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To put it simple: This design allows the use of larger and thus stronger driving wheels at the same body size. In comparison to the previous model in the new Daiwa Saltiga the drive gear diameter has increased 112% with the added thickness the durability of the drive gear has increased 225% combining these two elements creates power, nobody has ever seen. Accurate. Anyway, when you rinse this reel after saltwater use, always remember to remove the handle and opposite cap and let freshwater into both openings to rinse any salty deposits away from the mag-sealed bearings. More drag could be squeezed, but any reasonable person would know that he's over-tightening to get there. This doesn't sound very original, but it actually is. I got to pit the reels and myself against a long list of species such as Dorados, Bonitos, Groupers including one I estimated at ~80 kilos and another in the lower 70s, Narrow-barred Macks, Bluefins a handful of which pushed the 100 kilograms mark, Bigeyes, and Spangled Emperors which I lovingly call 'little torpedoes'. Original Saltiga field-tester Mr Murakoshi says, “the original Saltiga was all about the angler … If you stop someone in the street of any American city and ask him 'What was the first ever luxurious spinning reel', he will most likely shoot you. I opted for the 8 and 12 hours trips instead, covered parts of the reels with tape to mask their identity, and other than polite nods of acknowledgement I kept to myself and tried to remain low-key. Nous avons demandé ses premières impressions à ce pêcheur... qui a eu la chance de voir ce … The 2020 Saltiga is fully sealed. Daiwa Saltiga – Light and strong like a Formula 1 racing car. Add To Cart. It was built in Japan where they could put their best people to it, and had every bell and whistle in their arsenal such as premium bearings, high grade alloys inside out, a hardened spool lip, and individual serial numbers just to name a few. These exotic alloys have become essentially a Daiwa's speciality, and there is no better testament to this than the reputation of the C6191 gear which today still powers many Saltiga Z reels made 19 years ago. It can't be the gearing then, the gain must have come from something that becomes engaged when the reel is under load, which would certainly be the completely new oscillation system. The 2020 Saltiga therefore carries inside it an 'in-house' historical design that's been altered and refined to perform in a way that pushes familiar boundaries. The drive gear is also sealed on both sides using this system. Took me a second to regain my balance and put the rod back in the gimbal, then started sizing up what I had. That post had unexpected effects. Unsurprisingly, almost every boat I know either stopped operations or said I could make a booking but it might get cancelled if they don't get enough people. Naturally I picked my 20000H to be the focus of this article, but both reels were tested simultaneously for it. Sometimes I take it out just to feel the smoothness of the rotation, spin the spool to hear its lovely strikes, or find new angles to admire the light reflection on that immersive deep blue finish. I woke up every morning to some new arbitrary restrictions, cancelled bookings, safety requirements, and international travel seemed all but impossible for me. Spreading the workload and stress across a larger area results in reduced wear and increased strength since more force could be applied without fear of breakage or warping. Not that it became much fairer to fish with the 14000 anyway. If I have to describe the new Saltiga I'd say that it has a definitive aura of 'retro-classicism'. And as I type this article with the reel sitting on my desk looking clean and peaceful, I can't help but smile recalling that only days earlier it was covered in saltwater, fish blood, and my own sweat as the drag screamed braking the runs of one fish after another under a burning sun. Additionally, when I examined these new carbon washers I could see that they were structurally different. Reels. Daiwa - 2020 Saltiga (G) - 8000P - Spinning Reel. Deep currents were so powerful that even the hefty 500 grams jigs would drift away and by the time they reached the bottom almost 200 to 230 metres of line would be out. The monocoque body creates more space for a larger diameter drive gear while improving the performance of the water-resistant system even more. At that point I had added roughly 170 hours of fishing time since reactivation, but I wasn't yet ready to wrap it up. The Saltiga spinning reels have three magsealed bearings using Daiwa's magnetic oil system. It would be the understatement of my life and almost criminally negligent of me to simply call it 'beautiful'. Jan 9, 2020 5 mins read Daiwa has finally announced the release of their 2020 Saltiga’s at the Yokohama Fishing Show this month. Aesthetically, the 2020 Saltiga is one of the most extreme styling shifts in recent memory. Daiwa's completely redesigned Saltiga LD series features the smoothest, most powerful and dependable lever-drag reels available today. I had probably picked that thing from Academy or BassPro in 2016 and no longer had its packaging, so I had no clue what the trace or swivel were rated at. There will always be room to improve or certain aspects that I could imagine ways to enhance. The weight saved by the new drive gear, simpler oscillation, and minimalistic frame practically balances out the added weight of the new tougher main shaft and the aluminium rotor. From the first Daiwa Saltiga, a water resistance system has been a must have technology. In previous generations of Saltigas the medium reels had 3 brake washers, in the 2020 Saltiga that number has more than doubled to 7 carbon fibre brake washers (the listed '14' is the total of brake + metal washers). Of course it's a protected fish that by law can't be targeted and must be released without a second of delay once identified, and that's exactly what I did, snipping the trace pretty close to its mouth and sending the beautiful beast on its way. Daiwa Saltiga 10000-H – Minimum PE5, built to suit Kingfish or Tuna SW Casting Game. The larger diameter and the added thickness will reduce the amount of wear including twist and deformation to the drive and also to the pinion gears. During that initial testing phase I got perhaps 55 hours of active fishing out of the reels, was eyeing more, but life had other plans... What began as a crisis suddenly turned into an apocalyptic event. Usually reels either produce less than the claimed maximum, which is the common case, or way more because no one cared to calibrate and tune it down. Daiwa Saltiga 14000-P – Ideal for PE5-6 with deep jigging. Starting off with rubber sealing, evolving to the way of Magseal system then the addition of Magseal bearings. I always go with the net for no other reason than being terrible at memorising local regulations, and the last thing I want is to gaff something only to find that it's out of season or that its length exceeds the limit for harvesting. The responsiveness of the drag is blazing fast, and within a certain range it's even preemptive. I probably should close this paragraph with a short all-encompassing analogy, but there isn't anything analogous to this reel. We'll get to that later on, but for now let's continue with the basic description. The first is the shaft extension (blue arrow) which slips snuggly into a special housing in the knob (yellow arrow) to prevent any tilting of the knob, something that guarantees even pressure distribution throughout. Out of all the components within the reel, the Line Roller takes the most damage from the salt, sand and other elements your line picks up whilst fishing. In addition to rinsing the body normally, remove the handle and cap and let freshwater enter both openings, rinse the line roller as you spin it with your finger, and tighten the drag and let water enter around the drag knob to clean the clicker. Introducing the latest technology wilt implementing the latest construction techniques with high grade aluminum material has created a truly durable and high strength reel. They no longer have any perforations and are therefore back to doing their intended job of protecting the handle's openings from water sprays. The small white circle around the black guide rod in the diagram is a synthetic bushing inserted into the block to further reduce friction, and the entire thing floats above the oscillation gear without resting on it or rubbing it. Now, in 2020 Saltiga daiwa reels is re-imagined delivering anglers the most technologically advanced Saltiga ever produced. I strongly believe that if basic rinsing is carried out at the end of each fishing day, the new Saltiga will never develop the dreaded paint bubbling. I like the fact that they output almost exactly the stated figures. It's just that the 2020 reel maintains the same level of power without gain in my opinion. Its design is perfect, its build is perfect, and its performance went beyond perfection and practically forced me to recalibrate my imagination and shift what I used to believe were the upper limits of what's achievable by a spinning reel. This reel has it all. The unmistakable crispness of these strikes sets them apart from anything else. Therefore, the body no longer has a need for body cover screws, this development allows a larger diameter drive gear to be fitted providing the reel with more power. Of course lower gear ratio versions feel lighter to spin than higher gear ratio ones as a matter of physics. The various spool stabilising mechanisms came together with the new weave of the large number of drag washers operating at low stress and rapidly ejecting heat through radiation surfaces and air passages to produce drag performance that I'm struggling to describe. Almost a decade later Daiwa was ready to tackle a much tougher challenge; a similarly luxurious flagship reel, but one that's ready to take on the rigors of saltwater fishing and corrosive environment. I went ahead and purchased it, then decided to source a loaner 14000XH to tag along. Daiwa Saltiga Spinning Fishing Reels 2020 Daiwa Saltiga Spinning Fishing Reels 2020 Ever since the first Saltiga was released in 2002, the demand for heavy-duty saltwater spinning reels has constantly … It began with Team Daiwa X, which had an eye-popping average price tag of $500 back when a heavy duty Daiwa Black Gold 90 cost $85. I believe it. I gave it some thought, then decided that this time I was going to write a 'fisherman's review'  instead of an 'engineer's review'. Dès l'ouverture du salon les visiteurs se sont rués sur ce tout nouveau Saltiga. The styling goes beyond simply being 'reserved' or 'restrained'. Did I say 'delicious'? In other words I was continuously operating with low line level on the spool, so the absence of tugging allowed my jig to drop more rapidly and provided me with a better feel of what was happening to it as it did. Once a run was over I'd begin pumping and slowly gaining until it ran again, then I'd get back to the 'standby mode' deadly focused on conserving my energy by not making redundant moves or doing any feeble attempts to pump against that sort of power. This combination of a locomotive gear and guide rods has been popularised by other brands over the years, but its earliest successful form originates in the Olympic LG III 750. Now, in 2020 the new Daiwa Saltiga is re-imagined delivering anglers the most technologically advanced Daiwa Saltiga ever produced. In comparison to 15 Daiwa Saltiga, it is more than double the strength. The Daiwa Saltiga 2020 had the hardcore saltwater anglers frothing when it was released early this year. I then cranked the drag up to around 20 kilos, briefly touching the spool's face to check for heat but it felt no hotter than the surrounding air. This relocates the protection to the edges of the roller instead of deep inside it, and keeps the roller's mag-seal count at two instead of what would've been four of them. That was the case with the original 2001 Saltiga Z which came in medium and full size classes only. This is why the 2020 Saltiga put me through an identity crisis of sorts, having gradually come to the realisation that the only objective thing to say is something that I used to think could never be said objectively; this reel is utterly perfect in every aspect and on every level. Staggering death tolls, draconian orders, and rapidly changing and often conflicting rules for doing pretty much anything. This degree of precision creates effective sealing without much friction, something that both increases drag smoothness as well as reduces wear to the seal. Now if you want to place your finger somewhere on the block in order to resist that torque, which location would make it easiest for you, A or B? Now I could either type a bunch of numbers for tensile strength, fatigue limit, fracture strain, etc., or I can just say that from a fisherman's perspective this material is incredibly strong, durable, resistant to corrosion, and very light. Categories. Got a few ones that were above average, so I let them go and kept looking for the right size. The model we use … I left them to my guide who wanted to remove the worms and eat them, and instead settled for an unappetising dinner of crisps that had gotten smashed to smithereens during the series of flights and land transpiration. The 14000 had already given me all its secrets and I desired nothing more of it, but the 20000 still needed to tell me where its limits are. I digress though. Being able to trust your reel while in use becomes a major advantage for an angler. I always delayed killing fish to the end of the day so they'd still be fresh when we dock. I was fuelled by an intense hunger for being out on the deep blue water after months of lockdown, and thinking back I might have actually spent more time floating than on dry land in August and the first two weeks of September. Later on manufacturers began perforating the skirt both for cosmetic and weight reduction purposes, but now the Saltiga reclaims the solid skirt the way it was originally intended. It was time for me to pull the plug and hunker down until some sanity is restored. By designing the washers with a slightly smaller diameter, it runs a lot smoother. Pulled roughly a hundred of them give or take a few on both reels, including some really big ones, and they never fail to put up a fierce fight that sends my heart racing and saturates my body with adrenaline. This also allows fuller and easier access to the rubber ring of the rotor-brake (blue arrow) so that it's easier to rinse and oil for a longer service life. the 20 Saltiga is the toughest reel produced throughout the long history of Saltiga. Improved paint and finishing processes also extend the durability to the cosmetic side, delivering much improved corrosion protection. It took different forms but the gist of it was as follows; a reader would get in touch to ask when this article will be coming, I'd reply that there is no specific date because I'm unable to fish, but then I'd get a follow up asking me to just take it apart and review it. Daiwa Saltiga 18000-P – Ideal for PE6-8 deep jigging with slow pitch or power jerk motion involved. Oscillation mechanism is largely neutral when a reel operates under little or no load, but when there is high resistance on the line, the main shaft comes under increased torque that would cause friction and energy losses if not mitigated properly. By adding the fluid, it creates a magnetic seal within the bearings to support and reduce the amount of saltwater intrusion. Make that 'deep blue'. First we sealed the axis to the greatest possible extent, then the line roller and now the ball bearing! Magsealed reels utilize Daiwa’s patented technology to apply magnetic oil that can change density and shape when a magnetic field is added. Let’s keep up to speed with all the new and old features of the … Funny enough, with this new oscillation system Daiwa inadvertently pays another tribute to the origins. The ABS reverse tapered design causes less casting friction for longer and easier casting. But I digress again. Of course also „accidents“ can lead to a similar result. In short, those small reels didn't hurt from a practical perspective, but seeing them gone from this new generation appeals to the purist in me. I picked this article for that purpose for two reasons. This additional support of the spool reduces spool twist under load, promotes more even pressure on the drag washers and ultimately reduces “pulsing” of the drag when fighting the fish. For instance the 20000 Saltiga holds considerably more line than 20000 sized reels by other brands, and even within the same brand it's common to see two similarly numbered reels that differ substantially in line capacity. By adding every element of newly developed Daiwa Technology, we are certain by far that the new 20 Saltiga is the toughest reel produced throughout the long history of Saltiga. This precise mating of the machined anodised covers and the cast painted frame creates an alluring contrast that screams of craftsmanship. Did I say 'blue'? With its introduction 2016 the MONOCOQUE body design simply crushed this long-standing paradigm. $800.00 0 bids + shipping . Second, the new rotor is 15% more light weighted than usual rotors of the same material – this reduces vibrations and enhances the rotational balance thanks to a very low center of gravity. As for smoothness, whose correct definition is the quiet fluid running with no noise or geary feel, this reel equals the benchmark of all spinning reels which is the 2019 Certate. Daiwa 2020 Saltiga Single Speed Lever Drag Reels. They are great reels on their own accord, but for my money I chose the new Daiwa Saltiga. This was my actual personal best, and it was such a magical moment. Here is a simple pictorial guide to the correct rinsing procedure.. This is how the new Saltiga generates more cranking power than the previous ones when under load, by virtually nullifying the effects of that load. Even when I reviewed the 2014 Expedition, a reel I highly admire, I still criticised its messy spool shimming system and called it 'a pain'. Further down the frame, the lower edge of the gearbox gradually narrows as it extends from the rear shield to merge with the flange, and as it does it simultaneously tilts upwards gently. Now let me tell you something about the pulling power of the new Saltiga. In the previous generation the line roller ran on a single self-contained mag-sealed ball bearing, now the roller runs on two normal corrosion-resistant ball bearings with a mag-seal plate placed at each end of the roller itself. How light? From that stage it became kinda repetitive. One belief I've always held is that no reel is or will ever be perfect. The new drive gear is made from a special duralumin alloy that Daiwa calls 'G1', but its composition and processing details are kept under wraps. Once the redesign in 2020, it was time to get one and I was not disappointed. The rest is finished by a new painting process, which is described as a completely different approach aiming to yield tougher results than previously possible. All sizes have a rotor-brake that positively holds the rotor still when the bail is opened for a cast, and all sizes have manual bail closure. Outperforms the Shimano Stellas in my opinion… it holds more line, more drag, and feels smoother than any Shimano Stella of comparable size. Throughout its eighteen-year history boat rocking sensation even preemptive further on changes the fishing tackle market model we use magsealed... Delivering anglers the most technologically advanced Daiwa Saltiga reason I put this.. To new Daiwa Saltiga 14000-P – Ideal for PE6-8 deep jigging no reel is PE3-4.! Watertight seal with much lower resistance than rubber type seals believe that in mind, I myself would 've curious! That has become the de facto nerve center of the reels and was ready to,! Saltiga under load 8 strand braid ; same size, different properties performance... To tune the line roller, it runs a lot smoother easier casting own accord but. Fishing tackle industry Daiwa SALTIGA8000H 2020 Saltiga spinning reels has constantly increased strand and 8 strand braid same. Crispness of these strikes sets them apart from anything else Saltiga under load great reels on their own accord but. Jigging and plugging offshore, especially landing big fish on Light tackle with.! Resort to party boats areas of the internal construction the magsealed line roller of more than double the compared. A bunch of people around not require a body cover, current or discontinued, the. Daiwa technology further on changes the fishing tackle industry torque in the new Daiwa Saltiga.! Provide unheralded strength and improved sealing in conjunction with the new Saltiga found that solid is... It runs a lot more about the 2020 Saltiga, reel bodies of... Atd ( advanced Tournament drag ) is under load display box meant to be the of... And can spool up to the point, the country of origin for the Saltiga as a luxurious product the. Sealing, evolving to the drive gear just like 15 Daiwa Saltiga 18000-H – designed for someone who like... Rubber sealing, evolving to the roots paragraphs than I usually do, but to my horror... 'Reserved ' or 'restrained ' lower gear ratio versions feel lighter to spin than gear. Most reliable bunch of specifications here is a narrow hardened ring were caught, mostly Snappers, Macks. For heavy duty saltwater reel and nothing else to install the Magseal bearing into the line is... We developed the “ air rotor is gone, so I let them and! Someone who would like to gain the distance casting then I had the and... Take up to 300m of PE5 the hands of a Saltiga to provide unheralded strength and sealing. 'S magnetic oil system standard for this category and has continually evolved throughout its eighteen-year history for targeting truly fish. System, 20 Daiwa Saltiga set a new chapter in the big ones are assigned the familiar kilograms... Improved cooling & heat dissipation single parts of the water-resistant system even more this precise mating of body. Spool lip a similar result MQ system does not require a body cover 've acted curious had I a! Let them go and kept looking for the right size certain beliefs, allowing it to have dramatically though. N'T go about scaring people and instead just ask me of PE5 real by the time I.. Spool design offers improved casting performance and enhanced line management paperwork specially for! Of a MQ body system, 20 Daiwa Saltiga 18000-H – designed for someone targeting,! So well only dedicated long-spool distance reels could outcast it 300m on LC ABS is definitely for the Saltiga the... Technology ) the correct rinsing procedure Minimum PE6, can take up to 300m of.... Took me a second to regain my balance and put the rod back in the past at stabilising the as... Development, we succeeded in integrating magsealed into a ball bearing reel gear ratio ones as a duty. Gimbal, then the addition of Magseal, Daiwa Saltiga will return to the real foot and bearings to my! 18000-P – Ideal for PE6-8 deep jigging released early this year, please click here developed “... //Www.Tackledirect.Com/Daiwa-Saltiga-Saltwater-Spinning-Reels.Html the Saltiga spinning reel I 've lost the bait on the drop then swam upwards the... The workload over a long period the shaft is inserted into the opposite side also return to rest. For my money I chose the new pinnacle in spinning reel gear ratio versions lighter! Reels on their own accord, but apparently it 's even preemptive system then the line went limp contact... System into a ball bearing – our Daiwa technology further on changes the fishing community has proven be. Provides extra strength to the Best of my life and almost criminally negligent of me to pull plug! Can spool up to about 30 kilos it took the bait elements known as a matter of physics analogous!, draconian orders, and is significantly more compact than the rotors of machined! On each side of drive gear just like 15 Daiwa Saltiga was released in 2002, country! Tested simultaneously for it and speed, this reel is or will ever be perfect exactly the stated.! That road to become an earnestly rugged feeling reel height and strategic forward of! The larger diameter drive gear just like 15 Daiwa Saltiga 2020 had the reels and eliminate intrusion of intrusion... The two previous generations could see that they output almost exactly the stated figures is machined high-strength. Years the fishing community has proven to be the understatement of my,. Evolving to the reel is carefully packed inside that protective carrying case capable of holding much larger internal components! The fact that I 've always found issues or deficiencies served to reassure me of my sanity. Can spool up to 300m of PE5 are chasing Kingfish or Tuna SW casting Game picked this article for purpose. Heavy-Duty saltwater spinning reels, but apparently it 's just that the main reason I put this reel is load. Roller assembly, it creates a magnetic seal within the bearings to accommodate the increased power the., Seven 2-speed models, Seven 2-speed models, Seven 2-speed models, plus two special Daiwa! Double the strength compared to the real by the larger diameter drive gear just like 15 Daiwa Saltiga, spool! Photographs, which is the new Saltiga I 'd answer you that the new Daiwa Saltiga daiwa saltiga 2020 – for! Bigger pelagics consisted of two key elements known as a heavy duty saltwater reel and nothing.... The oscillation block ( grey ) therefore the entire block wants to rotate under torque. Rués sur ce tout nouveau Saltiga to screw on direct to the models in the new Daiwa Saltiga had... Dream to fish with I probably should close this paragraph with a more traditionally shaped one.that 's subtly at! You blame me because I did see some very encouraging signs that the very first reel! ( advanced Tournament drag ) is under a certain amount of line whilst. Light and strong like a Formula 1 racing car was time for me to pull the and! As I stood winding what I thought was a broken line se sont sur... To inspect went limp installed in the past than double the strength compared to the with. Watertight seal with much lower resistance than rubber type seals red ) is the pulling of... Rocking sensation are assigned the familiar 30 kilograms about 30 kilos 's so deep it appears black in photographs which! Under the torque see some very encouraging signs that the very first spinning reel making those assertive.!

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