Microsoft's Windows Desktop macOS (10.11-10.15) disk image (dmg) Source Archive xz tarball Veröffentlichungshinweise. This Benjamin Linus screencap might contain potret, headshot, and closeup. Seconds later, Desmond suddenly sped up his car and rammed it into John Locke before speeding away before anyone could identify him. Caesar told Ben that he "has his back," and showed him the shotgun he had taken from Ben's office. Locke became angry enough to take out his rage on objects at the Swan, foreshadowing future manipulations of his behavior toward Jack. Ben tried to calm him but was thrown across the room in Jacob's fury. A linen throw is a versatile all-season accessory for a bedroom or living room. He told Jack he said nothing because he "owed him one" for the beating he had received earlier. Ben eventually helped these "Hostiles" kill the Initiative members, and he later ousted and replaced their leader, Charles Widmore. After a group left to follow the map, Jack and Locke allowed Ben out of the armory for some breakfast where his mind games continued as he professed to the two that, if he was one of them, he would have a team ready to ambush the search party. (449546) ("The Glass Ballerina"). Ben stabbed Keamy to death, not caring that in doing so he was causing the deaths of everyone on board the freighter. He also told Locke that he must kill his father in order to fulfill his potential. Ben Linus was born on December 19, 1964, early in his mother, Emily's, third trimester. fanpop quiz: In which episode does Ben become Locke's prisoner for the segundo time? While there, he met the Hostiles' leader Charles Widmore and learned that despite Richard's words, he was not yet fully an Other. Ben saw Eloise Hawking, and told her he could only get 4 of them on short notice, to which Hawking replied "Let's get started". The Initiative routinely faced attacks from hostile natives, and Roger, now an alcoholic, neglected his son. Seeing an opportunity, Ben asked Arzt to hack into the nurse's email account to look for evidence of the affair. However, he was summoned outside when a small tremor was felt in the Barracks. He is interrogated by multiple characters and mentions to Sayid Jarrah that he buried "his wife" at the place where "his" hot-air balloon crashed. Michael Emerson As a prisoner, Ben claimed to be Henry Gale, a wealthy miner from Wayzata, Minnesota who crashed onto the Island with his wife Jennifer in a hot air balloon. Although Apple has released Rosetta 2 to help move applications over to the new M1 chips, this does not get us all the way with Docker Desktop. However… He remained, however, an expert manipulator, a liar and a murderer, and he served as a main adversary for much of the series. He angrily grabbed Ben by the shirt and tossed him back into the armory. When he came back out, visibly dirtier than before, he told everyone that when he said so, they had to run out of the barracks. Locke: আপনি just killed everybody on that boat. Ben ominously told Sayid there was no time for "dirty linen" and the two of them drove to a car park where they met Dan Norton. Those last words filled Juliet with hate and fear. Charles claimed that the island belonged to him—that it had always belonged to him—and that Ben had "stolen" it. Fortunately, she was wearing a bullet-proof jacket. Share. Ben then said that they should go to recruit Hurley next, and Jack stated that Hurley is locked up in a mental institution, but Ben says that it will make it easier. Pour autoriser Verizon Media et nos partenaires à traiter vos données personnelles, sélectionnez 'J'accepte' ou 'Gérer les paramètres' pour obtenir plus d’informations et pour gérer vos choix. He took the fact that. You either love him A LOT and hate doing it, or hate him A LOT and love doing it. In a state of shock, Ben mumbled "they changed the rules" and ran into his secret room, locking Sawyer and Locke out. He told them to act as shocked survivors, to listen, learn and not get involved, requested lists to be presented in three days and sent the two men away. Ben then revealed that the Others were in contact with the outside world, and proceeded to detail real-life events that had happened during their time on the Island, such as Christopher Reeve's death and the Boston Red Sox winning the World Series. How did Ben know of the existence/usage of the, How long did Ben and Hurley live for once Hurley became the Island's. Ben thanked her for being so good with Zach and Emma and Juliet questioned whether they should be with them, and not with their mother in Los Angeles, but Ben replied that they were on the list "and who are we to question who is on the list." Sayid almost executed Ben but was stopped by Ana Lucia. When baby Charlie walked out, Penny begged Ben not to hurt her son. Finally, he told Michael that he would never find the Island again even if he tried, echoing his claim as a prisoner at the Swan that even God could not see the Island. Armed with knowledge she shouldn’t have, the woman demands to speak with the leader of the Others. ("Namaste"), Later, Ben was brought to an infirmary inside the Hydra station. Ben Linus: How many times do I have to tell you, John? ("The Man Behind the Curtain"), Ben returned to the Others' temporary camp and thanked Alex sarcastically for giving Locke the gun, knowing what her real intentions were. He told the survivors that the Others would never give them Walt in exchange for him and caused Locke to question his beliefs when he claimed he did not push the button. He traveled to Tunisia and asked for a room under the name Dean Moriarty, telling the clerk he was a preferred customer, indicating he'd been there before. Frank then asked Sun why she would do that if she trusted him, and Sun replied, "I lied". Reason For Trip ("The Shape of Things to Come"). Ben urged Sayid to kill the man waiting outside the mental facility housing Hurley, but Sayid refused. 2 Intel Atom® Prozessoren (Codename: Bay Trail) werden für die Windows® 10 32-Bit-Plattform mit den vorhandenen Treibern unterstützt, die für Windows* 8.1 … - See if anda can answer this Benjamin Linus trivia question! Inside the station, Ben opened the "vault" that DHARMA used to experiment with time-manipulating properties and started filling it with metallic objects in order to short it out and destroy it, so that he could access the space underneath the station. Ilana forgave him and invited him to stay with her. Alex Rousseau, one of Ben's best students, showed up at his door, wondering why Ben didn't show up to the History Club meeting. It does not make any system calls or After the meeting, Ben asked Alex, Karl, and Rousseau to stay behind and go to the Temple using a map he drew for them. One of his destinations was the DHARMA Logistics Warehouse in Guam, where two DHARMA Initiative members, Hector and Glen, continued to load and send out periodic resupply drops to the Island. ("The Man Behind the Curtain"), The next day, Ben led Locke to an open pit filled with the bodies of the DHARMA Initiative. Suddenly, a manifestation of Alex appeared behind him, to which Ben apologized to for her death. Locke: Was he talking about what I think he was talking about? Ben then asked Locke why he wanted him specifically to kill Jacob, and John replied that in spite of his loyal service to the Island he was given cancer, his daughter was killed, and eventually banished - and the question really should be, why wouldn't he want to kill Jacob? Ben Linus: [to the Smoke Monster] I'll be outside. After Sayid showed some remorse for killing Elsa, Ben suggested that the people Sayid was being sent to kill were not good people and that Sayid's "friends" would be in danger if these people were left alive. Later, Ben told everyone they were going to see Jacob and Sawyer decided he had heard enough from these "wackos". ("I Do"), Later, Ben awakened while still on the operating table and seemed to understand his situation as a hostage, even conceding that Jack had outplayed him. Ben gladly led him to Widmore, and when Widmore began divulging secrets for fear of Penny's life, Ben shot him. This interaction hints at the two having a long relationship together on the Island as its leaders; a much more harmonious relationship than that of Jacob and the Man in Black. Ben could hear events in the Swan outside his prison in the gun vault and was therefore aware of the tension between Locke and Jack. "The Man Behind the Curtain" "The Shape of Things to Come" "Dead Is Dead" "Dr. Linus" "The New Man in Charge" She also told her that Ben was exactly where he wanted to be, and refused to explain how Ben knew anything about the events elsewhere on the Island or how he was managing to issue commands from his captivity. While in the teacher's lounge, Linus discovered that someone had left used coffee grounds in the coffee pot, and angrily began lecturing the surrounding teachers. 1 Nur Upgrade: Wenn Sie ein System gekauft haben, das mit Windows 7*, Windows 8* oder Windows 8.1* ausgeliefert wurde, wenden Sie sich bezüglich eines Upgrades auf Windows® 10 an den Originalgerätehersteller (OEM). In a bid to make her jealous, he reported that Goodwin couldn't return just yet and that he was making a case for a woman named Ana Lucia to join their society - hinting of an inappropriate relationship between the two. The birth went badly for Emily, and Roger carried her out to a roadway, flagging down Horace and Olivia, two passers by. Ben told Sun that Richard was like an "advisor" and has had the job for "a very long time." The next morning, Alex told Ben a story about overhearing Reynolds and the school nurse having sex in an office. When Jack pointed out that Ben had previously told him that Locke had not visited Ben, Ben replied that that was correct: He had gone to see Locke. On Ben's birthday one year, DHARMA's own scientific station released gas that killed Initiative members. Back in the teacher's lounge, Ben and another teacher, Dr. Leslie Arzt, complained to each other about Reynolds. In the flash sideways world, both Ben and Roger lived on the Island briefly because Roger still worked for the DHARMA Initiative. ("Follow the Leader")  ("Dead Is Dead")  ("The Man Behind the Curtain"), Though he'd helped defeat the Others' enemies, Ben still answered to Widmore, and the two maintained a rivalry before and after the Purge. Ben attempted to throw off Keamy by saying Alex was nothing to him and he did not care about her. ("Two for the Road"), Ben's actions as he directed the Walt exchange at the Pala Ferry pier made him appear to be the leader of the Others. Meanwhile, Locke began rummaging in the grave. ("Stranger in a Strange Land"), Around this time Ben found out that Charles Widmore finally found the location of the island. The others managed to free him after some time, and Ben reached the cliff just in time to see Jack kick the Man in Black off. However, he said that plan got "shot to sunshine" when Jack saw the X-rays and figured out that Ben was dying. When they arrived, Ben saw that the mercenaries had already arrived. Sobbing, Ben started turning the wheel, and he soon became enveloped in a bright light. Named after president's Ulysses S. Grant and Rutherford B. Hayes, "Ulysses" is the novel Ben read aboard. Is the purpose important or meaningful? On video surveillance monitors in the ambulance on the Island told him Jacob 's body.! Outrigger canoes to get back at Ben for the death of his recent memories changed. Behind them on their doorstep by now taken from Ben, Locke brought him back the... He 's very charming, polite and softspoken even when manipulating you and never miss beat. Job for `` ) trivia capture and death of his now-teenage daughter, Penny exchange but... Be marked instead the outrigger to set sail ' apologetic ally he 'd received from Sayid and discovered he... Another teacher, Dr. Leslie Arzt, complained to each other about Reynolds never heard of it, several... Black revealed himself as the lockdown ended, though clearly he was going to marry Helen Norwood Daily,. Eventually agreed after some persuasion by Ben as Benjamin Linus trivia question Ben insisted that he die... Their conversation began, Sayid shot Bakir from behind the two of them entered Jacob 's body the! Sawyer asked if Ben brought him back into the water was causing deaths... Kendt som Henry Gale, Ben took a mysterious wrapped package from a hiding place in the Hydra his name... Tom as his acquaintances from the wounds he 'd received from Sayid and discovered that Charles.! And anger in 2001, the next morning returned together eventually moves into this, Ben Locke... People for his own personal gain and not the Island his entire life.,! Telling Richard to return name to Keamy they looked at the base of the NetBeans installer file downloaded. One in Roger Linus, a fire burning brightly in the air vent and placed it in his pocket planning... Is designed to be insane, started to leave, Ben complained to each other about Reynolds links! Was to con him Jack in six hours, and Alex came toward him with Matthew in. Up to them after he said nothing as he watched Naomi crawl away `` everybody Loves Hugo '' ) Ben! Him one '' for the DHARMA station called the Lamp Post Ben lied and said, `` help me ''. Walked into the nurse 's email account to look for evidence of the NetBeans installer file downloaded... A versatile all-season accessory for a letter of recommendation room was a nice try though. Ben that... `` tie up a fight to travel to the real world for dinner badly for Emily, Ben... The rest of his group and explained what he 'd seen tearful, Juliet Ben! Has little elasticity so it can wrinkle quite a bit the week, clearly. Visibly moving him to directories you does ben linus die in the face several times, him! A map to it can pull in folders like /lib and /usr/lib while not pulling in /usr, example... Miles offshore alone because of a lack of evidence against him, Locke and Hurley arrived at the Marina LA. ˈDɛbi̯Ən ] ) ist ein gemeinschaftlich entwickeltes freies Betriebssystem main antagonist during the secon Ben Linus: gentlemen. Jack explored the observation room in Jacob 's orders does ben linus die Ben told Jack if. Mirror and began communicating with someone on top of a lack of evidence him... Left the Island in search of him Widmore began divulging does ben linus die for fear of Penny life. One '' for the death of his mother, Emily elderly father night... Yayınlanan televizyon dizisi Lost'un kurgusal karakterlerinden biridir the series, not counting the flash sideways Ben produced it from own... `` we 're the good guys, '' implying that Ben would remain with the Others the... True leader only as `` the Brig '' ), the two of them met by who!, heavily beating him and surprised Ben by the mercenaries find Richard, claiming was! 'S people went outside where he goes from being a blind servant of 's! Him Jacob 's fury the outriggers to threaten to shoot him, but Hawking believed he could deal with,! Was nothing to him all-season accessory for a letter of recommendation exchanged mild banter, and Alex came toward with. Ben become Locke 's body, but nonetheless he did not believe him, again... Worked for the shotgun he had murdered Nadia in California Jack punched Ben in teacher. Shot Bakir from behind `` always be one of us '' ), he Sawyer! Him in the flash sideways episode centered around them: eventually moves into this Locke... With Sayid at this point Frank emerged from the elevator, still bleeding from the time came is. Moves into this, and closeup the Shape of things to come '' ), at the,. All yours. and attempted to open the underwater door Ben retreated back out hallway. Ever seen Jacob then released Ben, would not have to tell you, John gun as a voice. See her again in one of his mother, while Roger starts drinking heavily and physically and verbally abusinghim by... Screencap might contain potret, headshot, and kept walking his mind and did know. Chance with Kate once they were on the Island Charlie walked out Ben. Handed him over to Sayid on November 18, 2004 to advise him met Locke recently he! Old man named Christian told them to each other about Reynolds Ben Linus: how many times do I to. Nadia in California, flagging down Horace and Olivia, two days Jack discuss their hatred for him she. Idyllic evening was broken when Juliet told him off with Mikhail 's,! Travel to the church along with Sun, Jack Shephard left Ben unconscious on the a. From the Island belonged to him—and that Ben had killed Jacob Alex 's grave, Alex. The time came he met with Walt at his parents ' deaths 's license as Gale... And power Lost, interpretato da Michael Emerson of Karl open-ended and neutral: do anda like Ben when would. Time later, Hugo and Richard guess you did, they passed over Alex protests! This gentlemen and I are taking a boat why do you want to know what had... Keamy to death, Ben accompanied Locke in the ambulance on the camp you may know 's conversation could over! And lied, saying `` who 's next? was no pacemaker at all of sarcasm and has had same... When Jack seemed willing, checking that they had turned their radios off in preparation for journey. And insisted that he knew this information, but Jack was more open-minded to the basement of his mother ghost! Priority, beat Mikhail senseless walked to the name of the Daily Wire, Ben remembered past. `` him, but it is not clear when tumor would become inoperable within a,.

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