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The five are targeted by a T-Rex who runs after them. Garu stops her, only to be chased by Pucca, still wearing the wedding gown. Chasing it to the hill, Pucca proceeds to beat up the couch until it spits Garu out. When leaving the restaurant, Garu and Mio hear Yani's distressed cry and give chase. 10:06 [Pucca en EspaƱol] Pucca Que Empiece la Fiesta | Latino Capitulos Completos . But when Tobe taunts Garu by stealing the book that was autographed for him, Pucca gives Tobe his just rewards by beating him up and sending him flying. As a result, the ninjas are stuck together back to back. Ching and Pucca track down Abyo's face, but find it has fallen in Tobe's hands. Ssoso is captured by a pterodactyl, and is mistaken for one of its children. For Mushi's fear of getting older, he sends his zombies to kidnap Baby New Year. https://puccafanon.fandom.com/wiki/Season_3?oldid=3874. In order to keep up with its plan to bring down Goh-Rong, Dong King Restaurant tries to vacate the rival chefs' positions. He promptly uses this against Garu. When Pucca confronts them, she beats up the female rabbit and turns her into a chocolate bunny. However, the sign for the restroom was switched to a door leading outside, causing Yani to be kidnapped by Tobe. After defeating his space zombies, Muji eats the noodles, but grows to a massive proportion and blows up. (Pucca!) The citizens of Sooga Village line up to see Santa not knowing that it is really Tobe in disguise. Garu avoids Pucca and knocks on the hatch to the opening, causing Tobe to come out and get hit by Garu. It is cut short when Santa takes back his present, which Garu uses the distraction to escape. While doing his grooming routine, a flock of birds come in through Master Soo's window. After Abyo is taken out, Pucca teams up with Garu to destroy the competition. Muji tries to shave Dugong's mustache until Pucca gets involved. This throws off Tobe's plans after his snow plow gets stuck in mud, and while Master Soo is distracted, he changes the weather back to winter. Factory", "Pucca: Sooga Super Squad - DVD | Shout! Factory", https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=List_of_Pucca_episodes&oldid=992820052, Lists of Canadian children's animated television series episodes, Lists of South Korean animated television series episodes, Articles needing additional references from December 2010, All articles needing additional references, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License. Tobe uses this to his advantage by ringing bells wherever Garu goes to make him go paranoid, and to lead him into the trap he set up. When Garu falls into the trap, he is unknowingly saved by Pucca from a giant falling boulder, to which she angrily beats up Tobe and his ninjas for. Garu steps up to challenge Mushi to a lumberjack off in order to protect the forest. One of the 12 segments is from the Pucca Television Film, Puccalogy. Abyo seeks out, and finds the sofa, dropping inside it and trying to find the treasure. Muji attempts cheating in various ways to knock Garu off his board, but Pucca interferes. The old turtle master then scolds Tobe who is trapped in a portable vacuum cleaner container for going against his advice to make a terrible fortune cookie. Pucca chases Garu back to the restaurant where everyone is happily waiting. Pucca isn't interested and sends the celebrity on his way out literally. As the final ornament, Pucca arrives with the Crystal Moon topper and catches it after it falls from the top. Abyo, Garu, Ssoso and Tobe enter a race where they pull one of Master Soo's beautiful ladies around a racecourse in a rickshaw. In the end, Pucca unzips her exterior to reveal her skeleton and promptly chases after skeleton Garu. Together with their look alikes, everyone fights Tobe and his ninjas. Garu creates a clone and it becomes his own talking person, whom Pucca falls in love with. She stumbles inside a shop with carpet, and charges herself up using the carpet to have the same lightning powers, which she passes to Garu. Ching tries to make Abyo her boyfriend until Muji kidnaps her. Pucca finds Garu again and the Garu runs away in a high-speed chase that the director tries to film. Tobe sends his minion to change the weather back, causing the weather to go back and forth until eventually Pucca snaps off the lever, causing a tornado to form and a cold wind to blow in, freezing the feuding Tobe and Garu. The two are in love, and do several misdemeanors around the village to express their love. The northern lights go out at Iglooga Village and Garu must find a way to fix them before the snow beast can destroy the village. Furious, she goes to the movie Garu is in. Pucca digs a wishing well, in hopes of making a wish that Garu would love her, when she ends up digging a hole to the other side of the earth, ending up in the Wild West. Afterwards the doctor informs Garu about his bodies inheriting new antibodies resembling Pucca much his detest. The Vagabonds try to steal cans from a food drive, not knowing that the food is for them. A futuristic place known as Space Station Sooga has run out of noodles, and the batch of infinite noodles has been stolen by Muji, to the panic of the residents. To retaliate, the chefs decide to throw Pucca a party at the Goh-Rong and also invite everyone. A shortened version of the song plays at the beginning of every episode and a longer instrumental version plays during the end credits of the first two seasons. However, when the citizens of Sooga get fat (including Garu) and the Goh Rong shuts down due to unprofitability, Pucca doesn't take this facing down. Garu Hood must battle a dragon in order to rescue the noodle bowl and Dada. As night falls, Pucca tries a variety of ways to break into the jail cell, but is thwarted by Garu each time. Garu's favorite martial artist has come to visit Sooga Village. And one of the 6 segments are from 4 11-minute episodes. Try to stop the team from taking over Sooga Village (and also the world)! Garu and Tobe accidentally gets stuck together after a laundry incident. Pucca is an animated series based on the original web shorts created by Boo Kyoung Kim and Calvin Kim from the South Korean company VOOZ Character System.The first two seasons were a co-production between VOOZ and Jetix Europe, animated in Flash by Canadian studio Studio B Productions directed by Greg Sullivan. join together to rule over Sooga Village (then the world) and 1 girl is the only one who can stop them! Tobe crashes the party and secretly targets Pucca dressed as Garu, but when he attacks, is shocked to find that "Garu" has become a much better martial artist. GOOD FANON. Master Loo returns to take the maidens on a date with Soo trying to ruin it. Pucca brings Garu, Mio, and Yani back to the restaurant, and while the cats eat, Pucca shows Garu her Jell-O dessert. But there is Season 3 of Pucca. The only way the town will be restored is if Ring-Ring confronts her dark half and has it return to her body at once. While everyone likes the nice and kind Ring-Ring, her succubus form wrecks havoc. Touched, Ring-Ring joins the party with everyone else With Her Chicken Girls. This forces Pucca to make the deliveries on foot, but she immediately cheers up when her uncles give her the special order she wanted to take to Garu, wrapped prettily. Hey Garu! When Ring-Ring tries to maries Garu and makes the mistake of taunting Pucca, she unleashes her Weather Goddess powers. The entire village, including Garu, acts and talks like chickens. / Bad Heir Day / The Waves (Or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Surf the Water), "Continuum of Cartoon Foolery / Pucca Generations / BadApple". Master Soo is reading a book, the bridal shop owner is throwing rice, and Garu catches the present, which flips open to reveal a ring, giving Pucca the illusion that it is her wedding. (KAnantua113, January 17, 2020)" Episodes [edit | edit source] This season contains 26 episodes (78 segments).

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