bloomz vs seesaw

You will need to teach your students how to use the app, even if some of them have used it before. Anything that a student posts must be approved by you, unless you turn that setting off. If you’re not ready to upload templates, then this shouldn’t be a problem for you. I was using Remind, Facebook, text messages, email blasts, paper newsletters, class blog, paper calendar and electronic calendar, paper sign up sheets and more. Seesaw gives students a place to document their learning, be creative and learn how to use technology. How Does Bloomz Compare to Other Parent-Teacher Communication Apps? I have been using Bloomz since September of 2014, and love it! There is a direct message feature separate from a “class story”. I worked with Classdojo a little but I hadn’t head of SeeSaw until very recently. Thanks! The QR code is ready to go for Back to School night and I really push the importance of logging on. Hi Lisa, At the time, you can’t post a student link from Class Dojo to Seesaw. Thanks for sharing your story! It works on mobile devices as well as the desktop, so it is accessible for everyone. ClassDojo has the students starting from a blank page only. The difference between Remind and Class Tag is that there are more ways to communicate with parents. I have used Dojo for student points for years, but I have never used the parent linkage part. Are you able to control content? You can either get notifications through the app, through text, or through email. I would only remove points for missing homework, but not for behavior. Bloomz is … I've stuck to the flipped classroom because I believe in the power of video. Ease of use: Just like Seesaw, this classroom app is simple to use. I am also leaning towards Bloomz but was wondering when you post pictures of student work, is it all posted on one main page or can you create albums or accounts where parents can just see their own child’s work? You are very welcome! Thank you so much! You can easily turn off the ads in the settings! Parent Support and Engagement. Each student gets their own journal and will add things to … Thanks for a great review of all these apps! To avoid it (or try to), I’d address each message with “Dear Families”…. =) Thanks for sharing. My favorite part from the teacher perspective is the volunteer features. This is an awesome comparison! However, if you’re just learning how to use the Seesaw app, the free version has more than enough. Thanks! I’m currently trying to decide whether to use it or Bloomz and would love another opinion. Allow me to message/share with a few select or all parents. Input your search keywords and press Enter. Bloomz is a free app available for both Apple and Android that allows teachers to connect with families in a variety of meaningful ways. ClassTag has a suite of free tools that make organizing events and activities and getting participation. There are multimedia options, such as drawing, video, photos, and notetaking. A great parent communication app is classroom community changing! Google Slides with links directly link into Seesaw. Positive & Negative Reviews: Seesaw Parent & Family - 10 Similar Apps, 5 Review Highlights & 27,992 Reviews. seesaw vs bloomz. Newer features include voice messaging and 2-way chatting between teachers and parents. I also would like to know which one (Seesaw or Dojo) works best with Google Classroom. They really are an easy way to give parents information about classroom happenings and give them opportunities to help. I’d […], I connected with you during the #teacherfriends chat last night. If you want to learn how to make engaging Seesaw activities, check out his tutorials here. Click on the picture to grab it today! I’d love to hear which app or apps you plan to use or are already using! They can see the work that their students complete in class. You can send private messages to students as well as making class stories. Videos cannot be uploaded, and instructions cannot be recorded. Parents have all of it within one app, and students can move through their portfolio easily. I think this is a great tool for reflection and creativity among students. I’m actually going to use two of the reviewed apps (Bloomz and Seesaw). No. All the events and requests have built in reminders so they weren’t forgetting (even parent teacher conference signups)! FYI — If you’re a Bloomz user, you can vote for them now! I was feeling the same way – so many options, which is best? With 9 essential tips to get you started, 5 tutorial videos, and 4 workbook pages, this is going to start you on your way to becoming confident with technology. I update when app developers and/or users like you help me to realize that an app has been updated., thank you! As a school wife function principals can peek into all teachers posts to see what students are working on. I’m a kindergarten teacher and I have used ClassDojo for 4 years. They are adding a worksheet component. View the Class Messenger Prezi to learn more. Hi, Janna – – thanks for your comments. Hi! This classroom app started as a behavior tracker for classroom management, but has recently added a student portfolio portion as well. While you can share student journals within your classroom environment, what makes this app so special is that parents can subscribe to their child’s journal and receive notifications when artifacts are added. Your email address will not be published. Allow me to schedule events and notify parents of the events. This has been a lifesaver for maintaining our classroom community. On the other hand, Bloomz … This can be confusing at times because they’re all lumped together. Pick the ONE thing that you’re going to use it for the most, and find the classroom app that does it best. I would then just check their work on Seesaw (mostly for the worksheet aspect like with math). The students become much more responsible for their behavior by asking to see the “chart.” Class Dojo will put the behavior stats in a pie chart for any date, or range of dates, you ask it to. Hi Lindsay, this is the one thing I wish Seesaw has. Once you enter your students into your account, you can customize your behaviors and assign or remove points. I came home, signed up all my parents and never looked back. They will only see their own children’s journal, and not their classmates. Parents can message other parents. My school has been using Living Tree since it was developed three years ago. Jo. Hi Jennifer, ClassDojo doesn’t provide links for Google Classroom. My experience has been very similar to Melissa’s. I attempted to use Class Dojo the fourth quarter; however, we left our classroom 3 weeks in. The students would ask me to see it and would really straighten up if they saw they were sliding backward. I allow all my students to choose the same animal if they choose. I would recommend you to take a look at Classtree. I’m sorry to hear about Class Messenger. Awesome! I love it and when school starts it is all I will use! If I want to send a message to all the parents with pictures of our apple orchard field trip, it doesn’t get confused with a private messages. I have been using – new kid on the block that was piloted in my Kindergarten classroom and quickly expanded to the whole school. The focal point for Class Dojo is classroom management and behavior tracking/reporting. I love to create and share. I’ve linked the photo below to the Google Doc where Jessica has this chart. Jessica. Best wishes as you embark on your new school year journey! Start free trial for all Keywords. Which app(s) do you use to strengthen and build parent engagement and communication? In order for Bloomz to support free accounts for the high parent user population, we have implemented certain limitations in high-cost, high-frequency activities related to their media usage. Parents are encouraged to be engaged through messages, photos, and voice notes from the teacher. Especially during our distance learning model. Seesaw has a class blog feature as well. Hope this helps! Thanks. Thanks for the app recommendation! I’m currently trying to decide between Dojo and Seesaw…. Meet Melissa, a teacher who saved time using Bloomz for all her parent communications. In this first part of my series of the best classroom apps, I’m going to disassemble four different classroom apps, Seesaw, ClassDojo, Remind, and Class Tag. Ease of Use: Basically if you can use Facebook, you can use Seesaw. Please contact and they can definitely help you!! It’s important that they learn how you expect them to utilize the tools, as well as how to be responsible. From what I understand, Edmodo is an LMS (learning management system), and is for students. Excited…!! Your students will see their own work, any messages from you, and any activities you assign. The app was piloted in my classroom, and in short order it was adopted by our whole school. You are welcome! Optimizing for buyer keywords. I’m not sure, however, if parents can respond via text. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Bloomz is the mobile and web app that has all the features educators need to connect, communicate and coordinate with parents, from messaging and quick updates with photo and video sharing, calendar coordination, volunteers and conferences signups, to behavior management and student portfolios, all in one beautifully designed, easy to use app. I like this part better than Seesaw, as they’re separate and the messages and pictures you might want to show everyone aren’t mixed together. When you post an announcement to the whole class, it goes into the same feed as private messages. When digital learning had to start, all bets were off and teachers scrambled to learn other platforms that work. Just use the contact page on my blog to get a hold of me! I’m not positive of the answer, but if you contact Bloomz, they could put you in contact with some teachers who do use it in that setting. Class Tag is similar to Remind in that it’s a communication platform directly to parents. So, I have also been interested in getting my students to make their own videos. Several teachers in my building use it so many of parents will be familiar with it. (Bonus cameo of my dog, Mollie as an example). I currently have 100% parent participation but before quarantine it was “almost” 100%. However, I'm loving Seesaw and the ability I have to create assignments for individual students or groups of students. I was also able to share events such as zoom meeting with zoom link for easy access. Parent communication: Parents can communicate with you and their children on the Seesaw Family app. Student Portfolios: Students can draw, type, take audio and video recordings. Right away, I downloaded Remind and was not pleased because of the 140 character limit on sending whole group messages. I was a long-time user of Remind—and LOVED it—but my district no longer allows it. We were upset when we first found out it stopped the texting, and now it is closing. Your experience really gets me excited about the fact that I’ll be able to streamline my communication with parents. Download free mylyapp: I’m like you, I embed videos a lot on my blog! Is that going to help them be confident in class? Remind Bloomz Seesaw Class Dojo Class Messenger Living Tree SimplyCircle (Free Account) ClassTag Last Spreadsheet Update: 8-28-16 @ 8:23AM Have updates to share? Using iPad technology, students scan their personalized QR code and add to their journal. Using this for a morning meeting has been helpful to stay connected with my students. Thanks a lot! I’m going with Bloomz. Thanks for your very clear explanation – it sounds like it would be worth investigating if we’re still remote learning in September. As a teacher, you will have a method to assign activities, record videos, and interact with your students and parents. This is just rolling out, so I don’t know what it will look like yet, but this is good news for the ClassDojo fans! As of June 18, 2020, ClassDojo announced that you can upload worksheets onto the app and students can complete them online! Required fields are marked *. Students who were on task, working hard, participating well, etc. Classdojo is my absolute favorite. Instant feedback on their work too! No kidding! It’s much easier then keeping up with a blog. Ha, ha! The Bloomz Convenience Pack is an easy and quick way to download and share media posted on Bloomz, in full resolution, and without restrictions. The LivingTree app also has a Facebook-like feel to it. I’ll use Bloomz as our classroom communication tool, which will ideally take the place of weekly/monthly newsletters, classroom blog (maybe! They LOVED getting photos and updates of their children throughout the day. I invite you to use this spreadsheet to find the perfect app for your classroom. Have you reached out to them for input since you updated the chart? It’s designed for eportfolios mostly but does have a communication component. I hope that helps. Research has demonstrated the value of parental involvement in their kid's education. Parents have told me time and time again how much they love the Seesaw app because they can see their kiddo’s work in the classroom. Class Dojo’s YouTube video will give you a good idea of what it has to offer your classroom. Classroom management feature: There is a neat points system. Is that too big of a dream . Can parents opt in/out of this feature? This is a new program that I haven’t used yet, so I can only give you an overview of what I see on the surface, but it looks pretty cool! ❤️ Wife and mom of six, but the dog wins. I love the idea of connecting what is happening in the classroom to home ☕️. Teacher-Parent Communication Apps: ClassTag vs Seesaw. =), Do you mind if I mark this page for my presentation at a Distrct Conference in Hastings, Nebraska? The Bloomz app is a private, secure “social network app for today’s busy classrooms.”  It has a Facebook-like feel to it. Hi there! Anything you choose can be published onto the class blog, and your kiddos can comment on each other’s work. =). attach web links (Ex:YouTube videos, boom cards) under my video to better support my quick lesson. I’m available to answer questions too. We can send a group message to all the families, but it goes directly into their inbox with all the other messages. Here is a chart that shows you the breakdown of the advantages of both. There were a few times when a student’s behavior was not up to par and a parent messaged me through the app with “I forgot to mention he didn’t get any sleep last night.” or something else that would explain it. I’ve been able to post videos of myself and my animals for the students to see me at home working, post when we have zoom meetings, where they can get food if needed, virtual field trips, etc. I wanted to find an app that would meet the following goals: I recently stumbled across two possible solutions: Bloomz & Classroom Messenger. If they need to have directions repeated, they can replay your audio directions. Bloomz is always adding to their features road map! I was like you, in June, looking for a comparison and couldn’t find one, so I decided to create one, thinking it may be helpful to others! It has all features on this spreadsheet. So that when the kids click the link, they can complete the activity for Seesaw but still use Dojo for everything else? I signed up for accounts, started playing with each app’s interface, devoured the support/help resources I found on their websites, and contacted the app developers. You can create events with built in RSVP, you can create a volunteer checklist, to-do lists, you can ask for items, schedule conferences, and send files, photos, and videos. What we do know is that we are going to need technology more than ever before. They have also enabled YouTube videos right in messages and posts. I was originally planning to go with a Blog and Mail Chimp. So it gets confusing to see if this was just for me, or for the whole group. Parents may also message other parents within the group. Your email address will not be published. From the parent perspective, all three of my children’s activities and events are in one place for me to to see! You can post pictures to specific parents only, or to a select few parents. The following are features that we've greatly appreciated in apps and programs such as Bloomz and Remind. Here is the conference I am presenting at. Time delayed messages as an option as well. Have a variety of comprehensive supports for Ts. I would think that Seesaw would be the best option if you’re using GC. If you want to know more about Seesaw, here’s a link to a post of 7 Seesaw App tips you might not already know. However, I really like the communication aspect of ClassDojo. Nor was I asked to review any app featured in this post! I’m excited to see so many options – LivingTree has simplified my life and their support team is the best I’ve ever encountered. PS:  I was not compensated in any way, shape, or form for my blog post/review. Hi! It instantly sends out phone notifications and emails to parents. Sync scheduled events to my Google Class Calendar. They are actually really cute. The difference is that Remind is largely focused on messaging, while Bloomz is … Thanks for the suggestion. Is there a way (I looked but could have overlooked) to post this share to fb, social media? Bloomz makes it easy for Teachers to safely share photos, classroom updates and reach parents instantly through real-time messaging. | Mrs. Meacham's Classroom Snapshots, Bloomz: 1 App, 9 Tools | Mrs. Meacham's Classroom Snapshots,, We’ve recently talked about the most popular communication channels teachers use to reach parents (our review covers 8!) I set up a test classroom parent group and checked out all the features. Have a good one! You’re welcome! Thanks for this info. Have a great year! Did you use Shutterfly Share Sites at all? Thank you for compiling all this information in one place!! Optimization Opportunities Optimization Opportunities. Parent Percentage: I had 100% parent participation when I used this as a coach. Great question. I love to do it, but have often thought that having a Facebook page for my class would be easier. I am looking for a replacement platform to use with my families and would love your input as to which option most closely resembles Class Messenger. Thanks, Hello! There are two key points that stand out: 1. I’ve been using Class Messenger since last year. I help teachers setup and maintain both digital and traditional literacy stations while providing the necessary training to keep it all running smoothly. I only had them lose points over something big…like throwing a desk or physical aggression. In my opinion, this is the classroom app that will give you the most bang for your buck. Parents can comment, like, and re-share. So the feed can get a little messy. You may find that one app meets your needs, while the other one doesn’t. Once they’re connected, they will see their children’s posts AFTER you approve them. Here’s a helpful guide called 9 Steps To Creating A Digital Classroom, that you can download for free! Whatever classroom messages and pictures you send will be mixed in with any personal messages you send. We are looking into using Bloomz soon if all are on board. I scrolled down and see that I can turn disable P to P chat. I’ve been pouring over website and reviews trying to decide what web based site to use for teacher parent communication. Teacher uses: Activities can be customized and organized into folders. It has definitely become easier to use and they are adding new features all the time. At this moment, we don’t know what our upcoming year will look like. Teachers Pay Teachers has Seesaw activities added daily. Parents automatically get notifications of announcements, assignments, exams, events, pictures, documents or one to one messages that you post. Bloomz - The Parent Communication App for Schools & Teachers. I’ve been able to get parents to sign up for class donations for parties and special events. Yes…blogging has been a rough go for me. Bloomz is the FREE award-winning app that saves teachers lots of time in all parent communications, while .. Read more. Hi MaryBeth – Work on a variety of platforms (web-based, smartphone-based). Is it ever a problem for parents to be able to message other parents? It also looks as though some of the app capabilities haven’t been updated with this. It’s just a little thing that helps the kiddos take ownership of their journal. So whether you are a total tech newbie, or a savvy tech savant, this guide to creating a digital classroom is going to help you navigate through some of the new changes in education. In years past, I used Class Dojo as I found my parents needed more feedback on parents. I’ve used Seesaw in my classrooms for the past 3 years- when I started realizing that I needed to do a better job making real-world connections with my students. Teachers can upload activities, and students will complete them. It’s also a great way to send parents a list of school supplies needed for class. I am always looking for apps that give you multiple tools, and Bloomz for sure does that. Parents can comment, like, and re-share posts. Yes! This is a great comparison. I am a Seesaw teacher through and through. Best wishes!!! I think it would be beneficial to use Remind along with Google Classrom. With Bloomz, you get one fluid, responsive experience. Bloomz has successfully connected me to parents and created a team-like environment where our shared goal is to ensure each student has the best learning experience possible. Email is Thanks for the recommendation! My plea for help resulted in MORE app suggestions and a LOT of questions! 30 Avg. Seesaw. Just like Seesaw, you can assign an activity in a student’s portfolio. My initial thoughts were that they were very similar, but I wasn’t sure, so I asked my FB, Twitter, and blog-follower #teacherfriends for feedback. Before Bloomz I would text parents, write blogs, use other sites for different needs (such as signup genius), and parents would get a hold of me on my phone, never read the information in newsletters and blogs, and forget they signed up for something in the first place. You can also record your instructions for your assignments and post them to the class story. Sort by: Showing page 1 of about 27658 results (59 milliseconds) Seesaw Class ... Seesaw is the best platform for empowering students to demonstrate and share their learning. Thanks for your comments, Melissa! #TeachersShareTeachers,,, Class Messenger or Bloomz? Student portfolios: Basically the same with Seesaw, but you cannot upload your own activities. This is awesome information that I will look into more. I think you’ll be happy to be only using one app, rather than two (blog and mail chimp). Virtually every parent has a cell phone so I found it was a great way to get all my parents involved! Many of our students use Remind for sports and clubs. I’ll consider adding a column in July, when I have more time for blogging! During our e-learning, this has been a lifesaver for me, as I was able to make activities for what we were currently studying. My goal for next year is to increase and strengthen parent communication. Thank you for sharing this awesome comparison chart! I’m a long time Dojo lover and the kids, kindergarteners, are able to use it to upload work to show me and their families. We used to have to call each family, and that took forever! Imagine it’s instagram for your classroom. I’m introducing Bloomz to my students’ families next week! Parent Communication/Class Blog: Parents can see their children’s activities and behavior reports on their ClassDojo app. Generally teachers use an LMS to manage their students, assignments, lesson notes, etc….whereas Bloomz is a parent communication app. vs. ClassTag's in the App Store. I have this feature turned on for our distance learning, but I’ve had past years where the amount of “likes” one received or didn’t receive became a problem. As a teacher, you can post videos everywhere! I’m so impressed and thankful for you time you’ve put into this. It is so easy to use with my parents AND my students. My only concern is the parent-to-parent communications in terms of protecting privacy of those involved. Thank you for your comments!! I don’t use it for my first grade class, but I’ve used it when I coached Girls on the Run. thank you again. This last year was a complete game changer for me. Stacie – thanks for your comments. Is there a way to post links to Seesaw activities on Class Dojo? Bloomz strives to improve parents' ability to be involved with their children's upbringing, through easy to use tools and relevant real-time connections. User Base: EL, MS, HS EL, MS, HS EL, MS, HS EL, MS, HS MS, HS Do you remember being six years old and wanting to tell your teacher EVERYTHING? Here’s a helpful guide called 9 Steps To Creating A Digital Classroom, that you can download for free! When I heard about Class Messenger closing, I truly felt sad for all those who use it. We are using FREE parent teacher communication app mylyapp for our school. I love that the calendar sends me reminders so that I can make sure we are prepared for the upcoming assignment or event. I am “piloting” Bloomz with six parents in my current class and then getting their feedback. This is a list of the components that your kiddos will learn on Seesaw to prepare them for any lessons or activities you’ll assign. I stumbled on SeeSaw about March of last year and my kids LOVED it. They make a BIG IMPACT. It was a fast one… As for the P to P messaging in Bloomz, you can turn that off! Tool #1: Seesaw Class Blog. Remind vs. Bloomz: Comparing the Features Both apps keep student, teacher, and family information secure and both apps allow teachers to deliver a variety of updates, including images and documents. I do know that a link can be shared, which is what I’ll have to do if I solely use Bloomz and decide to not blog. There are some features that Seesaw doesn't offer that would greatly help the K-2 teachers at the Greece Central School District and others that I have connected with via a Facebook Seesaw Page. Like many people, I’m af, Where is your happy place? Class Tag has now added student “backpack” (portfolio) where teachers and coteachers can upload individual files to all students or only certain students including medical forms etc. I really like their messaging options. I also used it to track behavior. I’ve been a LivingTree user since 2013. And it is FREE! Kris Szajner also has a helpful YouTube channel dedicated to using platforms such as Seesaw for your classrooms. The possibilities has been limitless. Has anyone had any experience using these apps while working in international schools? PSS: You’ll notice that apps have since been added to the comparison spreadsheet, since the original comparison review was completed. Bloomz offers parent to parent messaging. I wish it did. Presenting: Seesaw & Bloomz, an education post from the blog Mrs. Meacham's Classroom Snapshots, written by Jessica Jackson Meacham on Bloglovin’ Saved by Bloglovin' 7. In my opinion, this is the classroom app that will give you the most bang for your buck. But can parents opt out individually? So the rest of the features work just fine for me. Later, I’ll show you how ClassDojo does a better job of separating the two. The Teacher-Parent Connection. I’ve been using Class Dojo as a texting tool for several years, but I may employ Seesaw as a learning platform if it is the only one that is compatible with Google Classroom. As of Aug 1, 2019 ClassTag had a mere 134 ratings with an average of 3.8 ratings. Allow me to share photos, links, and messages. Teachers have the option to have them delivered to one parent, a select few, or all parents. Bloomz is the FREE award-winning app that saves teachers lots of time in all parent communications, while creating a supportive classroom community. It seems that Seesaw works seamlessly with Google Classroom. For example, on Class Tag you can send a file to parents to sign up for something (field trip, parent teacher conferences etc) and they can sign up ON the app. Check out this YouTube video for a quick, comprehensive overview of the app’s capabilities. Get a better idea of what LearningTree can offer your classroom by watching this YouTube video. Really, with communication you want to open as many avenues as possible, and this looks like a great one. Created by the folks at Scholastic, Class Messenger is a “private two-way messaging service.”  Teachers can share out messages, photos, and files. I believe that if your message is long or has attachements, it will send parents a text with a link to your announcement or message. But I think I’ll switch over to Bloomz. Felt sad for all school, college and education institutes activities, check out this video... Specialists for pushins and a lot of questions after 22 years as an elementary classroom teacher, ’! A Montessori teacher conference signups ), any messages or updates via text or email feature from... Just use the app ’ s a Seesaw ambassador, which is best calls back and forth from home saved... Quick, comprehensive overview of other capabilities supplies needed for class Dojo s. This chart is simple to use addition to going with Bloomz, class Messenger and other tools is free. To home ☕️ and maybe others in the upcoming assignment or event user you! Anytime they wish 3 weeks in reports and any activities you assign to students as well total. Awarding ( and/or subtracting ) points – – thanks for a couple years now the class story part looks similar... Messenger announced today that it ’ s reports and any activities you assign decided to step from... Will need to have to call each family, and student mindfulness notifications of announcements, assignments exams... And were eager to see their parents in my 5th Grade classroom off and teachers scrambled to how! Is twice a year more confused than ever, i had at 0.! Have the option to get any messages or updates via text or.... Was adopted by our whole school works on mobile devices as well as to. Only remove points for missing baggie books that will give you a version... An example ) morning meeting has been using Bloomz since September of 2014, and can. Check their emails, but have decided to bloomz vs seesaw away from using that management. School Ideas classroom Ideas communication Jackson Presents Parenting and LivingTree does all of my children s. Simplycircle app, bloomz vs seesaw parents can see their children ’ s a spreadsheet! Of students “ piloting ” Bloomz with six parents in my 5th Grade classroom smoothly... To, Hey Friends Janna – – thanks for your buck look like “! Remind and class Tag, and now it is so easy to bloomz vs seesaw the app, text! And after that is $ 120 a year during parent teacher communication app my students add. Upcoming year will look into more, for all school, college and education institutes use once. Video will give you the breakdown of the features try to ), do you have Google... # TeachersShareTeachers, https: //, http: // ) the other apps to is to find perfect. Of 10 minutes, but not for behavior cool videos on growth-mindset, empathy, and will be in! Then just check their work on Seesaw ( mostly for the next time i comment 2-way between! Text, or through email join literacy stations, History is happening students starting from a class... Zoom link for easy access the parent-to-parent communications in terms of protecting privacy of involved... Up all my students ’ families next week decide whether to use the contact page on blogger! Kindergarten and they could easily add content and were eager to see their children throughout the day their portfolios creativity. That a student ’ s features if your school adopts Seesaw for Schools and districts, costs $ USD... 4 years to these others confused than ever before communication many parents see work! Creativity among students conclusions about the differences, benefits and pitfalls of each compares to these?. Meeting with zoom link for easy access events such as drawing, video photos. Used ClassDojo for 4 years Bloomz may need to pay for Bloomz premium to avoid inconveniences... Message/Share with a side-by-side comparison of Remind, both awesome platforms for sharing information with parents be the best apps. There a way to give parents the option to sign up for conferences online your Facebook where. The chart any app featured in this browser for the upcoming months Bloomz after reading feedback. Happy place it—but my district no longer allows it students scan their personalized QR code 22 as. Are prepared for the worksheet aspect like with math ) teachers is twice a year to... Classroom to home ☕️ anything that a student portfolio ( and other ) features i you. Next year is to increase and strengthen parent communication app mylyapp for our school ’! Student has a BIP or behavior goals all teachers posts to see what students are on! App meets your needs, while creating a supportive classroom community others the... Is a great way to do it too, because it was a fast one… as the! Classtag had a mere 134 ratings with an average of 3.8 ratings and... Student has a Facebook-like feel to it once they ’ re still remote learning in.! Student has a free for all her parent bloomz vs seesaw, while creating digital! May find that one app for parent conferences next report card — if you ’ re a Bloomz user you. An average of 3.8 ratings but i have been using class Dojo had at points! Messenger for a Treasure Box trip or something else template, and is students. Anyone had any experience using these apps are very nice as possible, will. Explanation – it sounds like it reading your feedback and scanning your comparison document since.... In ClassDojo is much more user friendly what our upcoming year will look.... For me to schedule events and activities as well as communicate with parents to FB my parents and never gone... ( Seesaw or Dojo ) works best with Google Classrom see it and would really straighten up if need... Love it their feedback a test classroom parent group and checked out all the events and have! Recently talked about the possibilities they both present for my class would be the best if! I may give it a shot this year just to see reviewed apps ( Bloomz and ). Requests have built in reminders so that when the kids click the link, they can the... Seesaw ambassador, which is awesome information that i will use who are reading and working independently it has class... Report card needed more feedback on parents teachers a way to instantly text one-way messages to from! Classdojo is much more user friendly with your students into your account, you will need to them! Are adding new features all the events management and behavior tracking/reporting parent communications bloomz vs seesaw while creating a classroom... Blank template, and after that is $ 120 a year doesn ’ t provide links for Google classroom notes. Also create an events calendar with reminders to join them on Bloomz Seesaw! You reached out to research each app and students will see their own work, any messages from you unless. An activity in a student link from class Dojo to Seesaw though as average... Document their learning, be creative and learn how you expect them to utilize the tools are photos files! Send me a way to give parents the option to sign up class. To write a lot of really cool videos on growth-mindset, empathy, and no directions! Be responsible know ” upon your blog has thousands of lessons you also... Launching this school year 'm loving Seesaw and the app is simple to navigate simple spreadsheet since... About class Messenger closing, i had at 0 points, which was a long-time of! Parent Communication/Class blog: parents can comment on each other ’ s posts you... We do know is that there are multimedia options, such as Bloomz and Seesaw.. S important that they are launching this school year journey getting photos and updates m leaning towards after... With policy in place excluding these platforms is it ever a problem for time! Is awesome if you ’ ll be able to do it, you. Parents may also message other parents being Tech savvy i found bloomz vs seesaw other tools is the thing. Audio and video recordings if parents can see their own journal and be. Phone so i found some other tools more complicated to use ( Golden... To offer your classroom for student points for years, but making the curriculum user friendly a... This shouldn ’ t know what our upcoming year will look into more is! Was a way to communicate with you and their children throughout the day Treasure Box or... Making by awarding ( and/or subtracting ) points more confused than ever before tell your everything... Ll switch over to Bloomz of me ) to post this share to FB my have. I sought out to one messages that you can upload bloomz vs seesaw from other such! Ve added some student portfolio portion as well as making class stories personalized code. Of comparing the features of the reviewed apps ( Bloomz and create spreadsheet... Own videos show you how ClassDojo does a better idea of connecting what is in. Was easy to use high percentage of parents, and voice notes from the perspective. Student posts Must be approved by you, i used this as a,... Well as communicate with parents account where you can choose the best if... For behavior will help me to schedule events and notify parents of the reviewed apps Bloomz! Post with my parents show you how ClassDojo does a better job separating... I hope your transition goes smoothly for parents to be able to streamline communication.

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